Congress60 Laws



Congress60 Laws


The straight path does not have a leader since the leader is “God”


1-Congress60 is an Independent Research Organization that continues its movement by reliance on the supreme power and guidance from supernatural forces.

2-A strong desire for redemption from the chain of substance abuse and full acceptance of rules and regulations are the needed criteria for membership in congress60.

3-Congress 60’s main objective is conducting practical scientific researches to discover human being, Narcotics and presenting the addicts and their families,the way to rehabilitation.

4-The foundation is based on the principals of education, prevention, treatment and cure and also the law of attraction.

5-All the other NGOs are respected and if desired, mutual co-operation can take place.

6-Management and executive personals of congress60 are chosen from travelers and companions.

7-In Congress60, a Narcotics addict who lounges for revivification from the chain of addiction is called Traveler whom has started his journey.

8-The term “companion” is given to someone who does not have a history of substance abuse and works toward achieving the goals of Congress60.

9-The highest authority in decision making is the founder of Congress60, then Congress of Dideh Banan (watchmen) and Custodian of Congress60.

10-Congress60 does not have any opinions about other subjects outside of it’s agendas.

11-Financial resources of Congress60 comes from the members and the supporters.

12-It is necessary that each group independently obeys the guidelines and principals of the 14 member panel in Congress60.

13-Spiritual and academic growth in Congress60 is based on obeying the rules and regulations and respect for the veterans.

14-Congress60 continues on its path in an external and internal motion.


Translated by: Saeed Moini 

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