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Congress60 Humane Society was established in 1998 by Mr. Hossein Dezhakam for the purpose of assisting individuals who are struggling with drug addiction.

Congress60 is a people supported, non-governmental organization, active in the field of treatment and recovery of drug addiction. Its foundation is based on the principle of a revived addict helping current drug abusers. It has been established with the motto “let’s curb this devastating fire”.

 Congress60’s axis of activities consists of education, prevention, harm reduction, and treatment of drug addiction. The main objectives of Congress60 are scientific research to better recognize the relationship between human and illicit drugs, and to provide a useful method for treatment for drug addicts and their families. Because drug addiction is formed by combination of human and drug, therefore both have to be studied carefully.

After 10 years of active participation in this field, Congrss60 is a strong, active NGO which provides its services free of charge to the public. It has more than 17 branches in Tehran and other cities and organizes more than 800 educational workshops (2000 hours, with average of 150 participants per workshop) each year. Each workshop consists of three groups:  male drug addicts, female drug addicts, and their families. In congress60, a drug addict is called a traveler who embarks on a journey of recovery and their families are called companions who support travelers through their journey.

The achievements of Congress60 have been the redemption of thousands of addicts from their harmful habits with the lowest rate of relapse and training more than 150 expert guides on addiction treatment and 150 guides for the companions. Congress60 has invented the protocol for curing this disease which is recognized and accepted by most experts and prestigious scientific research centers.

Congress60 believes that addiction is an illness which is treatable, and if properly treated, the addict would no longer face symptoms such as craving, relapse, depression, and etc.

The book “Crossing the Zone 60 Degrees Below Zero” written by Mr. Hossein Dezhakam, is a practical, documented research on the issue of substance abuse and a self guide on how to cure addiction. It is one of the most influential books in Iran in the field of drug addiction treatment, and has been written in a simple yet scientific language.

Congress60 has presented its ideas, researches, and findings in universities, conventions, seminars, media, and exhibitions. The official website has the latest findings and information on drug addiction in both English and Farsi languages.

The sport association of congress60 conducts annual sports competitions for the revived drug users who are now competing athletes. There are different sports competitions including soccer, volleyball, rugby, archery, badminton, table tennis, and traditional body building. It should be mentioned that Conress60’s archery, rugby, dart and traditional body building teams have made it to the national levels.

Congress60 is a scientific research centre, open to new ideas, and is ready to co-operate with other professionals, universities, academic centers, and NGO’s.


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