نسخه فارسی
نسخه فارسی

The Tenth Valley

"Human being past attributes don’t remain the same because, he is constantly changing."

All of a sudden there is an uprising in the city of existence, but after a while the breeze of the supreme power rules the entire town, health and prosperity returns once again and you will gain more benefit. All our friends send their regards and are grateful to God and the guardians who make the unions possible so that everything in the universe enjoys the divine mercy.  Friends in your domicile, feel this trend and evolution with affection every moment. Those who become mesmerized with the mercy of the supreme power will be elevated, however those who are busy pleasure seeking will have no share. You know what I’m talking about, four legged animals that are looking for extra legs in order to stay firmly on earth; however they don’t know that it is easy to prostrate to God without hands and legs, it only needs heart’s longing which they are far from. Like the blind people they are searching for night in the middle of the day. He, who has to know, knows and does what The Truth commands.  Friends are worshiping the lord by dancing in the sky and playing Daf (a Persian frame drum used in celebrations and spiritual ceremonies) in a trance like celebration.

An intoxicated group of lovers are grateful for the divine wine.

How beautiful this law is, how great it is and what a magical meaning it carries within! Yes, human being past attributes don’t remain the same because, he is constantly changing. This valley or law or path is like a sharp sword; it simultaneously warns and gives hope, it refers to both falling and rising, it is life and death at the same time and generally it demonstrates the forgiveness, compassion, and generosity of the supreme power in the path of mankind. It leaves the lines of free will beautifully in the hands of man so that he would draw up his life as he so desires and shows him that at the end of each stage there is a new beginning. All people are capable of changing regardless of where they are and what attributes they possess, even the worst sinners, and those who have committed horrific crimes.

No one has to carry and keep all his or her cruel and horrible attributes eternally. Nobody has to remain in hell forever; even if someone is at the lowest levels of hell he has free will and can mend his ways so that lord’s mercy is bestowed upon him, the path to salvation is always open.  On the contrary, if we are on the highest level of heaven and our virtues regress to vices, then we will crash down to the lowest levels of hell. That’s because everything in the universe and beyond is constantly changing and nothing is permanent, we are continuously flowing and we don’t stay the same. The journey of evolution and life consist of three stages; conversion, transformation and redemption; from one realm of creation to another, from the heavens to earth and from the earth to heavens and vice versa; or from one heaven to another heaven or from one earth to another and vice versa.

Until where? Until the nowhere land which cannot be shown on a compass, until eternity which has another eternity in pursuit and if we want to know exactly, until the end of numbers, until where we have diverged from and once again into another journey since we are always one with existence. What for?

In order to be, to exist, to live, for existence, time, space, abode, epoch because the biggest miracle of life is life itself. Being immersed in life, observing it and all the beings in it, joy and sadness, happiness and sorrow, love, loss and gain and all in all the summation of the opposites. Because, there is a delicate point in here, unless you know hatred you cannot grasp the meaning of love. Therefore, everyone must live in the present and present consists of three dimensions; space, location and time. When the life span of a being is finished, it loses these dimensions of time, space and location and gets transported to the beyond.

The ancient philosophers believed that the four elements of water, wind, earth and fire have brought the creation into existence. Regardless of this being right or wrong, there are three main components that not only give meaning to the solar system or galaxies, but also they play a key role in the structures of other universes and dimensions of afterlife and their connection, without these three components existence and non-existence would be incomprehensible. These three components are light, sound, and sense.

Light commands in our realm of existence and also in other realms, and it is mentioned in the holy book that God is the light of the earth and skies and without light, life cannot exist in our planet. How beautiful is the shining of colorful rays of light and what magnificent display of glamour is the color of sunrise, it is as if it talks to us and says “oh, you that have escaped from yourself and your hometown, come back to your home or body and know that life has begun so that you learn at the moment, as the moment is school, recovery and life.”

Sound transmits the information throughout planet earth and other realms of existence and the communications between them like a telecommunications office. When musical notes are organized harmonically, what everlasting pieces are created! Voices are constantly transmitting information, voices of human beings, Russian, French, English, Persian, sounds of drums, bombs, lions and the sound of a flute. What do they tell us, humans? Where do they take us? Where does the mind or thoughts fly to? It can fly to a destination where one cannot imagine.

Sense is like the Lord which is present throughout the entire creation, existence and non-existence but it is invisible, and just like its name it is sensible. In other words, sensation is the first power that enables the intellect to function or through our senses we and all the other creatures perceive the world around us. We communicate with our senses and receive or send light or sound messages through it. When sense is working well, we feel an indescribable joy and happiness, a feeling of friendship, a feeling of love, a feeling of serving other humans and all of creation and it displays servitude with free will in a magnificent manner. If through purification and refinement we become able to strengthen our out of the body sensation, and pass through the gates of our five internal senses, then we can perceive the sense of divine inspiration, the sense of heavenly choirs, celestial voices, dancing in the skies, companionship of the honorable residents and the sense of hearing God’s voice talking to Moses about the sacred land. That’s right, even hearing God’s voice…! Unfortunately and sadly, the attributes of some of us have changed tremendously and our negative and destructive sense has become very powerful and we are drowning in our own pool of ignorance and stupidity. We have compromised our honor and dignity for material possessions such as power, wealth, and title. We cannot recognize all these beauty and greatness and instead we preoccupy ourselves with hatred, vengeance, jealousy, hypocrisy, selfishness, and so on. We have transformed our world into a living hell and turned that hell into ourselves and like an ugly octopus, we have placed ourselves into our own terrifying claws and every day we exert more pressure on ourselves until we are completely crushed. At that time, we ask what the purpose of life is. Why have we been created? We didn’t want to be born in the first place and so on and these are the questions that have always been around and will be so in the future.

Anyways, these three components of light, sound and sense are the instruments that God has provided for the humans in order to see, hear and feel. Vision is the location of light, hearing is the location of sound and heart is the location of focal sense and emotions. Of course, we don’t mean only the light, the sound and the sense that we can perceive, rather their range are so much more than what we can comprehend.

An important point is that light and sound under certain conditions, can be both destructive and constructive and although God is the supreme light and superempirical but there are impure and destructive lights and sounds lower on the hierarchies which are very active and also hard to imagine.

Now it might be asked “what is the relation between these matters and past attributes of human being?” We believe that destructive sounds and lights are always active and are constantly sending negative messages and infusing distractions and vices, and we are not able to change them. Since we are a good prey for them, what can we do so that we don’t become their prey? We can only alter the wavelength of our receivers, transmitters and attributes in order to escape their bombardment of distractions and furthermore, we can’t change our past attributes unless our feelings change. It must be mentioned that every receiver can also be a transmitter; if we attract vices then we will naturally transmit them and vice versa, if we attract beauties and goodness then we shall distribute them and this would be the attribute of our receiver and transmitter. There is only one way to change the past attributes or the feeling in the direction of the virtues and that is through self purification or refinement.

The first step in purification is contemplation, and a healthy contemplation brings about a strong faith, and faith is nothing but manifestation of God’s light in human being, and a strong faith is the source of decent acts or deeds, and from a decent deed a healthy sense is born, and a healthy sense gives birth to a sane intellect and ultimately a sane intellect displays its pure love and subsequently, past attributes will change. Of course, there are two main, fundamental steps that gradually bring about progress and leap in the above mentioned concepts, and they are proper education or training and useful experiences. Experiences that spring forth from decent deeds are particularly joyous and delightful and experiences that lead to defeats or failures should cause reexamining in thought, word and deed and it shouldn’t cause despair and hopelessness.

It is necessary to give an example here, imagine a substance abuser with the attribute of addiction who attends an orientation session as a guest in a treatment centre, while observing the rehabilitated individuals in the workshops; he contemplates about the journey ahead. If he believes in the path then he will enter the action phase which is harm reduction and as soon as he follows a treatment program (decent deed) his feeling changes. With the alteration in the feeling, intellect enters into the arena and kingdom is within reach and at that time intellect calls out to love, and love for redemption or rehabilitation or freedom grows in his heart. This chain of actions from contemplation to love keeps repeating itself till the day the person is freed from the prison of addiction (notice the first valley is contemplation and the fourteenth valley is love and affection).

Pure love is a phase in which you love the whole creation, the mountains, cliffs, trees, animals, rain, humans… because you will realize that all creation is for you and you are for all creation and you have no meaning without them. For example, your whole being is made up of earth and you are on a planet that is revolving in the space. Without its existence, you cannot exist, therefore you will love the earth and you will also respect it. From a bad person you will learn that vices are hideous and he is your teacher, thus you love your teacher.

When you attain pure love you will know that all the sins and vices of human beings are rooted in ignorance and lack of knowledge or their shortcomings, and you’ll sympathize with them, you’ll pray for them, because of their ignorance they are facilitating their own destructions. Then, depending on the circumstances you either forgive or you respond to the cruelty, you must decide whether to take an eye for an eye or to take a life for a life, and sometimes you decide to forgive since God is the all forgiving and merciful, He is the all powerful, omniscient, omnipresent and almighty. Of course, it must be mentioned that true love appears gradually and one should not expect love to occur suddenly. If love comes about quickly then it is the surge of sensation and excitement. If this surge of emotion transforms into common sense, then it will be pure love otherwise it will diminish. A pure love never results in hatred but an imaginary love which we name it “intoxicants infatuation” and is created from sensation and excitement, could result in hatred. Let’s not forget that pure love is sensation and excitement as well but of another kind.


Written by: Hossein Dezhakam
Translated by: Saeed Moeini