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Mr. Hossein Dezhakam, the founder and mastermind of Congress 60 Humane Revivification society, an Electronic Engineer, graduated from Iran’s Science & Technology University in 1976. A researcher in the field of Electronic photo sensors, an author of fundamental writings in the field of addiction, methods of treatment, human essence and universal perception, and finally, inventor of the Gradual Tapering method.  

He was born on November 15th 1949, in Kerman, Iran. He was born into a large family of 10 siblings, and his father, a well known athlete and musician. Mr. Dezhakam‘s childhood was very difficult as he had to work his way through school to pay for his expenses. When he was 14 years old he learned the trumpet but he wasn’t doing well at school. However due to his strong will and desire for success, he graduated from technical high school and entered university in 1969. Because of financial difficulties he had to choose the night courses so that he could work during the day. While in university Mr. Dezhakam worked in ITTcell naratel and Eram telecommunication companies. In 1975, he married Miss. Zahra Adelzadeh Benam, a nurse working in the Jam hospital and after some years, his wife gave birth to two girls and a boy.

In 1981 Mr. Dezhakam and Dr. Rouintan began a research on production of electronic photo sensors for the purpose of industrial usages and worker’s safety. He spent a huge part of his income on this project, and he succeeded after 3 years in producing and design of electronic photo sensors for the first time in Iran. This lead to establishing an electronic photo sensors factory in the Sistan province. Mr. Dezhakam also invested in other fields which failed because of his opium addiction and unsuccessful attempts to quit his substance abuse and the factory was also confiscated since the bank loans were not paid.

He started his studies on mysticism, psychology, history and philosophy from the early Seventies and continued to research on Self knowledge mainly to overcome the darkness of narcotic addiction. His struggle with addiction lasted about 17 years and he mainly consumed large amount of opium on a daily basis.

He attempted to quit his substance abuse twice, first time going cold turkey and second time using medication and both times lasted less than a year. He believes the failure was due to unsuccessful revival of the damaged systems in the body, malfunction of the opiate producing system in the body and an overall imbalance of the physique.  He says:” everything seemed difficult, I wasn’t the same person, I was tired all the time, walking, talking and doing daily chores were exhausting for me, I had lost the will to live, I lost most of the precious things in life not during addiction but while attempting to quit drugs improperly. The result of these two unsuccessful treatments was the addition of alcohol to my daily consumption and an increase in opium intakes (5 to 6 grams per day).

Realizing the Path:

Finally with God’s help and assistance of superior forces a method was invented which was the result of years of research on the thesis of substance abuse. The conclusion of this research has been published in his book, Passage through the below 60 degrees zone, and other articles, which would change your views towards drug addiction completely.

This method was discovered during a simple experiment in the month of Ramadan when Mr. Dezhakam organized his daily intakes and the amount in each dosage. He says:” I had been tired of my addiction for 12 years but wasn’t able to find a solution. After finding the path and attaining the perfect cure on December 1996, the most important aim was to transfer this knowledge to others.”

Therefore after two years of study and research he established Congree60 Humane Revivification Society, in collaboration with Drug Enforcement Agency, and the first meeting took place in Kargar Street in Tehran.

Today, more than 3000 individuals have been cured from substance abuse, and there are 14 branches of congress60 in different cities in Iran. Also there are about 200 guides to assist addicts and their family free of charge.

If you are struggling with addiction or anyone in your family is, you are welcome to attend our workshops in any one of our centers, and you will find us next to you in the path to recovery.

Translated by: Saeed Moeini

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