نسخه فارسی
نسخه فارسی

The Fourteenth Valley

The Fourteenth Valley

Love is the only true existence; all else are empty containers.

This is not just my own words, but the words of one individual among the infinite community of existence. That is not easily believed by anyone unless they know what it truly means.
Drive the chariots throughout the indefinite realm because guardians of the heavens are in need of the events on earth. Pierce that which cannot be pierced; Go into the heart of rock and separate the compositions.

When beliefs are blended with real love, one can feel the meaning of love and those who have never been in love are the empty containers. The residents are standing in lines, while they are awaiting the return of the successor as he is about to return to the podium after a brief interval. Successor enters while three “guardian angels” or “spirits” are walking with him. The successor returns to the podium, a silence follows. Some of the residents look at the successor and his companions with eagerness and dismay.

Successor: I’m ready.

Residents: you were supposed to speak of love and affection.

Successor: alright, in the name of the human being who is a drop of the Supreme Power Ocean, I start the talk. Since the end of each point is the beginning of another line and today is the beginning of another line and the great divergence will take place and the fact that the topic of love is so vast and immense and it contains many mysteries and secrets, three guardian angels accompany me today and each will give a sermon. As always in all the stages, the spirit will assist us with its unique delicateness and inspirations. Therefore, I ask of all the guardian angels to step up to the podium and give their sermons accordingly. At this time the first guardian angel takes his place at the podium.

The first sermon: the opposites
Guardian Angel: in the name of the Supreme Power, I’m Sardar, a guardian angel.
Residents: salute to Sardar. (In ancient Persia, Sardar means a wise General)

Sardar: I’m happy that an opportunity has arisen for me to be in your company and speak with you. Therefore, in order to save time, I’ll start immediately. For those who are caught up in vices and are not content in life, there are only two ways. Either they join the forces of truth who seek light and verity or they can wait until the destructive forces, with a great twister, lead them to the depth of darkness. In order to know how the universe and universes rotate around key points and the place where the pillars are connected to and the details of human being’s evolution, its beginning and completion, we must know about the opposites! In this valley, the opposite forces to light and goodness is focused upon. These opposites are like a momentous force to awaken humans, they create tumult and chaos so that humans pick up arms and fight the opposite side, because an ignorant individual wants to defend himself and others very quickly, but he is unaware that the opposite force is ready to create confusion and commotion out of the ignorant individuals in order to achieve its own wishes. The opposites have a mission to create destructions from the beginning to the end; they invite the creation to commit bloodshed and corruption. However, the more knowledge, training and awareness one has, the less the effects of the opposite and little by little the individual gets closer to peace and bliss and the power of the dark forces is decreased
gradually until almost zero and this path is very difficult but reachable. The waves and that which has been created by Supreme Power’s permission in the direction of evolution and all the positive forces whose structures have begun by divine spirit, find each other slowly from long distances and get connected to each other.
Waves of love in the universe also attract each other, meaning humans who have these positive attributes find each other and by grouping, they form a line which becomes longer as time goes by and reduces the size of destructive forces. The stability and continuity of this phenomenon is like pure and clean oceans and rivers being created which serve as the food and strength of the righteous forces in every part of the
world. Then love, this beautiful word, becomes meaningful and everyone will enjoy a positive mentality while hatred and bloodshed become meaningless. They no longer wage wars because of food and shelter and when there is justice, everything is equally available for everyone. When there is suffering, most of it is healed or even there would be no sufferings. This seed that has been planted by righteous training, not fully grown yet, will multiply endlessly until eventually, there are vast fields which are self-irrigated and their message is peace and this is their sign.
Vital efforts and endeavors will become so powerful like a gushing flood that gradually irrigate even the barren lands and turn them into fertile valleys and then the earth will become the great territory of God and you’ll witness that which you’ve observed in nothingness. Love which is the fourteenth valley will rotate in a way that all the spheres within the human being will be a song that makes the listener ecstatic.
When the Supreme Power was transmitting his words, he dispatched all that he created or was creating, to be orchestrated and these sounds are visible in his words, as if he wants to introduce all of his creation through his voice, therefore observe all that he’s done and is going to do.
The existence is love and kindness; all creatures are love, even those that appear rough. Oceans and seas are love, mountains and clouds carry love for the creatures and vital rains which we need exudes from them, observe the sounds of all the tuneful birds, green valleys, lakes and the creatures in them, ice like crystals which reflect the divine colors differently and even words are not able to express it, the air that guarantees us being alive. Watch them! Life is beautiful, inside and outside of nature, spheres that rotate like the butterfly and are not joined to anything, because they are connected to the Supreme Power and are guided by him. God is love itself, God is kindness itself, and God is life itself. He who presented everything to his creation, human beings; he has appointed a sun for life and guidance to find the path so that one does not surrender to darkness, to apply what they have within which they cannot see and what is on the surface which they see only a little of and always keep their connection with existence and have unity in heart and speech in order to find eternal peace and salvation and know that closed doors will be opened one day just like the black hearts. What you have planted will grow and make all the valleys green, no humans will die of hunger, the move must be made and the steps strengthened. There is not much distance from being awake until alertness, but we humans, must have patience, for each of us, a new step is destined in universe which is to combine with light.
My dear ones, my time is up and I will end my speech right here, I thank all of you for listening to me, till next time.

There after Sardar bows slightly to the residents and leaves the podium to the next guardian angel while the residents are in deep thoughts and staring silently at the guardian.

The second sermon: the waves
Guardian Angel: in the name of love’s waves which belongs to Him, greetings, I’m White Eagle, a guardian angel.

Residents: greetings to White Eagle.

White Eagle: I’m also delighted to have this opportunity to speak to you all. The talk is about love, I must say that the core of the universe and existence is founded on love. I mentioned the core because the human being also has a core which is called the heart. Heart is love’s abode and when someone is sad or in love, he puts his hand on his heart. The physical system of the body, intellect and faith take command from the heart as well. To probe the universe, we need love and kindness. The waves with their visible or sometimes invisible pull, contain the primary property which land on earth like golden rays and these rays combine with the hidden rays in the galaxies that manifest in every being; due to this combination, the intensity is increased and the application of these forces begin according to a special plan or command. For example, these forces reach an individual so as to be applied as command demands accordingly. The universe is built in this manner since to construct, we need these great forces and this force is love which the Supreme Power has used in our creation. We must realize how important and amazing this matter is
and if we expand it, we can observe the work of the omnipotent. What kind of a seed does he need to plant in order to maintain the existence permanently; as a result, he needs many commanders to resist the threat of dark forces.
The righteous forces seem to vanish or decline but the kind creator, again and again, returns them to the cycle of life. In other words, he gives them many chances to gain the required knowledge and learn the true meaning of loving and being loved. These are signs of life and life is manifestation of love.

Dying is love and rebirth is love.
All the things that we discover, learn and transfer in every aspect and field of life, all the researchers, discoverers, teachers, experts, doctors, masters, consultants, social workers, officials… all that we learn and then teach others is love.

If there was no love in them, who or what could have made them travel the earth, seas and jungles and bear all those hardships not for themselves but in order to serve humanity and future generations. No my dears, all these progress have come about voluntarily and not by force, there is a driving force behind them which is the righteous force and we attract and save these golden waves with every part of our being and combine them with positive intellect and then apply them for betterment of humanity. As you can see, particles of love are commuting all over our body giving us the strength to move and each day that passes by it finds more permanency and as we come and go more and more, we get closer to the center of the circle and not only we feel closer to other human beings and creatures, we feel one with the trees, the flowing streams, the breeze of the valleys and mountains… we enjoy their company and their presence and we feel the need to safeguard these vital assets of life, plant more trees and take good care of them. Right upon entering, I came across the waves and they also express a kind of love. Imagine if there was no connection between the creatures, could they be with one another and multiply and communicate? You would definitely say no!
Therefore, the beginning of everything was this great feeling which the Supreme Power placed in our hearts and prepared us for a long journey. How could we take love which is the foundation of all things for granted? All that you need to know has been mentioned in previous valleys and today he wants to record the conclusion in the valley of love so that it’s engraved in the hearts and applied in everyday life. In other words, structures are built, rebuilt and repaired and old heart wounds which have come about
as a result of cruelties, lack of attention, unintentional disregards and unkindness are healed and heavens are built. With the movement of the past few years, the foundation has been built on earth and the heavens and with the evolution of mind; you all will know the repercussions. Thus, some of you might have realized the importance of this and others will do so in the future that love means leaving one’s self and all that he has given us and flying in the infinite or it means sacrifice with awareness and realizing the existence and the share that each one of us have in it, to give love which is the essence of our being. Is it possible to share the essence of a being? Is it possible to share the value which is stored within with others to make them happy? If someone can make all these sacrifices then he is in love, a universal love which has filled up his or her container. Something like this cannot be found in paradise. When you give away, its atmosphere becomes fragrant, bright, beautiful and spruce. What is more beautiful than a true love?! What do you call this act?
Love makes the postures upright; it purifies the mind and strengthens human’s life for better choices, it redirects the creative individual to learn all the available knowledge.

What are we after? Perhaps we don’t know its meaning! That’s why some of us are still wandering! Now when we are talking about vices, their nature is not changed, only their proliferation can lead to the destruction of existence and as a result we cannot understand the value of love and its gift to humanity.
Now, what should we do about the misleading forces who are trying to misguide our thoughts? Or the vermin that are after destruction? Should we increase the number of guardians or should we build higher walls around ourselves? No, it’s impossible. We apply the same method that you do which is to provide training and education, but you cannot educate vermin because their job is to destroy, aphids destroy plants and they cannot be educated. But the important point is that we are not able to distinguish the nature of human beings prior to training and education; therefore, everyone must equally enjoy the benefit of knowledge. However, human beings who are after destruction and vices even though they have received the optimum trainings are strangers to love and kindness. These individuals should be given plenty of opportunities to make amends and if they still insist on their ways, they must be left alone till a point when their thoughts are awakening and change for the better.
Eventually, you put the words next to each other, you make the house and you plant the flowers, thus plant and build in a way so that it is impenetrable to destructive forces. It is difficult but doable, my time is up and I shall end my speech with these words: without love, one cannot talk about love.
I, myself, am a lover and will be forever.

At this time the White Eagle leaves the podium and the third guardian angel takes his place. The residents are told to ask any questions that they might have from the Successor at an appropriate timing.

The third sermon: Love’s Chains
Guardian: In the name of the first lover which is Him, greetings everyone, I’m Ra’d, a guardian angel.
Residents: greetings upon you Ra’d! (In Persian, Ra’d means thunder).

Ra’d: I have overjoyed the words of the guardians and seeing you all over here, I’ve been summoned here today to speak of love. Thus, I have to go deep within myself and review all my lifetimes and eras and unveil all that happened to me in the infinite, depicting all the ugliness and beauties so that the lips begin to speak. Love begins with affection, it is boundless and explosive; love is a word with layered meanings, it starts slowly and continues on and gradually the meaning of compassion appears and eventually leads to sincerity. Daf and flute are musical instruments, but what can they say without a musician? Of everything and nothing, they must learn the alphabet so that they can write.
Love cannot be described; love is not of body, of touch, of speech or agreements and has no boundaries.
Love is not comparable to anything; love is crossing, going and returning and once again going, returning and evolving, love is joining the Supreme Power whom we are all of him. Love is that Supreme Being, constantly with us who has manifested in various forms during countless rotations and we will reach him only when we have become perfect which means becoming him. Love is neither the body nor the soul. Love is what we have with us when we come into existence, the core of this existence. How can we be all these things at some point; to be the Supreme Power when in fact only a drop of his existence has been placed in our being as safekeeping and this very drop makes us a part of his eternal existence and if we become that, then only we become a human being. To be human means to be grateful to life, creation, creator, it’s the meaning of the fourteenth valley. Now tell me if this path is easy, to forgive someone who has done you wrong or leaving one’s self on the way to the universe within or flying consciously to the infinite depths of existence. That’s right, it is very difficult indeed but it can be done. Maybe some are surprised or others are astonished that our universe and other universes distant themselves from darkness, but the book of love can never be closed and these circles, while helping the infinite radiuses increase, are intertwined with the meaning that they commenced with; its vastness is increased more and more and the destructive forces decline due to love’s expansion and the real essence of mankind will be revealed more and more.
Love’s chains are strengthened day by day, transmissions in the form of small particles find each other so as to become an army which deter the dark forces and carry out the command. The alphabets of the valleys which carry the righteous message fly like butterflies on the waves of water and from far distances they reach everyone and pass the torch of love which is the source of light and guidance to every nation and tribe and this movement is the expression of the event which has to take place. How can anyone prevent light, sound and sense from being expressed, this is his word which is deep-rooted in love and will pass through different borders and unite with those who yearn for it.
In truth, the word love is the foundation of existence and when in love, with all the difficulties, one can learn what he was, is and will be in the future. I’m truly sorry because I haven’t been able to teach the real meaning of love to others, but I’m not sad as the universe is on the move and chooses that which has to remain in this circle of love. This subject is so magnificent that for thousands of years we come following each other and tolerate all the hardships in order to pass a drop of this vast ocean to each other. How fortunate he is who gives and does not wait for the return just like the Supreme Power who only observes, it is indeed very valuable to give and not take back unless there is ingratitude.
When the creature (human being) is on the right path, the Supreme Power will make his every step into a bed of roses where with the smallest breeze, wonderful fragrance fills the air, feels heaven with all his being and flies together with the existence; his eyes observe even in sleep and enjoys visiting the other divine phenomenal. Darkness and obscurity is meaningless to him, he bows down to creation at every moment and is grateful to the creator of love. These words might be laughable at the moment. The lover and what is within him, is the only investment in the world where generosity increases the capital, at that time you all can see that being drowned in love means arriving at the truth which is monotheism. My dears, since my time is up, I only have something to say to the person who writes and he knows it himself, if you want to write, write with power and know that from within, with more generosity you can command the pen and since your pen carries your command, it’ll be like a sharp sword upon the thirsty hearts, instead of tearing apart, it will quench their thirst and from that a universe shall turn into a garden and you know very well that being real has no lesson.
At this time Ra’d leaves the podium and together with the other guardians and the Spirit leaves the meeting and then the successor returns to the podium. The residents are in deep contemplation and are not sure how to react to the events that just took place.
Successor: greetings, I think this would be the last meeting between us where I answer your questions and thereafter we must part ways to carry out our missions. I’m not sure where and when would be our next gathering, because only the Supreme Power knows that. Therefore, I shall continue my discussion on love as I had promised before. What can I say about love? One of its meanings is longing for union and union is the key to gather the creation and all the creatures around each other and creating life and this is the power of love which has mobilized the creation in its visible and hidden attributes. Love is so vital that life without it is stagnant and a silent death.
Supreme Power is all love and existence is all love. Love does not distinguish between king and beggar, beautiful and ugly, atheist and faithful, black and white, educated and illiterate, …love knows no boundaries. Existence is floating in the infinite ocean of love, it is as if love is a container that has the whole existence in it and prevents it from separation. Love’s waves are everywhere; just extend your hand, but a hand free from hatred, jealousy, revenge and vengeance, love is in your hands. You can reject love if you want, but love will never reject you as everyone is immersed in love. The water that we drink, the food that we eat and the air that we breathe have been provided for us due to love’s command.
What else can I say about love? Love has accepted the opposites with open arms and on the path of evolution, has manifested itself in various forms so that life would be sweet and eternal. Love is the flower and its thorn, union and separation, fire and light, fire and ashes, kindness and rage, despair and hope, yearning and anxiety, amazement and joy and sometimes it is blood and sword and eventually it is the pain and the remedy.
What more can I say, love appears to be burning, not to become ashes but to become light, to understand, to live and to love. Sometimes, love is like walking on hot, burning stones. However, when you are in love these molten rocks turn into soft, delicate leaves under your feet. Due to the power of love you will feel the burning effect of fire in another way and this is the magic of the great love architect. What more can I say of love, when the Supreme Power was overflowing with love and affection, in order to display his love, he commanded love’s waves to be positioned in the hearts of every particle and then in the most magnificent manner he attempted to create the universes and creatures to reveal his self.

Residents: why did the Supreme Power decide to create the universes and creatures to express his love?
Successor: the cosmic universe is love’s arena and the creatures, its domicile and affection, its tools and sign; therefore, the Supreme Power has created the creation to express his love so that life manifests with wonderful diversity and variety on earth, sky, valleys, seas, mountains and deserts. Let’s elaborate more on love by drawing up love’s triangle; to understand love better we must know the components it is made up of.

Residents: what is love’s triangle?

Successor: this triangle has three sides and they are: a) Shadows b) Attraction c) Sense

The shadows:
In order for love to appear, the first condition is that there must be something to give a meaning to the lover and the beloved. Of course, that something could be in the material or spiritual dimension, there must be something and makes no difference where and we call this something, shadows. Therefore, shadow is one of the main axes of love. With no shadows, there would be no love. In other words, without shadows, love makes no meaning; that’s why the Supreme Power created the creatures so that love is manifested in the whole creation.

Residents: why do you say shadows and not shadow? Does every creature have more than one body?

Successor: yes, each creature has more than one body as it has visible and invisible attributes. Since both visible and invisible attributes have their own separate bodies, with unique wavelengths and vibrations, we say shadows. For example, the shadow of the visible attribute of a person is his physical body and the shadow of his invisible attributes could be his self, soul and intellect.
Now, those who believe that human being is only his physical body and life after death and soul do not exist, can consider the physical body when awake as the first shadow and the body that they observe in sleep as the second shadow. Now since love can be felt in the physical body, soul and the other bodies of the human being, we say shadows. If you still insist that there are no shadows and we must say shadow you can believe in whatever you like but I want to declare to all the lovers that when the physical body of the human being is perished, love continues its existence in the second shadow and other shadows. That’s why I’m saying love has neither beginning nor an end and we come, following one another to know the things we don’t know and sometimes also we follow each other to find our lost love once again. Now I want to talk about the other components of love.

Residents: we still have questions about the shadows.

Successor: there’s little time left and the scroll is limited, if I talk till eternity there would still be new questions, be patient, they will be answered in future writings.

Residents: alright then, explain the second part of love.

Successor: Attraction: whenever something pulls another thing towards itself, that pulling force is called the force of attraction and when the opposite of this happens, it is repulsion. In order to understand this better, look at this image. At this time the successor raises his hand and shows the victory sign. Look! The Projection: in fall or season of falling leaves, with the best colorful display, in a forest where the ground is filled with fallen leaves from the trees, everything appears to be calm, there is a big fan on the ground which is for a great experiment, it works in a way that when it turns towards the left direction (counterclockwise) it acts like a ventilator.
The first experiment, power of attraction:
Once the fan starts turning in the left direction, it pulls all the leaves which are close by up to a distance that it has the strength for, in this situation we observe the power of attraction of the fan.
The second experiment, power of repulsion:
Now the fan is turning towards the right direction (clockwise). This time the fan blows away all the leaves and acts like a blower, we observe the power of repulsion. End of the projection.

Successor: in this projection we observed that the fan was stationary. What factor caused attraction at one stage and repulsion in the other stage?

Residents: the direction of turning.

Successor: yes, certainly it was the direction of turning. Human beings are similar as well, although they are independence and stable, with a change of direction in thought, worldview and behavior; they can live in a way so as to have a powerful attraction or a whole lot of repulsion and this solely depends on wisdom and outlook on life. In other words, if you look at the best of humans negatively, you can find many flaws in them and even if you don’t find any flaws, you’ll justify or imagine some; the same goes for the opposite, if you look at the worst humans positively, you will find certain decent attributes in them and this depends on the difference of perception. Now, we’ll go back to attraction. We mentioned that everything in creation has a power to attract and anything that has attraction also has the power of repulsion. Of course, it depends on each individual’s standpoint to react to different issues and situations and these reactions determine the power of attraction or repulsion. In the example of the fan, while there was the power of attraction in front of the fan which acted as air suction, there was repulsion behind it which acted as a fan.

Residents: if the Supreme Power created the universe based only on the power of attraction and there were no repulsions, wouldn’t there be peace and harmony everywhere? Wouldn’t it have made our jobs, yours and his much easier?

Successor while smiling: the whole creation of the Supreme Power is based on knowledge and science; nothing gets done without precise planning. If there were no repulsions in the universe, in a matter of seconds all that there were in creation, from plants, animals and human beings would get stuck on each other and wouldn’t be able to let go. Now just imagine how that would be and what sort of universe we might have had.

Residents: alright, we realized the consequences. Where do the solids get their power of attraction from? Successor: imagine a piece of rock, it looks stationary but inside of it there are billions of small fans called Electrons which are turning and as a result of their constant turning, power of attraction is created. This of course, is not visible to the human eye but it is much more visible in bigger objects such as the Sun or the Moon. Of course in a black hole this fan works like a jet engine! Because of its high mass.

Residents: you say that there are small fans or engines in solids that are turning which cause either attraction or repulsion, how do you explain this in regards to human beings?

Successor: these engines also exist in humans in a way and are very active. For example, if they attract kindness, they will definitely repel rage. If they attract hatred, they will certainly repel love. If they attract anxiety, they’ll repel peace, and if they attract light, they’ll push away darkness and so on. Therefore, if they attract alcohol and negative thoughts, they’ll definitely repel many virtues.

Residents: what is a practical solution to adjust these engines in a way so as to attract the most virtues?

Successor: just like how dirty and polluted water is turned into clean and pure water by purification. In order to transform a depressed, disturbed person into a calm, cheerful individual, there is only one way and that is through cleansing and purification which is not done instantaneously, it cannot be done in one day or through a magical chant or potion and or even miracle. It takes time and it is gradual and it can only be accomplished through the proper training, education and by gaining the necessary experience, awareness and deep reflection. Humanity must know that there is a price to pay for achieving peace, comfort, happiness and love and last but not the least, he must know that to gain all those beautiful things, he must only rely on himself and no one else; if he doesn’t attempt to do this purification himself, there isn’t a single method or remedy which would guarantee the end results. No one can arrive at virtues through vices. If we look closer in creation, we can observe the power of attraction in various shapes and forms, like a flower, a painting, a human being, a song, a piece of jewelry, a sandwich, a mathematic formula, flight of birds in sky, a flowing stream in the mountains, sound of waves in the ocean or even flies over the garbage. Therefore, all creatures whether in their visible attributes or invisible attributes have a power of attraction so as to attract their desires and wishes and they are constantly doing that in different forms and shapes.

Residents: what kind of an attraction does a fly have?

Successor: that’s a good question. Here we come across something that leads to the third or final part of love so as to complete the drawing of love’s triangle. If you want to understand the attraction of a fly, you must become a fly yourself, a fly that knows when another fly is flirting with it, this means feeling something with all senses.

Residents: please explain the third component of love.

Successor: the third side of this triangle is sense, we also mentioned that in order to love, there must be something which we named shadow; every shadow has a power of attraction but it cannot attract everything unless that thing is of the same essence, we said that only a fly can feel the attraction towards another fly. Let’s pay attention to the following message to better understand the foundation of existence; this is for individuals who desire true knowledge to ascend:
heart’s yearning is needed to realize all that there is; intuition gives it form and when it manifests into an image, constant refinements strengthens the visions; however, we research this saying in a different way which means sense or feeling; sense is like the Supreme Power, evident throughout the existence and non-existence, but invisible. It can be felt by its own genre.

Residents: we must contemplate on this message for a while to understand it better, but you tell us what sense is.

Successor: to give a brief and simple definition of sense I can say that it is a receiver; it exists in various shapes and forms; if sense did not exist in this universe and other universes, there would be no structures at all. For instance, how could humans and animals continue their lives without having the five senses of hearing, vision, taste, touch and smell? If plants did not have senses, they could not recognize heat and cold in order to bear fruits or solids couldn’t establish their atoms. In other words, all creatures, waves and particles in creation and cosmos, are able to gather information through their senses and this enables them to adapt perfectly to their environment.

Residents: as you said all humans have the five senses and power of attraction; what determining factor exists in love that decides who receives its waves, fall in love and be loved compared to those who don’t? Successor: that is a great question; I’ll try to answer briefly. Firstly, we mentioned that sense is a receiver and it’s the force that initiates the operation of intellect, faith and love. All perceptions are transferred by senses to the brain and after careful assessment and processing, a reaction is implemented. We can say that sense is like a title of a book and love, intellect and faith are the content of this book; considering that attraction and sense differ in people, thus assessment, processing and reaction differ as well and this is the reason that someone falls in love with another person while others are indifferent towards that individual. Secondly, every human being has five hidden or external senses in addition to the five senses and there’s a sixth sense which we refer to as the eleventh sense and it plays an important role when it comes to love.
Residents: could you explain more about these external or invisible senses?

Successor: speaking of matters that are invisible or untouchable or lack physical proofs and cannot be proven by physical formulas, is very difficult; talking about the invisible senses of human beings is a very delicate and complicated matter, but I will state my belief and the rest is up to you. If you don’t have senses, no motion can take place whether awake or in sleep. The instrument of contemplation is not always by your will, you stare into nothingness for a moment, and it appears that you are looking with your eyes, but it’s not like that. You travel to other places and times in the past, present and future and then return. When you look at the time you realize only a few moments has passed but it appears as though in other dimensions, ages have gone by. Thus, thought and reflection didn’t have a role in here, only their existence in your body created this phenomenon. How can you justify travelling to these times and places and witnessing all these events while asleep or awake? If you think clearly you would know that the forces which take you to these places and back are the external senses in action. It’s like someone who has certain ability and only uses it according to divine command. All the information that we receive isn’t available for us and it gets stored in our unconscious because they are not compatible with our environment and may cause certain problems. Therefore, our five external senses do not need an instrument. Sense can travel in the universe and act as a journalist and gather information for the intellect and this is carried out through the other bodies of a human being, I cannot explain more than this. Let’s get back to the main discussion. When the Supreme Power commanded that love be inspired in all the particles, the shadows were formed as time went by and thereafter, power of attraction came about; particles, shadows and sense which were of the same substance gathered around each other and attracted one another in order to create love triangle and thus, existence was formed. Therefore, to form the triangle of love three components are necessary: shadows, attraction, and sense.

Residents: under these conditions, all human beings have sense, shadow and attraction so they all can love and be in love, but in reality this does not happen!

Successor: you are right, there are many men and women who are like that, some more than the others and vice versa but we can say with certainty that there are no unattractive individuals. Maybe someone seems unattractive to some people, but this person is very attractive for some other people, it depends on the waves, the source and the receiver. Sense is invisible but sensible. You said that anyone can fall in love but in reality this is not true; why are some individuals unable to hear the song of love in their hearts? Let me explain this with a projection. There was a lion who was the king of a beautiful forest. One night his advisors suggested having an art festival to promote a greater level of cultural standard in the forest. The king accepted and soon after, the announcement was made and everyone gathered for a rehearsal. The successor raised his fingers in a V sign and asked the residents to watch the projection. Projection: It’s the rehearsal day; all the animals have gathered in the main square, the pewit is leading a group of nightingales who have formed a choir and are practicing; butterflies are dancing in a group and displaying their colorful wings; the peacock is showing off his magnificent colors; swallows are playing the guitar, doves are playing the violin, frogs the piano, grasshoppers the harmonica and the pigeons are playing the harp, the dorbeetle is improvising on the flute and the dragonflies are skipping. All the animals, birds and insects performed wonderfully in the rehearsal and went back to their homes. End of the projection.

Successor: you watched the rehearsal, now is time to open the ceremony so watch the second projection.

Second projection: the clamor of excitement is heard among the spectators, the performers are positioned near the square in an organized manner, the king with an elegant cape and a golden crown gets seated in the special podium along with the other VIP guests. The king stands up and with his hand gestures the start of the festival, the trumpets play the opening song. The performers come to the center field and take their place, the pewit as the leader of the choir raises his hand to commence the symphony. Suddenly, a loud noise from another group in the corner of the field is heard. This group had come uninvited and wasn’t involved in the program! In this group the elephants were supposed to play trumpets with their trunks which they forgot due to their anxiety, the hyenas bit them to remind them of this, the elephants began to scream since they were in so much pain which was combined with the howling of the hyenas, it was a deafening roar. Bears began drumming with excitement, vultures riding on the back of jackals started to play polo, using swords and knives, gorillas began a deadly martial arts game which caused a lot of injuries. Donkeys, zebras and camels that were seated in the stands calmly and were eating popcorn and chips, suddenly went on a stampede because foxes threw some firecrackers under their feet. They broke the barriers and ran into the field and a full blown chaos began. There was so much dust in the air that nothing could be seen and it was so noisy that nothing could be heard, it was as if a huge earthquake had taken place. End of the second projection. The successor brings down his hand and looks at the residents.

Residents: it was an interesting play but explain the conclusion.

Successor: I was expecting this question. Of course, we respect all creatures but for this play I had to categorize them. The first group was the symbol of a group who displayed the waves of love’s attraction and the second group while creating chaos and disturbances, suffocated these delicate waves in a way that sense was unable to receive the sound of love. In this play, the second group had created such confusion that power of attraction and sense were greatly affected. Does the howling of hyenas, trumpets of elephant, vultures playing polo and drumming of bears allow you to receive love’s waves or hear doves and pigeons playing violin and harp? Do you think the army of ignorance, hatred, vengeance, deception, arrogance, selfishness, material obsession and fear will tolerate love’s triangle and permit it to send and receive its messages? Do you think they will allow love’s forces like compassion, forgiveness, friendship, sacrifice, honesty, bravery and integrity to operate freely? How could a human being under the crushing influence of alcoholism and negative thoughts hear the beauty of love’s waves or even send them?

Residents: how could anyone stop these destructive waves so as to hear the sound of love?

Successor: The brief answer is: with knowledge, awareness and wisdom. Imagine you are in love but after sometime you realize that your lover words were all lies or your partner is a decent, faithful person but some associates of yours deceive you and turn you both against each other, you feel that your lover is dishonest and has cheated on you. What do you think is going to happen? What factors played a key role here?

Residents: certainly if loves turn into hatred, it will decline and the awareness and knowledge played a key role here.

Successor: that’s right, we can conclude that knowledge, awareness and wisdom play a crucial role in love and they are vital foundations of love. Of course, the X system always plays its vital role!

Residents: what is the mechanism in attraction or love between the opposite sexes?

Successor: as I mentioned before, throughout existence and non-existence all the shadows are sending out their attraction waves. Therefore, every human being, based on his or her physical structure and appearance, information, characteristics, intellect, faith and desires, consciously or unconsciously are sending and receiving these waves. In the beginning, these waves act like bright rays of light coming out of a light source. This is the stage where lover and the beloved are yet to be designated, as love progresses these rays of light are focused on a specific point. Imagine person A is sending out his attraction waves consciously or unconsciously in a place with other human beings (these waves are invisible to human’s eyes), there could be different outcomes, maybe no one receives these waves or some receive but don’t respond or someone responds but the source is undesirable to person A; up to this point there hasn’t been a two-way connection yet. Until a day where a person B receives the attraction waves of person A and since person B finds it very desirable, he or she immediately send out a positive response. In this situation person A receives the response with his sense and feels a very pleasant vibration at his heart and thus sends back a positive response to person B. With these exchanges between the two parties involved, the first sparkle of love takes place between them and they enter a new stage. They talk with and see each other more often and if the communications are pleasant enough for both of them, gradually affection appears in the relationship and as time goes by, this affection turns into real love given the fact that it’s based on trust, respect and the knowledge that both parties are honest at all times. Under these conditions, real love between two people has taken place and we call this, love between two humans.

Residents: is there another kind of love besides what you just mentioned?

Successor: a great sage once said: “if you don’t have love for the creator, find love for the creature so as to realize the true meaning of love. The lover’s only concern is with love and not the beloved.” That’s right, there is another kind of love which is being in love with the Supreme Power and since he has manifested in the entire existence and creation, being in love with him means loving all the shadows throughout creation and this happens when the individual has reached the optimum stage in intellect, faith, love and the X system and has experienced the love for creatures fully. Whether his love is in the invisible attributes of existence or the visible attributes makes no difference. Here the individual has reached a level of knowledge and awareness that he has a special understanding of the universe and recognizes the pillars that keep it together. At this stage, this person has gone beyond an earthly love and experiences a divine love and this is where the saying “the lover’s only concern is love and not his beloved” comes into play. At this stage, the lover shines like the sun in creation, equally and unconditionally loves everything and everyone and expects nothing in return. He serves other people as much as he can, the more he loves and serves the more love he receives. He or she is cheerful and energetic and all that he observes and experiences are manifestations of the Supreme Power.

Residents: at this stage, the person can love both the Supreme Power and another human being?

Successor: there is no contradiction here since the lover knows his beloved as manifestation of the Supreme Power, recognizes his earthly love as the divine love wearing a physical garment.

Residents: is it possible that someone loves the Supreme Power but not his creatures or is indifferent towards them?
Successor: if someone claims he is in love with the Supreme Power but he can’t stand his creation, he is deluded and I believe that this claim is a lie. It was said that for love to be expressed shadows must exist so that love can manifest in them; without the existence of shadows, no love can come into existence. Therefore, what are the shadows of the Supreme Power and where are they? How is it that we fell in love with him? Isn’t it true that all the creatures in the universe are shadows of the Supreme Power? Therefore, the gateways of entering into God’s heart are the heart of human beings, all creatures and the entire existence. Can you cook thousands of the best meals in the world and throw them into a well to make the Supreme Power happy? Certainly you say that only the insane would do such a thing, the food must be distributed among those who are in need of that food. Now, how could anyone be in love with God and not have any use and benefits for his creatures? The sane intellect commands that love for God must be shared among his creatures unconditionally. A wise man said: hands that offer assistance are more sacred than lips which say prayers. Thus if someone says that he only loves God and not his creation and if he can he’ll harm others, even if he is constantly praying and worshiping God, in my belief he is completely lost and misled. The pathway to creator’s love is unconditional love towards his creation. True worship lies only in serving others not in prayers, customs and religious ceremonies.
Residents: is there a higher level of love?

Successor: yes, there is, it is the love of the Supreme Power for his creation. To get to this stage, one must have experienced the first two stages and be prepared to sacrifice everything. At this stage the person is so in love with the Supreme Power that if he has one hundred lives he would sacrifice them for his beloved to pay the price of this love; he would be able to pass through the most difficult situations or would be guided through. He would uphold righteousness and truth and always stand by them. He loves the whole creation without even trying to, he is in peace without even trying to be in peace, he loves all human beings without even trying to love them, he helps everyone without even trying to help, he shins like the sun, equally on everything and everyone without even trying to do so, for the sun it makes no difference where she is shining on, flower or the thorn. At this stage, the lover and the beloved become one and united; you, who have been a lover up to now, are both lover and the beloved, because here, the Supreme Power loves you and his love within you, causes his creatures to fall in love with you. You see yourself in others and you want to assist them in any ways you can, to help them get through difficult stages in their lives and achieve peace and comfort; others see signs of the Supreme Power in you, they want to benefit from your path, your words and your ways to become closer to the creator. You’ll get to know a part of your invisible attributes through your faith, intellect, love, the X system and the knowledge and science that you have achieved, you will continue your life naturally whether on earth or in the heavens and you have your private life just like other human beings, you are prepared to serve others under any circumstances and you continue to do your best as a teacher or a mentor, you are ready to carry out the command, whatever and wherever it may be, in hell or heaven makes no difference to you since you have surrendered completely to the Supreme Power.

Residents: your descriptions of love show that love has a very high rank and importance and not everyone is able to understand its significance. Then how could all the human beings benefit from it? It seems unattainable.

Successor: love is flowing through all creatures including human beings in a variety of different forms and shapes and is constantly bringing them closer to each other. It is the subsistence of existence and creation because all the creatures are connected by the particles of love through shadows, attraction and sense and the name of this connection is love. Even if this pull or loving is felt for a short period; I don’t think we can say that since the connection has been for a short time, it’s not love. I believe it is love but a short, passing phase of love. In other words, if you strike a match in complete darkness we cannot say that there was no light or that it was an illusion, there has been a little light but it was very weak. Therefore, we cannot say that love is only exclusive to certain people or special groups or myths, love doesn’t belong to anyone exclusively because all creation is living in love and practicing love to arrive at a higher love, everything and everyone are immersed in love as existence is immersed in love. The rays of love are shining on all things equally, like the sun and each being receives according to its capacity, the rays of love shine on even the most violent and dangerous individuals and their hearts even though cruel, beat restlessly for their loved ones. Love pierces through their cold hearts and creates a small window and hides in there till the day of manifestation when the sweet taste of its beauty is experienced and they’ll know how salubrious love is.
The residents stare in disbelief at the successor and ask: you said that a love without intellect and faith is infatuation, but now you’re saying something else!
The successor looks at the residents while being astonished himself and says: I’m not even sure who is talking through me at the moment; I’ve spoken about the boundlessness of love before and I was stationed in the valleys where forces of intellect and faith controlled me, it was as if I was a drunken camel overflowing with love and in order to restrain me two ropes of intellect and faith were passed through my nostrils so that my notorious reputation wouldn’t be heard by all and others think of me as mad and insane. I had to behave in such a way so that my feet were steadfast on the ground and wouldn’t dance up in the air with my head on the gallows, so that I have the opportunity to express these views. However, what can I do now when I’m in the valley of love and the power of love is stronger than me and it has turned me into an intoxicated lover; love gives me no choice and will assist me to break the lock of its own prison so that love would escape the prison of exclusiveness and thus I shall scream at the top of my voice on the peak of high mountains and skies: love belongs to all humans, it belongs to the entire existence and all the creatures. God is love, life is love, being and not being is love, hell and heaven is love, man and woman is love, young and old is love, all the children of the world are love, all the homeless of the world are love, all the addicts of the world are love, all the hungry people of the world are love, all the sick people in the world are love, all the individuals who strive to assist the poor, hungry, homeless, addicts and the sick are love, all the solids, plants and animals are love, the earth, the sky, the existence and non-existence are love and they are immersed in love so that they shall know love has no special position or location, anyone with any characteristics and at any position can be the host to love’s waves and taste the sweetness of love, it just requires the heart’s gates to be open.
At this time, the successor was speaking like a drunken camel that has broken the halter foaming at the mouth; he was under the intensity of love’s waves which were talking through him. He was so under their control that he could not bear the intensity and passed out on the ground. Silence took over and no one moved, after a few minutes he got up. The color in his face had changed and calmly said: I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak to you all; my time is finished right now. I have to inform you that in a few minutes, in the presence of the Supreme Power, light which was pregnant with darkness will designate his child and afterwards the great divergence will take place and immediately a pact with the Supreme Power will be made. Thereafter, another life begins in a different way and this cycle shall continue on and after many ups and downs and attaining valuable knowledge, training, education and experience, once again in another lifetime we shall return to this point which we have diverged from.




Adopted from the book " Love, 14 Valleys to Know Thyself"
Translated by: Ehsan Ranjbar

Written by: Hossein Dezhakam