Group Therapy


Group therapy is a powerful venue for growth and change in Congress 60. Congress 60’s group therapy sessions are intended to aid those who would like to have support, expand self-awareness about drug addiction, and learn strategies to deal with personal or interpersonal challenges. In group therapy sessions approximately 10 to 15 individuals meet face-to-face (Legion) under the guidance of a professionally trained addiction specialist (Mentor) to learn from each other.

During the meeting, members choose an issue related to the drug addiction, and they are encouraged to give feedback to others and express their own feelings. Such Interaction between group members provides them with an opportunity for learning more about addiction and the way they interact with others; it also gives them a chance to examine new ways of behaving. Furthermore, Legion is a proper environment in which members try to establish a level of trust which allows them to talk personally and honestly.


These group therapy sessions are extremely advantageous for group members. First, when an individual interacts freely with others in a group, they commonly recreate those problems which brought them to group therapy in the first place. Under the direction of the mentor, the legion is capable of providing support, offering alternatives, and comfort to members in such a way that difficulties become resolved and alternative behaviors are learned.

Second, the legion also allows a person to develop new ways of relating to people by altering their perception and view towards themselves, society, and the world. Group therapy sessions give individuals an opportunity to learn and try out better behaviors and relationship with others.

Third, during these sessions, members begin to realize that they are not alone and that there is hope and help. It is comforting to hear that other individuals have the same problem, or have already worked through a problem that deeply disturbs another legion member.


Next, another reason for the favorable outcome of group therapy is that every member feels safe and secure to care and become involved because of the climate of trust and understanding in the group. As the group members start to feel more comfortable, they are able to speak freely. Thus, this atmosphere allows them to express those feelings which are often difficult to express outside of a group. Consequently, legion members will begin to ask for the support they need, and they will be encouraged to be respectful but assertive at the same time.

Written by: Traveler Keyhan


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