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نسخه فارسی

The Fifth Valley

“Cognition alone is not the ultimate approach to problem solving in our world. It will be completed with experience and achievement.”

In this valley we should put our thoughts into actions and materialize our strengths. In other words we must execute the sensible plans in our mind and create new structures.
At this stage we must start cleansing our act and change our ways and until we do this it is highly unlikely that we can initiate a change in our family and our closed ones. In order to amend our behavior, manner and thoughts we must constantly remember the three important principals of Good thoughts, Good words and Good deeds.
Because when our thoughts are positive, naturally our words and deeds become decent as well. Therefore in order to move towards the virtues we must consider implementing certain steps to achieve our intentions and unless we carry out these measures we will not accomplish our goals. Let’s not forget that it takes time to carry out these measures and one must approach them gradually and not expect a quick fix. Now we shall briefly explain these steps:
1-Turning away from vices:
Since the spirit and psyche of a human being is pure and without a stain, vices act as dust and dirt which settles down as impurities and make the individual extremely restless. These vices include a wide spectrum and substance abuse is only one of its branches. Therefore we must create a harmony in our life where we refrain from doing any indecent act (vices).
If we are not sure about the nature of an act and it creates doubt within us, we must abstain from executing that idea. For example if we are not sure whether to visit a friend who is living in a drug friendly residence and if by entering the premises we might be tempted into using drugs, then we shouldn’t go there at all.
It is recommended that we live with the bare minimum essentials especially in our first journey. It must not be misunderstood that we mean being broke or bankrupt is good, not at all. We must actually strengthen our financial roots and become very self reliant and stable in our material life. Of course this must be done in a lawful and ethical way. The emphasis here is that we must be content with whatever resources that we have and maximize our benefits from them and value the things that universe has provided for us. We shouldn’t spend our time envying all the things we don’t have because the only real asset that remains with us is our thoughts and knowledge which we have gained.
We must be patient if we want to get rid of our drug addiction and impatience would pose as an obstacle on our path. All of our ideas and intuitions are achieved with patience and forbearance, for example when we cultivate wheat we are not going to harvest it within a week. It needs irrigation and care and of course the due process in order to produce a healthy crop. The same applies to our substance abuse issue and gradually we can regain our health back and time is an essential factor in our recovery.
While traversing the different stages of our life journey we must do the best we can at all times but ultimately rely on god’s grace for assistance and constantly remember that the supreme force is the manifestation of everything and seek his guidance and compassion in all calamites. Let’s not forget that we must always call out to him for assistance.
We should always be satisfied with our destiny wholeheartedly, in our speech and action and be cheerful in accepting what faith has determined for us. Together with contemplation and reflection we must create new structures because the things that direct us towards the straight path and true wisdom are structures which lead us to virtues.
This station is higher than the gratification stage and it is attainable only for those individuals who have achieved the previous six grades and attained the utmost certainty. In the gratification station we are satisfied with whatever that comes our way whereas in this station we have no wishes except the wishes of the supreme force, therefore we neither agree nor disagree with anything. It is necessary to mention that this is a very difficult phase to be in and it is only doable in the third journey which is traveling from one’s self to one’s creator, however we try to learn as much as we can from these stations and transform our structures from ideas to actions, from theory to practice.
Written by: Hossein Dezhakam
Translated by: Saeed Moeini