Revived Addicts of Congress 60


Once a traveler arrives at the end of the first journey (successfully ending the treatment process of removing drugs from their lives) they enter the recovery period (second journey).

Travelers in the second journey are referred to as revived addicts who have redeemed themselves from the prison of drug addiction; they stay on the path of recovery for the rest of their lives through volunteering, sports and various activities in congress60.

A change in their worldview and outlook on life and its challenges are the tools that they carry with themselves and derive confidence from; our revived individuals no longer fear proximity to drugs as a result of increased awareness and decisive knowledge gained through attending workshops and group therapy meetings.


Another important factor that plays a key role in our recovery maintenance is sports. Congress60 emphasizes heavily on involvement in sports and physical activities and participation begins mid-way through the first journey under strict supervision of the guides.

Congress60 believes that every process would be more effective if it is approached gradually; thus, a light form of physical exercise gradually leads to full-on sports competition within a year or so.

When our athletes are seen in eyes of the public, hardly anyone believes that they were once hardcore drug users. This is the direct result of proper restoration of the physic, mind and the spirit which are revived simultaneously in Congress60.

When we compare our rehabilitated individuals to other NGOs active in the field of addiction treatment, we notice a lower rate of relapse, cravings and fear of drugs. In congress60 we believe that cravings are due to improper restoration and repair of the vital opioid production which is the main cause of most relapse alongside an unchanged outlook on life without drugs.

If one’s perception towards life and living does not change, removing drugs alone would be insufficient; physical, mental and spiritual restoration must take place simultaneously in order for a successful treatment to take place.
Travelers Saeed Moeini
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