The Messages of Two Journeys


First journey’s message

Fellow travelers!

It is true that you will not arrive at your destination quickly, but you will get there safe and victorious. Therefore, during the journey, stay calm and do not rush, and do what you are interested in. Eventually, with your own efforts and the assistance of fellow travelers, you will arrive at the destination. However, contemplate that once your journey has ended, there is an excellent reward for you which is the string of love between you and the supreme power.

Second journey’s message
This is a message for revived individuals who have started the second phase of their journey which is self realization. Since this phase is very important, those who do not believe in divine forces should continuously refine themselves in order to strengthen their spiritual bonds with original ones.
Now the message itself:
Dear companions! Your release from the captivity is not the end of the path; therefore you must know that the second journey is both easy and difficult.
Fold your hands together towards the sky, and do not give up until you receive your demands, and be aware that companions will assist you in that illocal place.
Translated by: Saeed Moeini
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