Who is a substance abuser?


A substance abuser is a patient that due to constant use of drugs has destroyed his or her body (city of existence) and has ruined the life of himself and the people around him.

Whether this act is done knowingly or unknowingly makes no difference, as both situations demonstrate lack of awareness. The damage on the physical body includes the destruction of endogenous opioids and analgesia system, and other organs within the body.
Concerning the individual's worldview, due to dependency on drugs and imbalance in both physique and psyche (mind), a world full of fear, anxiety, stress, worry and humiliation, surrounds the substance abuser.
In order to restore 90% of the structures of the body and mind, an eleven month period is required. Changing the individual’s worldview is a gradual and ongoing process.
Translated by: Saeed Moeini
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