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Fourteen Valleys for Recovery

Based on the treatment model of Congress 60, in order to treat drug addiction successfully, three aspects of human being should be taken into account: the physical body, the psyche and the worldview.  The worldview comprises of our perception, outlook and view towards life in general. Of course, we believe that training in worldview for individuals who have not dealt with the issue of addiction can play a significant role in how they deal with life and its obstacles or successes. In Congress 60, one of the most important resources of teachings about worldview is the collection of “fourteen valleys for recovery”.
These fourteen valleys are designed for individuals to follow and carry out in their lives in order to leave negative thinking aside and implement a positive approach in life. These valleys are in particular for the addicts and in general, for individuals who seek a better life.
The collection of the valleys never dictates or enforces any compulsions and always respects the will of the individuals; it does not ask them things which they cannot do. The method of studying the valleys is simple; they must be implemented practically in life, studied in order respectively many times. In other words, the content of the valleys is not only for reading or knowing; it is to understand and apply in everyday life. If we know something and don’t act upon it, it would lose its meaning and value.
The aim of the valleys is to bear the fruit of peace, happiness and serenity for the human beings; the valleys believe that happiness or misery of the people depend on their perception and understanding of the universe surrounding them.

Below are the titles of these fourteen valleys: 

The First Valley Contemplation


The First Valley:

All structures begin with contemplation; without contemplation, all that exists will decline.
The first step in the creation is a thought or an idea, and this idea is the beginning of creation. At this stage, we need to think about where we are and where we want to go from here. Maybe we imagine that we have always been contemplating, but difficulties and problems and its progress shows that we haven’t been thinking right and have continued our lives with wrong thinking or without thinking; and have lost or are losing all material and spiritual assets that we have. ……….

No creature comes into existence without a purpose; none of us are insignificant even if we think of ourselves as that.
Because of those problems and illnesses maybe some of us think that life is over for us and there is no more hope and nothing matters anymore, our life is pointless, and our birth is useless and many other such views to sink more into darkness. When the human being came into existence, the supreme power guided him to a crossroad: one is the path to darkness and the other is the way towards the light (glory).  we must be hopeful that the end of a dark night is a dawn. ………



The Third Valley, Self Awareness

The Third Valley:

We should know that nobody is concerned as deeply as a human being for his true self.
To overcome our problems, we play the most important role and if we assume that others should solve them for us, we are making a big mistake. We have entered this life to learn about solving problems. We must know that devil will enter our thoughts with compassion and it will take the best approach into our intellect in order to hunt our essence and turn us into a ruin. ……..




The Fourth Valley - Self Responsibility

The Fourth Valley:

In vital matters, leaving the responsibility to God means neglecting one’s own responsibility. 
In this valley, we will try to shed light on the borders between our vital matters, supreme power position or responsibility regarding these matters and our own position and responsibilities. This is essential to know that the divine hands inspire and the rest is up to us. Unfortunately, sometimes our expectations of supreme power are not logical, perhaps it is because our knowledge of supreme power is inaccurate. The prayers will be effective if we walk the righteous path and obey God’s commands. We must accept the obligations of our living and never quit trying then our prayers will be effective because this is God’s promise.



The Fifth Valley - Action!


The Fifth Valley:

Cognition alone is not the ultimate approach to problem solving in our world. It will be completed with experience and achievement.




The Sixth Valley - Wisdom's Command


The Sixth valley:

Wisdom's command, as the commander in chief, should be carried out accordingly.




The Seventh Valley - The Right Path


The Seventh valley:

The mystery and secret in discovering the truth lies in two factors: finding the right path and what we derive from it.

The path is revealed with progress.



Tolerance is built when a force begins at a low level and gradually increases.


Human being past attributes don’t remain the same because he is constantly changing.
All roaring rivers and gushing springs will ultimately reach the sea and ocean.




The Twelfth Valley - The First Command


The Twelfth valley:

Ultimately, the first command is carried out.
The end of each point is the beginning of a new line.
Love is the only true existence; all else are empty containers. 



Written by: Hossein Dezhakam

Translated by: Ehsanranjbar