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The Second Valley


No creature comes into existence without a purpose; none of us are insignificant even if we think of ourselves as that.”

The Second law: we are happy that we are continuing our battle, to achieve a good result, and our internal world transforms into a developed city where all being move towards the supreme power. We had lost our direction for the reasons that we know very well. To realize, we have an important path a head of us, we have to contemplate and try hard to achieve our aim.
In continuation, our efforts lead to a point where nothing can weaken our abilities, we have to collect lights that shine from each point, each sparkle, leads to great brightness and supreme power is clearly visible in all of them. None of us are futile even if we think of ourselves as that.
All themes are inside and outside of us that are like volcanoes, what happens, especially in the right direction.
If we have contemplated enough in the first valley, it might have become clear that we have lost many things in life, or are losing them at the moment, and they might be material or spiritual. Maybe we are familiar with these terms: Addict, humiliation, fear, divorce, separation, expulsion, confinement, criminal records, it doesn’t make a difference whether we are educated or not, whether we are rich or poor, young or old, man or woman.
Imagine a wealthy person trying to hide his substance abuse from everyone around him. He is constantly in fear, and if he can’t use drugs for couple of days, what misery he will go through. Such educated, young and respectable individuals that have become street junkie or homeless and overdosed on the sidewalks.
Maybe some of us think that life is over for us and there is no more hope and nothing matters any more, why are we here? And our birth is useless and many other to sink more into darkness. This is as sign of losing confidence and surrendering to annihilation but if we look at the entire universe, we realize that nothing in this creation is without a purpose, even if we think that something is useless, it is a false perception, we haven’t be able to understand the philosophy of its creation. For example if you look at a worm, you realize the importance of its creation.
When human come into existence, the supreme power guided him to a cross road: one is the path to darkness and the other is the way towards light (glory). Generally human beings experience darkness and vices in order to realize virtues.
However, if the man entered darkness, he has to pass through difficult tests, in order to be ready for light. In narcotics addiction we are dealing with two entities, one is human being and the other is Narcotics. Since Narcotics addiction comes from the combination of these two, therefore we must know and understand both subjects plus their effects on each other.
As far as human being is concerned, the body is made up of millions of cells, and each cell’s structure is as complicated as a city. Therefore we are a ruler of an amazing universe within us which we know very little of it. In the past years, we have done so much damage to this universe. We imagined that narcotics give us lots of energy and we might still have this opinion. But recognizing the truth is very easy. If we look at our appearance or other substance abusers, we can understand that Narcotics don’t give energy but waste natural energy of the body. There is a misconception in our mind about the actual nature of opium and the family of opiate substances. Instead of giving more energy, they increase the consumption of the energy. For example the energy that must be used in 60 years, gets wasted in 20 years when using Narcotics. Of course, in addition to overall damages done to our body, systems of anti-pain and opiate like production are damaged as well.
Another crucial point is that some people might say that they don’t believe in a superior force that’s not a problem, but we should think that we don’t even know a tiny cell in our body and it’s full essence, function, etc. therefore one must know himself or herself before realizing the superior force.
To gain this realization, two ways exist: one is contemplation and the other without contemplation, some have realized the supreme power without thinking, and cannot give any reasons for their path. However with contemplation you can achieve the highest peaks of divine knowledge. We have realized that we don’t know much about the billions of cells that make up our body and we have caused so much damage to this vast universe. Thus we have been an incompetent ruler for this organization. In order for us to be a competent ruler, we have to prepare for a thought battle and any difficulties are divided into 3 main categories:
A) Our physical problems
B) Our psychological problems
C) Our misunderstandings about the universe
Our physical and psychological problems will be solved within a reasonable time period, but our universal perception must change towards ourselves, the people around us and our surrounding Environment. This means that our viewpoint, awareness and knowledge must be changed.
For example if a person reaches dead end in life, even if his physical and psychological issues are resolved he would return to substance abuse again. Therefore the first step is to know the nature of human being.
Of course family problems or work issues still exist, but when we have fully recovered from addictions, we will find the strength to solve them.
An important point:
At this stage all of us should choose a guide in Congress 60, so that this guide would be the light on our path. It is recommended that we do this with patience and reflection 
Written by: Hossein Dezhakam
Translated by: Saeed Moeini