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 The Recovery Road

Due to our approach towards drug addiction, its treatment and addicts in recovery, our founder Mr. Hossein Dezhakam decided to create certain terms and expressions to shed light into the secrets of our treatment and philosophy in Congress60.
In a brief look, I’ll try to explain these terms to our international readers so that they become familiar with the language used in Congress60.

Traveler: We believe that when a substance abuser decides to embark on a journey to treat his or her addiction and maintain abstinence during a successful recovery, he or she is traveling; from an origin in darkness towards a destination in light, from fear to courage, from rage to compassion, from ignorance to wisdom and eventually attaining love and happiness without the use of alcohol and drugs.


       Legions in one of the Branches  Assistant Guides        

Guide: he or she is an individual who were once a drug user and successfully completed the treatment process (DST method) in congress60 and received the appropriate trainings. These individuals form a group called legions and introduce themselves at every workshop so that members could choose for themselves. They supervise the journey of their travelers and give instructions on the manner of tapering, dosages and intervals.

Companion: family members or friends who support the addict in their journey are called companions who also attend the workshops and group meetings. They play a key role in treatment and recovery process and are vital in the success of travelers. 


     Traveler GuidesCompanion Guides      

First Journey: this is the first step in a long but enjoyable road towards full health and recovery; this refers to our treatment period and it involves tapering the drug and using a substitute which is mainly Opium or Opium Tincture until complete cessation in an eleven month period. This journey is conducted under full supervision of a guide, which includes following a strict guideline and attending regular group therapy.


            Initial Stages of the Journey       Middle Stages of the Journey    At the End of the Journey

Second Journey: this period begins upon successful completion of the first journey and the revived (rehabilitated addict) steps into the recovery process. In congress 60, we measure our redemption from drugs and each revived addict receives a seal for every three months of successful recovery and every year, a birthday celebration is held for the new birth after drugs. Once the travelers are in this journey, they can take on management roles within congres60 structures such as becoming a guide, an assistant guide, master of ceremony, speaker, secretary and other such roles.

Complied by traveler Saeed Moeini


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