Congress 60 cites education as a major and crucial aspect of drug addiction prevention and treatment. What most individuals may be unaware of is how crucial education can be during alcohol or drug addiction treatment. The fact is learning inspires imagination, and gives hope for a brighter future during treatment and recovery. Above all, being educated opens new doors, so we can not only set goals, but actually have the skills and knowledge to achieve them.

Congress 60 provides information about drugs and their harmful effects. In addition, proper drug addiction treatment is provided for those already in the grip of addiction. We utilize a variety of activities to bring about awareness and to reinforce our motto: “let's curb the devastating fire”.

Offered three or four sessions per week, Congress 60 workshop series are free of charge for all members (travelers and companions), and the focus is on drug addiction treatment and recovery. Congress 60 has set 52 weekly agendas to be discussed in 90 minutes-workshops in all of its 17 branches throughout the year. In workshops, Congress 60 offers its members a unique approach to fulfill their educational needs, while creating an opportunity for learning that lasts a lifetime. These Workshops specialize in the complexities of successful recovery. 

Each workshop is run by three members: chairman, speaker, and secretary. The chairman supervises and manages the session; he is also in charge of choosing the guest speaker, and is elected by the members for fourteen sessions. The speaker shares his knowledge and experience in relation to the weekly agenda which are set by legislative council. Weekly agendas are mainly based on the three aspects of addiction treatment- the mind, body, and the worldview. The secretary records the events of each session, and reports them in the next session.

Congress 60 interactive presentations and workshops contain simple, true information about the physical, mental, and social effects of drug abuse, as well as addiction treatment and proper living skills. After the speaker’s speech several members will be given time to talk about their knowledge and experience about the topic. At the end of the session the speaker allows numerous members to introduce themselves and state their progress in treatment. These members are divided in two categories: first journey travelers (those who are still in treatment) and second journey travelers (those who have successfully completed their treatment and are in recovery).

All members are required to participate in these workshops. The ultimate purpose of Congress 60’s teachings is to be practically implemented in everyday life.

Drug addiction takes a terrible toll on the lives of millions of people all over the world. We at Congress 60 are dedicated in our research efforts to provide the cutting edge solutions to better understand the treatment of this global health epidemic.

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