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نسخه فارسی

The Ninth Valley

"Tolerance is built when a force begins at a low level and gradually increases."
This message is for those who have entered the new world and are aware of their true self. It is compulsory that you move from the state of words to the state of action and pay attention to earth and sky. With your profound intellect have strong faith in the blessing of the heavens and know that your reward will assist you further. Hence, plant a precious seed or a valuable crop so as to gain enough food and also the comfort of a shade.
Therefore, do as the command says.
What does the command say: when human being was created and left the heavens and became a castaway on earth, he was a creature who had the highest intellect, more than any other animal and had the potential of all the virtues and vices in him. He was given free will so as to test him; therefore, he came to a crossroads in which he had to choose one of them, the way of the virtues or the path of vices. To make this crucial decision the supreme power provided man with two guides or two prophets, one internal guide which we can name intellect or wisdom and the other one, an external guide who are the messengers or prophets of the supreme power that came one after the other to demonstrate the way to salvation and freedom, to show where all the paths lead to and the characteristics of these two ways and where they could take us in the long run. So, what are the commands of the supreme power that are taught by his prophets?
The command says: do not lie, do not steal, do not give or take a bribe, do not backbite, do not interfere in personal matters of other people, do not practice usury, do not rape, do not taunt others, do not break a promise, do not oppress others, stay away from corruption, help those in need, do not look for flaws and weaknesses of others, do not take others’ inheritance, help the orphans, donate money to charities and know that money is to provide comfort in life rather than stockpiling it for safekeeping and finally stay away from all kinds of intoxicants like alcohol, opium, hashish, heroin and psychedelic pills. An intoxicant is a substance that puts a veil on the personality, thought and consciousness and be aware that this is a great vice even though it is accompanied by a great sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. Generally, the path of vices seems very attractive and attainable and it feels as though we can achieve our goals much faster. It is like a poison that has a sweet taste and is placed in a golden jar and as soon as a person drinks it, it can cause disease or eve death. Whereas the right or virtues path is like a clay pot that has a life giving water in it and when someone drinks from it, it quenches the thirst immediately. Maybe, it is difficult for some of us to quit all the vices that we are involved in immediately, but we can gradually build up tolerance and overcome the temptations. Of course, we do not mean that all of us are corrupted, but most of us do lie, backbite, take or give bribes, etc. Therefore, to abstain from vices we must increase our resistance towards them and note that it takes time to build tolerance. An important point to pay attention to is that all the branches of vices are inter connected and they must be tackled together and it is impossible to solve one issue alone without resolving the others. For example, I can’t stop lying if I continue to gossip or backbite and the path of vices must change all together, because vices is like a tree that has bitter and poisonous fruits and we are not able to amend the fruits of one branch and the tree itself from the root must be revitalized.
Tolerance is built when a force begins at a low level and gradually increases.
Everything in creation has a certain tolerance level and if it passes that level it becomes altered and its system changes and this alteration or change usually causes damage or chaos. For example, if you put pressure on a glass and this pressure is more than the endurance point of the glass, it will break. Metals like gold, silver or copper have different melting point and if they are heated more than their endurance point they melt and their state is altered from solid to liquid. Even plants have different tolerances and some can grow under freezing temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius. However, human beings have various tolerance levels and each individual has a different capacity to endure certain circumstances and if mental or physical pressures are beyond one’s endurance point that person can lose his temper or control. This can be seen in arguments and verbal or physical confrontations when two or more people are shouting at each other or using vulgarities. For instance, as a father, brother, partner, friend or an employer, we can tolerate people’s behavior or criticism until a certain a level or vice versa. However, we have to be careful not to cross that boundary or limit or else that person can lose his or her temper and get out of control. At that moment, the person’s facial expression changes, the heart beats faster and mutual respect or social manners mean very little as all the lines are crossed in a surge of anger and anything can happen. This is because the endurance point of that person or his tolerance limit has been breached and that person is on the verge of fury. We can conclude that most of the outrages, violations, fights, murders and other forms of vice take place on the verge of fury and we should seriously avoid it.
In other situations, the tolerance level of humans can vary, for example an individual can hold his breath for 10 seconds and another person can sleep in a grave for 10 days without breathing. A person can only run 50 meters whereas another can run 5000 meters and in other conditions such as cold, heat, unpleasant circumstances and calamities, this point can be different.
But the issue that we are concerned with is that building up tolerance in an individual in most situations is attainable and it is done through continuous efforts and repetitions along with the needed time period and it can be expanded in both negative and positive direction. Increasing tolerance in negative matters (vices) such as lying, backbiting… or substance abuse is very easy and convenient and the individual doesn’t suffer any hardships. In fact, increasing tolerance in negative issues is sometimes accompanied with joy and satisfaction and this is the element of trick by the great architect. Imagine a person consumes 5 psychedelic pills daily, thus he can easily increase his intake up to 50 pills in a short period of time (six months), or another person can increase his consumption of opium from 1 gram to 5 grams in six months without any difficulty, accompanied with enjoyment. Let’s not forget, the suffering that comes later on. To increase tolerance in vices, we do not need education and contemplation; we just do the deed to enjoy ourselves. Whereas to increase the tolerance in virtues like not lying, not abusing drugs and other issues, we definitely need education, contemplation and experience (triangle of knowledge). Because the difference in view is crucial and we can only change our perception when intellect is present. We can reduce our drug consumption only when our knowledge has improved and we become wiser. Without practical knowledge even if we attempt to solve an issue a thousand times, still we would fail to achieve the optimum result and each unsuccessful attempt becomes a mean to crash further down into the dark world of vices. Imagine a person who uses all kinds of drugs and narcotics such as pills, heroin, opium, hashish and whatever else he can get his hands onto, his body has become infected due to constant injections and he has no more veins left to inject, he lives like an animal and has achieved a high level of tolerance in ignorance and negative matters along with lots of experience. However, with his ignorant and dark worldview he interprets his life and current living condition in a victim-like manner, he swears at the heavens and earth for his misfortunes and blames everyone else for his problems and never realizes that he is the cause of all these miseries that are happening to him, the fact is that he is the main culprit. Similarly, individuals who are exploding due to immense hatred, anger and jealousy have achieved a great negative endurance point and are constantly restless and in pain. In order to attain bliss and peace, these people must change direction so that, with education, contemplation and experience, they can gradually refrain from misdeeds and destructive behaviors. 
Now, we shall discuss the tolerance in opium addiction which is a vice. We know that eating 1 to 1.2 grams of opium for a healthy adult for the first time could be lethal. On the other hand, we know of individuals who have gradually increased their tolerance in this matter and little by little have reached to a daily amount of 7 or 8 grams which has no deadly effect on them. Therefore, a question comes to mind, how come using this much opium doesn’t kill this person, and also makes him jolly and active? To answer this question we must mention that to increase tolerance, two factors are essential:
a) Continuous repetition of the issue at hand
b) The element of time
For example, to increase the tolerance in running; the individual must run every day and in a period of time increases the distance gradually. Back to substance abuse; imagine someone using hashish regularly, at this stage his tolerance to hashish consumption has gone up whereas his tolerance to hashish abstinence has weakened. What we are going to do is to reverse our body’s tolerance in regard to drugs. We apply this law and by using the gradual reduction method (tapering) we can increase our body’s tolerance to drugs abstinence, while the needed time must pass until complete withdrawal from substance abuse. Thus, to carry out such an important mission, we must reverse the process that we have been executing for years as this seems the most logical, practical and reasonable option and is also the least dangerous. It must be mentioned that we are doing this to repair and revitalize our body’s vital systems such as internal opioids and analgesia systems which needs at least 11 months to complete. Because constant use of alcohol, narcotics and other drugs which cause an imbalance in humans and alter their normal state of being and consciousness, has an adverse effect on our body’s internal opioids such as endorphins, dynorphins, enkephalins, etc. In other words, the more alcohol and drugs we use, the less our body produces these substances and gradually external opioids replace internal opioids. That’s why we say substance abuse is chronic substitution.
Therefore, according to a program we taper our alcohol or drug consumption in stages of 21 days until full cessation. By then, all the vital systems in our body have been restored and our reward is the full benefit and enjoyment of our body’s natural opioids such as dynorphin which is 200 times stronger than morphine. At that time, we neither require dealers to buy drugs from nor do we need to pay any money to get high and we can enjoy a dignified life.
Now we go back to other issues and leave the world of drugs for a minute. To attain a high tolerance, human beings come across some difficulties and they must combine the two forces (positive and negative) and apply the complementing potentials (the world of paradox) to overcome these problems. According to the ancient philosophers, the universe is based on opposites and the four elements of wind, earth, water and fire are the essence of this creation and the components of these elements can be found in the table of Mendeleev. In another word, we know and recognize everything by its opposite, light against darkness, white against black, joy against sadness and divine forces against evil forces. Therefore, looking from a higher perspective, dark or satanic forces play a complementary role in the creation and perhaps without them it is not possible for creation to continue its journey of evolution.
For example, a microbe might be considered a negative thing, but its very existence has made humans to conduct extensive research and in the science of medicine, great knowledge has been achieved. Another example is the existence of tigers, lions, wolves and other predators and if they didn’t exist what would happen? Or some might say why weren’t they created vegetarian? Why must a lion eat a beautiful deer? If we think deeply about this matter we realize that without these predators all these beautiful giraffes and zebras would eat so much grass and sleep all the time until they couldn’t even walk and out of laziness they would no longer migrate and were unable to cross through difficult passages. Have you observed how fast they run when being chased by a predator? Where does this agility come from? Isn’t it true that the fear of a lion’s jaw and sharp teeth make them run so fast? Therefore, the very existence of predators has brought about the existence of healthy, strong and agile herds of grass eaters who are constantly ready to escape from any form of danger.
Those who are not strong enough will become the prey of the predators and this is absolute fairness. In the same manner, if an addict can’t protect himself and the welfare of his family and ends up as a junkie is absolutely fair. In other words, to increase our level of endurance we must overcome the calamities of life and challenge the negative forces that block our progress. In order to reach bravery we must pass through fear, to achieve light we must overcome darkness, to be able to love we must defeat hatred, and to gain knowledge we must pass through ignorance. To raise the level of endurance we must pass through many barriers and treat them as blessings in disguise and this is easy and difficult at the same time.
Therefore, do as the command is.
An important point: if the human senses become strong but he is not able to tolerate them, he experiences an implosion and we know very well that an implosion may cause certain damages. For instance, we come across this problem where individuals who use hallucinogens alter their perceptions and consciousness and it is possible that they see or hear or realize things that they are unable to interpret them. Whether this feeling is true or false makes no difference as both states lead to delirium, confusion, and madness and eventually psychiatric hospital or even death. We have come across such individuals in Congress 60 whom have declared themselves as prophets or God’s messengers and claimed that they know all the divine secrets. How could it be that someone who uses hashish or ecstasy is God’s chosen messiah? Quite the contrary!
Therefore, we can conclude that tolerance level plays an important role in all aspects of life. Thus, we can explain tolerance level in other matters. Imagine a person who is not very ambitious for making money, suddenly receives a large sum of money, what would happen to him? Obviously, if he doesn’t have the capacity for such large amount of money, then it can cause his downfall or the others around him. Surely, we know of many examples like this in the society such as position, power, fame, knowledge, love, etc. 
Any kind of responsibility or luxury given to someone who doesn’t have the capacity or tolerance for it can create difficulties for that person. Therefore, tolerance level is important in calamities, sufferings as well as comforts and divine blessings.
Written by: Hossein Dezhakam
Translated by: Saeed Moeini