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The Fourth Valley

The Fourth Valley “In vital matters, leaving the responsibility to God means neglecting one’s own responsibility.”

In this valley we come across important concepts, as our understanding of the supreme force or our perception of the force behind this magnificent creation has been inaccurate. If we had an accurate view we wouldn’t have damaged our health with Drugs and ruined our life in this manner.
Now we want to know and rely on this supreme force and a true understanding is required. Since we were fanatics in our opinions and reacted emotionally to problems and dealt with issues without contemplation, this new perception is necessary.
This supreme force is so evident in creation that we feel its greatness within us and self realization can lead to a better recognition of this force. Therefore we have to rediscover the human’s essence.
Discovering the Human’s Essence
The human essence is divided into two parts: the first is the body (physique) and the second is the spirit (energy). The millions of cells that make up the body will perish after death, but the spiritual essence is released as a form of energy and will travel to a designated destination. If we look deep within ourselves we can locate a centre of energy within us, assuming we aren’t involved with drugs, material possessions and prestige, which are not compatible with the actual purpose of our creation.
Following wisdom’s command can lead us towards realizing the mysteries of our inner and outer essence and also the secret of other universes parallel to ours. External universes do exist but only when the internal eye has been opened to them and this happens for individuals obedient to the supreme force. Other creatures do not have the luxury of this divine gift and anyone who aspires for this gift need the divine grace and also go through a refinement process which is not easy at all.
Creation is so diverse in other universes that is hard to imagine and that’s why it is unbelievable. We have not been able to comprehend even the slightest details of it; therefore we try to realize ourselves, the true self. To understand human being, there are certain attributes of it that are visible and we can see them with physical eyes, we use the following terms to describe it:
Human’s visible attributes = physique = inner city = within = first body
Some examples of these physical attributes are: brain, heart, kidneys and the five senses that are made up of small particles called cells and other complicated systems which are beyond our comprehension. Some of these visible systems are destroyed due to constant use of drugs or alcohol, mainly the anti-pain system and production system of opiate like substances in the body.
Scientifically it has been proven that there are 12 Opioid like substances produced naturally in the human body like the Endorphin and Encephalin family.
Since there are scientific researches and studies published in other books about the physical aspects of the human body, we will discuss the invisible aspects:
Human’s invisible attributes = psyche = existence = external = second body
Just like the first body or the physique that is made up of many components, the second body or psyche is also made up of certain components. They are self, beyond the physique sense, wisdom, spirit, virtual body, archives…now we will explain the definition of self:
It is the main identity or foundation of every creature; it defines the essence or existentiality of that being internally or externally. The self has desires which can come under two categories: carnal desires (irrational) or divine desires (rational).
When a creature’s desires become reasonable and reach a balance it enters into the human phase. In other words an animal has carnal desires that are instinctual and does not have the luxury of wisdom or contemplation. In the human phase one has free will to choose between the vices or virtues. All humans must experience darkness in order to realize light, meaning they experience carnality and must pass through it.
The lower self
The first stage that humans experience is the lower self, the self that wants to experience desires without thinking about the consequences, the self that orders. A satisfaction is derived from doing vices and a deception takes place. Maybe one needs to drown in this stage in order to realize the law of Karma, meaning that every deed has a reaction in this universe. Someone who experiences lower self lies, cheats, kills and betrays with no feeling of guilt, and even thinks that he is smarter than others.
The Middle self
The second stage is the blaming self, the self that does the inappropriate act but blames itself afterwards and feels guilty. This is experienced after one passes through the lower self and regrets irrational behavior.
Most of us that have gathered in here are in this stage since we are all upset about our addiction and want to come out of it and distance ourselves from substance abuse which is one of the vices. Entering this stage is a spring board to leap towards perfection and virtues, to be cleansed from impurities and to choose the rational choices constantly. We hope to be able to cross over successfully and omit all irrational desires from our thoughts, words and deeds.
The Higher self
The third and last stage is the reassured self or the perfected self. In this stage the self is completely sure about the nature of the act before it is done and no irrational or indecent act is done, internally or externally. The concept of good thoughts, good words and good deeds is completely carried out. For example what we mean by internally is that if someone is offered drugs in his dream while sleeping, he would refuse it. This is the last stage of evolution of self and if we arrive at this station we have solved our issues with drugs for good. Of course one must attain this perfection in all aspects of life and not just in drug addiction, and then we can enter into the heaven of the supreme force. The supreme force has variety of heavens and only those who experience higher self can enter this special heaven.
At this stage the individual becomes a medium for the supreme force to carry out its plans. Ultimately we do the best we can to attain our goals and the supreme force guides and assists us every step of the way. We have to understand that having free will means we take responsibility for our actions and not leave them to god, and if we want to come out of darkness, we must work hard and move towards that direction ourselves. What do you think is God’s purpose of our creation? Isn’t true that he brought us from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low in order for us to realize the wisdom’s command and attain the highest peaks of evolution.
Written by: Hossein Dezhakam
Translated by: Saeed Moeini