The Thirteenth Valley


"The end of each point is the beginning of a new line."


It is the nature of words that flow throughout universe with the long strides of a little pen. It is as if brooks join each other to form roaring rivers and bring the message to all people. Through this process humanity’s goals and desires are shaped. This message conveys the imagination to image and the image to the structure of the truth. The ignorant forces have always been determined to destroy this structure while the wise ones are after building it. However, “the end of each point is the beginning of another line and it has always been and will be” and now it is the beginning of another line:

Streams have begun to flow and they will all meet each other at one point and establish a productive riverbed which will end up in the great ocean and at that time with the divine splendor, they will be dispatched to places where the command is coming from, and once again the Supreme Power displays the majestic of the troops in another way whose command is not of war but of love, to whomever that has light shimmering in his existence and this has neither a beginning nor an end, it will be from the sky onto the earth and from the earth into infinity because “The end of each point is the beginning of another line.”


While heaven’s residents were happily thanking the successor and bid him farewell, in another corner a murmur began and one of the residents said: I still have some questions.

Successor: my time is over, I’m not allowed to speak unless with the Supreme Power’s permission.

Supreme Power:  answer using imagery, because afterwards the oath will be taken.

Successor: I’m ready to answer.

Residents: you said in order to be transformed, changes must occur gradually, for instance in order for an alcoholic or a substance abuser to become sound and healthy, there must be changes in his physiological, mental and intellectual aspects, otherwise transformation won’t take place; however, you didn’t explain the difference between transformation and revival.

Successor: you are right, note that as soon as one stage is finished, the next stage begins or “the end of each point is the beginning of another line”.

Then the successor opened up the fingers of his right hand in a V-shape (the victory sign) and told the residents: look in between my fingers so that I can clarify the issue with imagery.

Projection: it shows a person standing beside a well trying to send down an empty bucket inside the well with the help of ropes and windlass to bring up some water. (End of the image)

Successor: in this image three stages of alteration, and transformation revival is demonstrated.

a) The alteration stage is the stage where the bucket is gradually getting closer and closer to the water and we can observe this change in the distance between the water and the bucket until the moment when the bucket reaches the water.

b) The transformation stage is the moment when the empty bucket is afloat and transforms into a bucket full of water.

c) The revival stage is the stage where the bucket which is filled with water is pulled out of the well with the help of the windlass.

You can expand these stages in regards to different topics.

Residents: are there any other stages after the redemption stage?

Successor: as I said, the end of each point is the beginning of another line or in other words, whenever a book is finished another one is written or when a traveler arrives at a destination, another traveler begins a journey or when a saint is hanged by the ignorant people, another saint is born and this is the Supreme Power’s command. At no stage in the evolutionary stages does a creature sleep, even if the creature is apparently sleeping, it is in the recovery stage and is trying to regain strength from its origin so as to find the right path and carry out the command properly and this is not a story.

As mentioned above, nothing is stagnant and everything is always in motion or progress and the only thing which is unchangeable is the Truth and the universal laws and commands of the Supreme Power are like the laws of physics and mathematics, unchangeable.

That’s right; there are still some more stages for us after redemption until the earth’s Separation Day and after that day there is another Separation Day since the end of each point is the beginning of another line and it continues on forever.

Residents: what is Separation Day?

Successor: it means the moment of separation, the moment we step into a new phase from an old phase, like the moment the bucket is lifted off the ground and thrown into the well or the moment the empty bucket is filled with water, or the moment a baby is born or the moment of death, graduation, marriage, addiction, divorce, recovery, cure, prison, employment…

All in all, whenever we reach the end of a point, there exists a moment called Separation Day which is the start of another line.

Residents: when and how is the separation day of the earth?

Successor: look at the image between my two fingers (the V sign).

And then…

Projection: the sun is twisting, the stars are darkened, the sky is split open, the mountains move, the oceans overflow, due to a powerful earthquake the earth throws out what it has inside. (The end of the projection)

Successor: at that time each human being becomes aware of what he or she has prearranged for themselves and this is the Separation Day of earth.

Residents: was there another creation similar to this one before the primary nucleus of the material world was planted?

Successor: only the Supreme Power knows, but I imagine, from the beginning or the planting of the primary nucleus until the destruction of the earth which is called a cycle, perhaps there have been millions of cycles up to now or there will be many more in the future. In other words, universes are like numbers and just like how after every number there is another number, universes follow the same law.

Residents: does each individual’s life follow the law of numbers?

Successor: yes, all of the existence’s information is kept in each and every particle and creature in the universe, whether this information and knowledge is positive or negative, constructive or destructive makes no difference and since creation values these experiences and knowledge, it won’t allow their annihilation. Therefore, as soon as a creature dies, it awakens in another place and continues its life and once again if it dies there, it will reappear somewhere else with the attributes of the previous life.

Residents: will an alcoholic or a drug abuser awaken in the other world as an alcoholic or a drug abuser after death?

Successor: if I want to answer briefly, unfortunately yes. Since addiction is an illness of the psyche and spirit, they will awaken as an alcoholic or an addict in the other world. For example, we aren’t able to destroy ourselves by committing suicide because we will immediately find ourselves with all our problems in the other world. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to explain this matter; however, whenever the universal commandments of the Supreme Power are not carried out and duties are not done properly, order gets drowned in anarchy and causes distress in addition to false outcomes. We must know that most of the humanity’s sufferings are caused by undiscovered sciences and if we veil the light based on lack of awareness and assume that everything is dark, then we can conclude that everything is born only in the world of darkness and we can write that it is not clear what will happen; however, every door has a key or every problem has a solution and we must search to find knowledge and we must know that the most beautiful action is research in the world of science so that we can explore undiscovered knowledge and reduce human’s suffering.

Residents: you talked about alcohol, drugs and vices which humans will commit and end of each point is the beginning of another line. Now we want to observe the outcome of committing vices by humans even though we can roughly predict it.

Successor: once again look at the projection between my two fingers. (The V sign)

Projection: the sky is dark and gloomy, thunderclap has deafened humans, the sky can’t hear the painful moans and groans of humans, heaven’s doors have been closed, inspirations of Supreme Power’s forces are experiencing difficulties, Satan’s disciples are dancing like wolves and are telling each other “look at the fate of the human being”, dark clouds of vices, drugs and alcohol are colliding with human beings and terrifying thunderbolts are created out of these collisions, a devastating fire is observed, women, men, girls, boys and elderly are falling on the ground from the sheer force of the thunderbolts, while injuries have engulfed their bodies and souls, immense floods are destroying their houses and livelihood on their path and death is imminent, laughter of the dark forces have filled the air and families are screaming internally at their loved ones’ tombs: why…?

The successor brings down his hand and continues on like this: this is the story of a shepherd who has lost his herd of sheep to the wolves and if the sound of the shepherd’s flute is not heard, the numbers of wolves are increased. The shepherd has committed so many vices that straw has covered the holes on his flute and the sound can’t be heard at all.

The successor once again lifts his two fingers up in a V sign and says: watch, the end of each point is the beginning of another line.

Projection: at this time, suddenly a powerful lightning from the infinite depth of the sky pierces through space and time and passes through all the fortresses, strongholds and obstacles built by the destructive forces and reaches the heart of a dark, black point deep in the darkness and immediately, a second and a third lightening strike that same dark point, the black point turns away from darkness towards light and awakens from deep sleep, tears roll down his cheeks and whispers softly and the whisper becomes louder and louder:

Oh Lord! The valley, the sky and the ocean are covered with heavenly dancers and my restless soul seeks redemption, not from the imprisonment but it desires the beloved’s reunion.

Oh Lord! I only worship you and only praise you, for performing this great deed, thanks, thanks, thanks!

Then, it starts to move so that it can distance itself from the last of the darkness and at this time, Dafs (drums) begin to play softly and the sound of a trumpet is heard and the black point which is now bright and luminous begins whirling and dancing, heavenly dancers whirl with him, the pen is commanded to write, the bright, luminous point together with heavenly dancers increase their radius in whirling, they transfer what they have to their dark surroundings, they also become bright and luminous, they all begin to Sema (a sacred dance) in white robes until they cross the borders of heaven and earth and on their path, share the wine which they have drunk themselves with those who are in constant pain and sufferings, perhaps they can soothe their injuries and assist them in overcoming difficult challenges.

While some of the residents have tears rolling down their cheeks, the successor continues: “anyways, the game of life has been designed in this manner by the great Architect, because he has given free will to human being so that he himself can choose, so that he can learn what he does not know, and once he learned he must put the knowledge into practice which is a very difficult thing to do.”

“From Canaan Joseph shall return, whose face

A little time was hidden: weep no more_

Oh, weep no more! In sorrow's dwelling-place

The roses yet shall spring from the bare floor!

And heart bowed down beneath a secret pain_

Oh stricken heart! Joy shall return again,

Peace to the love-tossed brain_oh, weep no more!

To-day may pass, to-morrow pass, before

The turning wheel gives me my heart's desire;

Heaven's self shall change and turn not evermore

The universal wheel of Fate in ire.” 1

As time passes by, the number of ignorant individuals decreases.

A silence follows.

Residents: the end of each point is the beginning of another line, what do you mean by point?

Successor: the point is the beginning and end of one cycle and it is a sign that is understandable, they are transformed into a line on the earth and in the sky, points and lines are visible and invisible. Geometrically, point has a location but it doesn’t have width, length and height. We can make up a line by connecting two points that have a distance between them or by connecting points that come after each other. Therefore, it is as if each and every one of our moves at every moment creates a point which is certainly, the beginning of another line and we are reminded at every point that we have been given a free will to change our destiny if it is not according to our wish or liking. In order to transform the ugly and annoying lines into beautiful and blissful lines, one must contemplate and not fear calamities and put in effort and hard work. Of course, difficulties are always there but we must know how to approach and overcome them. In other words, finding a solution is more important than the problem itself and this problem exists until we develop a tactic to solve our issues instead of creating more problems, then we will realize that all of our sufferings are due to lack of knowledge and thinking. Human being must one day know, realize and understand that under no circumstances, through vices and falsehood can he achieve virtues, it may be possible to gain wealth or power in a short time, but it is impossible to attain peace and comfort, the path of vices and immoralities is made up of ugly lines even if the line is drawn out of gold.

Residents: tell us about a few of the lines.

Successor: lines of work, hobby, love, sport, alcohol, education, intellect, drugs, money, position… if an individual progresses in only one area of life and do not pay attention to other areas, he becomes a one-dimensional human. Life is in a way that one must refrain from all kinds of over-indulgence or extremisms and always keep moderation in mind. It is in moderation that everything is made and designed, a suitable amount of wind is needed in life but too much wind leads to a storm. There comes a time for those who are eager and thirsty for water and those who are stagnant can never arrive at their destination.

Residents: what is a one-dimensional creature?

Successor: let’s look at the monkey as an example, it eats well, it performs sexual intercourse, it climbs up trees like a professional, but… look at the projection.

Then the successor makes his two fingers like the V sign and begins.

Projection: a hunter is making a hole in a tree in the jungle, after he finishes he puts a banana in the hole and hides in an ambush. The hole has a narrow entrance and a wide space inside, a monkey comes along and tries to grab the banana, he forces his hand into the tight entrance and grabs the banana, his fist gets stuck as he is holding on to the banana and he is stuck, he is not able to think that once he lets go of the banana he can get his hand out of the narrow entrance and save his life, why? Because he is a one-dimensional creature and does not have the necessary intelligence and wisdom to analyze the situation, therefore, the hunter comes and takes him.

Then, the successor brings down his hand and continues: “People who also get stuck in certain situations and aren’t able to resolve the crisis, are one dimensional creature, like individuals who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or those who are constantly gathering wealth. They follow only one line in life and do not pay attention to other matters. On the surface, it seems they have everything but within, they are empty and lonely and live in their million dollar mansions like the homeless.”

Residents: you said that human being needs a triangle and if he truly understands its meaning then he would not be alone, what is that triangle?

Successor: a one-dimensional human being is like a line and in order to enter into the stage of surface or becoming a two-dimensional human, we need at least three lines so that we can draw up a triangle; one of the most distinguished triangles is the triangle of intellect, love and faith.



Of course, most people have this triangle applied in their lives to certain extent but, we take the ideal form as a destination to arrive at. A two-dimensional person lives in peace and serenity and he is a productive member of the society, he loves all people and everyone loves him as well. Being stuck in a critical situation, unlike the monkey, he is able to open his fist and let go of the banana.

An important point that needs contemplation upon is that in order for the lines of intellect, love and faith to grow or become active, there must be a fourth line which is largely invisible and it is called the X system. One of the main factors and the root cause of all kinds of physical and mental diseases is the lack of or imbalance of this invisible line. If the X system is dysfunctional, then the main lines of intellect, love and faith are not able to function properly and vice versa.

Residents: can we have a projection about this?

Successor: to demonstrate the performance of the lines, we show the inside of a person using two images. First image is about people who do not live in comfort and peace and their lines of love, intellect, faith, and “X system” do not function properly. Inside of this kind of people is presented as a city in the image. This is the image of the people that want to make a white rug from black wool.

First projection: sounds of crying and moaning in a ruined city, there is no drinking water and no civilization, a ruins of the bones belonging to the corpses from the past, poisoned streams are producing a foul smell, the faces of the residents show fear, pain and suffering, their food consists of dried plants with thorns, grass, coca leaves, poppies… these foods neither feed them nor make them fat, the sound of a hideous thunder together with a storm threatens the imminent destruction of the city.

The second image shows inside of those people who live in peace, harmony, and well being. Their lines of love, intellect, faith, and “X system” function properly.

Second projection: a vigorous, robust and green city full of joy and happiness, a delightful breeze spreads a wonderful scent from the gardens and wild flowers, fresh faces of its residents are beaming with contentment, nightingales are singing songs of freedom and revival in their beautiful flight, all kinds of colorful flowers are watching the butterflies dance around them, gushing springs are flowing in this city and they make up four main creeks.

First creek: Intellect; streams that resemble pure waters.

Second creek: Love; streams that are likened to all kinds of honey.

Third creek: Faith; streams that are likened to types of milk with no expiry date.

Fourth creek: these streams resemble wines that bring joy and pleasure and its drunkenness is different and the more intoxicated you get the wiser you become, there is no hangover or headache afterwards.   

Residents: could you explain about the intellect streams?

Successor: intellect streams or lines are those actions which are reasonable and wise. It means in order to execute them, we must obey the intellect’s command and we can do this when we have learned knowledge, justice and decency. According to intellect command, all actions must be pure and clean like water; acts of honesty, kindness, integrity, love, faith… and all deeds that are in accordance with universal values and commands. If honesty is mixed with deception or lies, it is like polluting pure and clean streams.

Residents: how are the lines of love and faith?

Successor: I will explain about the streams of love in the fourteenth valley. I’ll just say that love is like an explosion that creates a tunnel through the heart of the mountain so that we can pass through impassable obstacles. About the lines or streams of faith I can say that faith is like fresh milk which quenches thirst and also gives strength and is easy to digest. It is the manifestation of supreme power’s light in human beings, in his heart, appearance and feeling. It means believing in one’s self, in humanity, in law, in the harmony of the universe and the fact that life is valuable and one must recognize the red lines in life and not cross them.

Residents: what is the sign of faith?

Successor: someone with faith has a calm, relax and luminous appearance, he or she is always kind and compassionate and it is as if faith brings a sense of security and safety for the individual so that a life full of bliss and comfort is a constant companion. Streams of faith are like faith in one’s self, in Supreme Power, in nature, in family, in human kind and in helping other people in distress. Therefore, when there is no faith, it seems there is nothing to keep the individual protected on this planet called the earth that is revolving in an infinite space. That’s why the great Persian poet Saadi has said:

Of One Essence is the Human Race,Thusly has Creation put the Base.

One Limb impacted is sufficient,For all others to feel the Mace.

The Unconcerned with Others' Plight,Are but Brutes with Human Face


When someone has a toothache, all the other parts of his body are restless and in discomfort. The same goes for societies on the global scale, if there are large number of people in pain and suffering, whether we want it or not, it affects the security of the whole in a negative way. Therefore, if we have faith in ourselves, family and society then this faith will command us to be compassionate towards those in suffering and it is faith that strengthen our relationships with our families and other people so that we can live in peace and harmony, now you can call it whatever names that you want.

Residents: you haven’t explained the X system?

Successor: how can I express the greatness of human being’s physique? I’m incapable of expressing his power, intelligence and accuracy; because the biggest marvels in the universe when compared to human creation is very insignificant. In human’s body, especially in the central nervous system which includes the brain, brain’s stem and the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system which exit from the brain’s stem and the spinal cord and also in other parts of the body, there are streams and creeks which produce and provide all kinds of intoxicating drinks with different tastes and flavors for the body. If these streams and creeks which are inside the body function properly, not only the person has a fresh, healthy body, he also enjoys a mental and spiritual state full of energy which is necessary to draw the beautiful lines of intellect, love and faith. To mention a few we can name three creeks of Endorphin, three creeks of Dynorphin, three creeks of Enkephalin, a Dopamine creek, a Serotonin creek, an Acetylcholine creek, an Opiorphin creek, an Adrenaline creek and etc.

For instance, Dynorphin and Endorphin are more than ten times stronger than Morphine and if the Dopamine creek is dried out, the person gets Parkinson’s disease and if the creek overflows, the person becomes schizophrenic and if the Serotonin creek is dried out, the person becomes depressed and if the Enkephalin creek doesn’t function properly, the internal analgesia system of the body goes out of order and the smallest pain or sickness can cause death and also if the Serotonin, Acetylcholine and Adrenaline creeks don’t function properly, the individual won’t be able to sleep.

Anyways, the human body is designed in a way that if he crosses the red lines in his life span, his own body will repair itself most of the times.

As soon as the creeks of the X system come across a dysfunction, the immune system of the body will face certain difficulties and all kinds of physical, spiritual and mental diseases are created.

In fact, a human being who has a sane intellect, a strong faith and a pure love creates a standard in his life in a way that all his X system’s creeks are active and healthy. However, an individual who does not have these three dimensions faces all kinds of negative thoughts which are rooted in ignorance and they represent themselves as fear, hopelessness, superstition and depression and by using all kinds of destructive pills without a doctor’s prescription or alcohol or drugs; one can damage these vital creeks on a daily basis.

It is ironic to know that in the early days of using these pills, alcohol or drugs, the person feels that they are strengthening his X system’s creeks and he is enjoying a high level of freshness and ecstasy; but eventually, this gain causes the most damage and as time passes by, the systems in charge of producing and directing these creeks in the body, gradually dry out and stop their production. This is due to the fact that these intelligent systems feel that there is a flow of all kinds of intoxicants from outside of the body without any trouble and if the flow of these intoxicants is stopped, all kinds of withdrawal symptoms and illnesses occur. In reality, these external substances have replaced the natural creeks inside the body and their reconstruction can be both difficult and easy!

Residents: is it possible that someone’s intellect line work properly while the other lines aren’t?

Successor: this is impossible; because love, faith and the X system are born out of intellect’s power and vice versa.

Even if such a person exist, the aspect of intellect in him has been mistaken with being thrifty or economical (meaning he or she is always after their own interest). We are dealing with a person who acts like a computer and lacks all kinds of emotions and in our view he is a one-dimensional creature.

Residents: how about love? Can a lover lack faith, intellect and the X system?

Successor: it seems that this is impossible as well; because intellect, faith and the X system are born out of love’s power and vice versa. Even if such a person exists, love has been mistaken for infatuation in him. A lover who lacks faith and intellect is in complete delusion.

Residents: how about faith?

Successor: this is also impossible; because intellect, love and the X system are born out of faith’s power and vice versa. Even if such a person exists, faith in him has been mistaken with bigotry and fanaticism. How can someone have faith but lack intellect, love and the X system?

Residents: thus the X system can’t have any suitable output without love, intellect and faith.

Successor: yes, you are right. It is as if the Supreme Power or the creation based on justice, life’s conditions, the human’s selves or their good or bad actions, by controlling the X system, places them under a special mental, physical and spiritual circumstances.

In other words, obeying the universal wisdom and commandments and doing virtues strengthen the X system and in doing so the person is in a heavenly state and committing vices and disobedience of the universal commandments places the person in a hellish state and damages the X system; because changes in the X system (hormones and neurotransmitters) results in unconventional behaviors like men acting too feminine and vice versa or wise people acting crazy and vice versa. 

Mad people act like wise, the cowards behave bravely and the braves behave cowardly, the depressed display joyous behavior and the happy people behave like the depressed, and eventually, the addicts display the behaviors of healthy people and healthy people act like the addicts.

Based on the wisdom of the Supreme Power and the previous records, some humans at birth have genes which have certain characteristics or shortcomings concerning the X system’s creeks and streams. These humans within their life span are able to repair and reconstruct their X systems. Of course, they must find the right way to do so. Just remember, knowledge is not sophisticated, every door has a key.

Residents: we are grateful for your explanations; there is a saying that “a wise man never falls in love”. In other words, intellect or wisdom is the opposite of love, what is your opinion?

Successor: love generally means the highest level of liking and affection towards the whole of creation and all the creatures, it is based on awareness and in a particular meaning love means the highest level of liking and affection towards a subject or an individual, also with awareness.

Now tell me how can someone fall in love based on ignorance and unawareness? If you fall in love in this way, you must know that it’s not love; but it’s something else.

Some have put love against intellect or intellect against faith or faith against love; whereas these three components are not against each other and even they complement one another to form a triangle which brings us peace, comfort and bliss and guides us to the place where we have diverged from. In order to better understand this analogy, we can liken intellect to the brain, love to the heart, faith to the lungs and the X system to blood circulation, then we can realize that each one of them have their own importance and location and they complement and support one another. Eventually;

The wiser one is, the more love one has,

The more love one has, the stronger his faith is,

The stronger faith one has, the wiser one is.

My time is almost finished.

Residents: thank you; please explain the three-dimensional human being.

Successor: I’m not able to explain this, there must be more awareness and understanding between us otherwise you might think of me as mad, leave me alone!

Residents: just say a little.

Successor: I will say only a little and mention certain things briefly and in reality; I’ll open the discussion’s gateway for evolution, creation, construction and operation. Whether some people know about this or others do not know or accept it, it is of no concern, the important thing is that significant keys are those which can open old locks so that ideas and essences are extracted from the prison of the body and commute in the universe and extraterrestrial and can be of benefit to others. Below is the explanation of human nature.

In general, human being comprises of two components: the apparent attributes and the hidden attributes.

In the apparent attributes, in order for him to comprehend the world around him and continuation of life, he needs certain receptors which we refer to them as the five senses or the apparent senses which include: hearing, vision, smell, taste and touch. All the information are received by these five senses and are transferred to the intellect where they are analyzed and processed and a command is issued when necessary. Therefore, sense is the name of the book and intellect is the content or sense is the first force that activates the intellect. If the information that is received is correct, then the intellect can make the right decision or understand the matter properly; otherwise, the intellect is not able to process or comprehend the issue. In other words, only when information is received by the intellect can the person understand an issue or a topic, whether by his own senses or with the help of tools, reasons and evidence.

About the three-dimensional human being; all the information and inputs are processed by the intellect also; but a point which not many people know is that a three-dimensional human being is aware that his hidden attributes also contain five hidden senses exactly the same as his apparent senses which are called the five external senses. This means that a three-dimensional human being can see but not with the physical eyes, he can hear but not with the physical ears and so on.

Of course, all humans use their hidden or external senses uncontrollably in their sleep, but they do not believe in it themselves. However, the three-dimensional human being uses these external senses with his own free will under special, limited circumstances. In addition, he knows that there exists another sense which is called the eleventh sense and it acts as an interpreter or a medium between the five internal, apparent senses and the five external, hidden senses which most people recognize as the sixth sense.

Furthermore, he knows that besides this earthly body, he has six more bodies or figures and each has its own unique wavelength and vibration. Thus, the three-dimensional person is able to cross over the boundaries of time and space with the help of his other bodies and the hidden senses under special circumstances and establish a connection with other universes and obtain the necessary information and awareness. Differently put, he has the assistance of eleven senses and seven bodies to gather information for the intellect comparing with the two-dimensional person who only has one body and five internal senses. In these conditions, the three-dimensional human being is more equipped and has better tools and this is the reason why things that are very clear and understandable for him, are unacceptable and unbelievable for the two-dimensional humans.

Residents: if possible, please mention some of the characteristics of the three-dimensional human being.

Successor: his intellect, love, faith and the X system has reached the optimum stage.

He loves the creation, the world and all the creatures in it. He never claims to be three-dimensional. He never says that he understands more than the others. He never claims anything unrealistic. He never has weird or strange manners. He does not live in strange places or crypts. He lives among humans in the society. He lives very normally because he knows that there are still much more to learn; since the more you know makes you realize how little you know and he knows very well that the end of each point is the beginning of another line.

He knows that there are millions and millions of lines that he has not had the chance to begin yet and eventually; he knows, understands and realizes that, the only thing that exists is love, without it, there are only empty containers.

Obviously, substance abusers who, in their own imagination, are two, three, four or five dimensional are not included here and this is a sad, sinister joke which ends in a psychiatric ward, prison or suicide.

In the end, remember this, the universe is a resting place where, if one is not under the weight of different concerns, he can travel to the nearby galaxies and witness the creation, the existence, the force, the power and the endless energies like the strings of light; but there must be mental serenity and calmness.

Human being is always after new things. Nothing gets old, it only changes its appearance; like the different color clothing that we wear. Envision the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and fall; nature in its own dimensions, has these kinds of changes.

Residents: what is Love? Please explain more.

Successor: give me some moments to rest, I’ll continue the discussion later; I must ask for assistance from the Supreme Power!

1-Taken from the famous book of Hafez, the great Persian poet


Written by: Hossein Dezhakam
Translated by: Saeed Moeini



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