DST Method


The X system: Production system or entity of natural opioid substances within the human body.

Anti X: addictive drugs or narcotics
All addictive drugs and narcotics that disturb or alter the natural balance of the human body are considered anti x or destroyer
of the x system.

First view point on treatment of addiction

The same drug that was the source of addiction could be the remedy for treating that very addiction itself.

For example:
- Alcohol for treating addiction to alcohol
- Opium for treating addiction to opium
- Hashish or cannabis for treating addiction to THC

The second recommendation

The most effective and healthiest drug for treating any type addiction is opium or opium tincture.

Why and how?

Opium contains a combination of powerful alkaloids that can be used as pain killers, relaxants, antidepressants and etc. These can help to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

The Compatibility Phenomenon

The compatibility phenomenon is the duration and process in which one kind of narcotic substance or drug can replace another. During this period the body's metabolism and physiology prepare itself to receive the new drug.

The circumstances and duration of compatibility Phenomenon

One accepted scientific fact in the culture of drug use is:
When the type of the drug is changed, it does not have its effect immediately, even if the method of drug use is changed. It 
takes time for the body to adjust itself, for example smoking opium being changed to eating.

Necessary Time Period for Compatibility

The necessary time to create compatibility is at least 20 days, for up to 2 months.
It should not be imagined that the addict is in bad conditions during this period.
It is completely within his limits and endurance.

In order for the compatibility to be useful there is no need for high dosages of the substituting drug. It should be increased step by step and gradually.

DST Method

It is a method of gradual treatment or tapering the drug Use

D = Dezhakam: Coefficient 0.8 to determine the amount that needs to be tapered in every step.
S = Step: The duration of time in every step which is 21 days
T = Time: The period of treatment: at least 11 months

The Protocol of Opium Tincture Using the DST Method

Each cc of opium tincture is equal to 100 mg of opium. One gram of opium equals to 10 cc opium tincture.
Since opium tincture is highly concentrated and is stronger than other opium available in the market; we use the coefficient of 9 
to determine the amount of opium to opium tincture.


Q: A person uses one gram of opium daily. To transfer this amount to opium tincture, what should we do?
A: His usage of opium tincture equals 9 cc.

Start of the tapering process using the DST method

To begin when using 9 cc of opium tincture

After 21 days we do our first tapering. For reduction we use the coefficient 0.8; the amount of current usage multiplied by 0.8 equals the amount for the next step.

The new step: 9 cc * 0.8 = 7.2 cc

The Next Step

The used amount at this stage is 7.2 cc of opium tincture
The next step:

7.2 * 0.8 = 5.76cc
We round it up to 6cc.

Therefore the next dosage would be 6 cc of opium tincture for the next 21 days and we continue the process exactly like we mentioned.

The number of daily dosage

It is recommended that our patient uses his medicine three times a day, regardless of how many times he used to take drugs before.
For tapering, we can reduce each dosage simultaneously and after a while eliminate one of the dosages, making it just two times 
per day and in the end, just once a day.

The reduction of daily dosages

To reduce the amount used in each daily dosage, we have to multiply the whole amount of every dose by 0.8 and then divide that amount between all the daily takings or just multiply each taking separately by 0.8 and subtract that amount.
To eliminate one of the daily doses, issues such as marital situation or problems and working hours have to be taken into 

Conversion of Crack or Crystal Meth Usage to Opium Tincture

For conversion of crack or crystal meth usage to opium tincture, first the use of crack or crystal has to be completely stopped, and immediately after that opium tincture must be started. For the first 3 days, 3 cc for 3 doses per day that is 1 cc per takings, of opium tincture.

After the first 3 days have passed; the amount used must be doubled, that means 6 cc for each day, 2 cc per dose. Then in stages of 21 days or periods of 21 days, the usage must be increased up to 9cc per day, an increase of 3cc for each dosage.

To increase the daily dosage in 21 days period, we divide the current dosage by 0.8 as shown below.
The current dosage at this period is 6cc.

6cc / 0.8 = 7.5cc
Amount used for the next period is 7.5cc.
For next 21 days, we divide 7.5 over 0.8 to determine the next dose.

7.5 / 0.8 = 9.3cc
We round up the number to 9cc. The duration for three 21 day periods is 63 days plus the first 3 days, 66 days in total and we 
start the tapering process by coefficient of 0.8.

The Last Stage

Using the DST Method, the dosage for the last stage is 0.3cc of opium tincture for every 24 hours.

The condition in the last stage

Using the DST Method, the overall condition in the last stage is as follows:
The color of the user’s face is completely natural and there are no signs of addiction visible. His sleeping patterns are normal 
and sleeping is easy and natural. The colors of the eyes are completely natural and no darkness is remained around the eyes. The person is very calm and signs of nervousness and restlessness have completely disappeared.

The end of the treatment

After observing the mentioned conditions, we can discontinue the usage of opium tincture. After stopping the opium tincture, there isn’t the slightest sign of withdrawal symptoms in the user and everything is completely natural.

Written by: Hossein Dezhakam

Translated by: Saeed Moeini


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