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The Twelfth Valley



The Twelfth Valley Ultimately

The first command is carried out.

Moments before Satan’s disobedience to the divine command and when everything was ready for a great divergence, the Supreme Power commanded that heaven’s residents gather. In that large gathering, the Supreme Power declared: I have appointed a successor on earth.
Residents: who? And what kind of authority does he have?
Supreme power: Adam with complete control over his destiny.
Residents: since we have always been worshiping you and constantly remembering your purity and almightiness, will you place someone there who would commit bloodshed, corruption and destruction? Supreme power: I know what you all don’t know. Thereafter, he taught Adam all the knowledge. Then, he told the residents to report everything that Adam knows.
Residents: we know of nothing but the knowledge that you have taught us.
The Supreme Power asked the successor to inform the residents of the knowledge and also reminded the residents to ask the successor about all that they don’t know. Suddenly, a clamor reverberated amongst the residents of the heavens. 
Residents: what kind of a creation is this human being?
Successor: human, is a creature whose hidden attributes like yours are made up of fire, but his physical appearance on this earth began like this, in the beginning the supreme power condensed the waves and created a universe which includes all the planets, stars and other galaxies which are infinite and from particles like calcium, potassium, phosphor, copper, iron, … that make up this universe, he designated a city for the human being called the physical body and in a special process, I too was sent down to this universe and for a limited and in a way indefinite time period, made to reside in this city or physical body.
Residents: how did this universe come into existence? 
Successor: as far as vibrations or wavelength are considered, this universe is completely different from the universe that you live in, that’s why residents of the earth are not easily able to comprehend your universes. In order to create this universe, the supreme power inspired love in every particle and wave. Because of the amazing power of love, some of these waves got closer to each other and became more condensed and the primary nucleus of this universe was created, thereafter he planted that nucleus like a tree in your universe, just like planting a walnut which if under optimum conditions and existence of other forces on earth in due process, produces millions of walnuts.  With the plantation of the primary nucleus, forces of alteration and transformation automatically began working and just like how the seed of a walnut tree splits open under the ground, the universe’s primary nucleus split open as well and our universe was born and after millions and millions of alterations and transformations, it has reached its current point and one day it will perish and will be redeemed to its original form which means returning to the waves. However, an important point is that the waves which created the universe and the waves which come from the destruction of it, are the same in nature but different in knowledge and awareness as these two aspects remain at that original point. Considering that the raw materials which are used in creating the universe for humans have been taken from your present universe, it is impossible for both of you to comprehend this.
Residents: what kind of characteristics do you have as a human?
Successor: we have learned the knowledge and it is inside of us, and also most of the supreme power’s attributes have been placed in us in small magnitudes and with training and experience, we must find them in ourselves. We have free will to determine our own destiny in order to arrive at a stage where we can recognize the right path from the wrong. If we move towards the virtues then we will attain comfort, peace, joy and happiness however, if we turn to vices we’ll be guided towards suffering, anxiety, fear, hardship and humiliation. 
Residents: don’t you think there is the possibility of bloodshed, destruction and crimes because you possess this knowledge, free will and attributes?
Successor: yes, you are right, especially when we are in this earthly body we don’t remember all the information or memories from the past including the pact we made with the supreme power and also this gathering, but they are present in our unconscious or the archive and we are affected by them. At a time when a human being attains a high status of knowledge and awareness and the necessary capacity, then he is able to access the past information of his archive or unconscious, and at that time he will realize how the entire universe and all the other universes are placed inside of the human being. The possibility of all kinds of bloodshed, corruptions, oppressions and injustices are definitely there, but know very well that the supreme power taught me that… (A silence follows). 
Residents: what did the Supreme Power teach?
Successor: he taught that “ultimately, the first command is carried out.”
Residents: ultimately, the first command is carried out! What does this sentence mean?
Successor: in order to achieve goals on earth, we must consider time, meaning any wish or command could be carried out within a specific period of time. If your goal is to produce rice, you won’t immediately obtain it; you should plant the seed first and care for it, so that in the end after harvesting we can obtain rice. Therefore, we should just observe the events so that we get close to the end of creation story of human beings, thus the conclusion is known. 
Residents: You said time! Can you define time in your universe?
Successor: nothing in this material world is stagnant. As it was mentioned before, out of the condensation of the waves, this universe was created, since these waves were dynamic, the place that was created from them was also dynamic, and the location that became the domain of this dynamic place was called space, from the combination of the dynamic place and space, time was born like 1, 2, 3,… which was calculable. Of course, you are not able to comprehend time and its miracle since you live in the timeless universe unless you place at a physical body.
Residents: what is the miracle of time?
Successor: it is the miracle of time that made it possible for the waves to change their essence during a time period and out of their existence, gases, liquids and solids emerge, plants come into existence and grow in diversity so that animals and then human in a physical body come into life and multiply and enjoy the value of living and life and go through a valuable earthly training. Therefore, we are waiting so that eventually the first command is carried out. Thus, both creation and individual must successfully pass through time in order to achieve the optimum results and there is no way to eliminate time unless we exit the dimension of time, and in order to arrive at the final result or redemption stage, we must pass through the stages of alteration and transformation. Of course, forces of infusion, revival and motion which guide us towards our desired results are available on earth. 
Residents: please explain the three stages of alteration, transformation and redemption.
Successor: these three are the most important, fundamental and decisive stages for the implementation of the law “in the end, the first command is carried out” that not only have a crucial role in the structures of the physical aspects of the universe like gases, liquids, solids, plants, animals and humans, but also in the hidden aspects as well like the intellect, mind, speech, behavior and deed of the human being so that an ignorant human is transformed into a wise individual. If alteration, transformation and redemption didn’t take place in this cosmos, then existence would have come to a halt and it would have been destroyed immediately.   For example, when a sperm mixes with an egg in the woman’s womb, certain alterations immediately take place and after nine months, these alterations take shape and transforms the egg into an infant, and when the transformation is complete then the procedure of redemption takes place and the infant is born and just like this we can observe alterations and transformations in the cultivation and harvest of wheat or a tree or many other examples or samples.  Furthermore, the forces of infusion, revival and motion come into action as well and assist transformations and alterations, because without their assistance, no alteration or transformation takes place.
Residents: how could an ignorant person become a wise person through alteration?
Successor: in addition to free will, humans have another attribute as well and alterations must take place in that attribute in order to be transformed. 
Residents: what is their attribute?
Successor: humans have two halves; one half is from the heaven, pure and super empirical and the other half is from the material (lower) world; like predators or sometimes even wilder.  In the path of evolution, this lower half which could be named darkness must be transformed into light and this important task could only be done by obtaining knowledge, wisdom, awareness and experience. We should know very well that no transformation can happen unless alterations gradually take place and every change must take its own time; thus time is needed for changes to occur in the human’s attributes. For example, we can’t make someone literate instantly or a liar cannot be transformed into an honest person in an instant, or an immoral person into a principled, or a substance abuser cannot be changed into a healthy individual in a week. In order to change all these vices, specific time is needed similar to the basic changes of a substance abuser’s physique, psyche and worldview which requires at least ten months.  Of course, with the awakening of intellect in the person, the forces of infusion, revival and motion start their role immediately, and these forces help the person to overcome the deterrent and destructive forces.
Residents: the more you explain, the more questions we have. Please explain about the deterrent and destructive forces? 
Successor: along with the creation of human being, there will be an enormous divergence in the heavens and earth and lights will give birth to its child of darkness and one of the high ranking commanders will disobey the supreme power’s command. Basically, the forces will be divided into two groups of light and darkness and they both will be equally powerful. Forces of darkness that commit vices and corruption consist of liars, oppressors, corrupt and wicked individuals, traitors, and etc. Whether they wanted it or not they have come under the banner of the dark or deterrent and destructive forces. Forces that do valuable deeds such as honest, virtuous, righteous people, and individuals who serve humanity belong to the forces of light. These two forces are battling each other and are training and increasing their troops constantly, in this world and in the extraterrestrial. Part of this enlistment gets done through revelation or infusion, revelation of virtue and infusion of vice and also in another way; when you associate with a negative, immoral individual, he will inspire the negative attributes onto you and vice versa; if you associate with a virtuous person, he will inspire and teach you virtues, that is the reason why we are advised not to approach the wicked tree, it means don’t get close to wicked creatures, if we do, we will be guided to the depths of misfortune and suffering. 
Residents: why does the supreme power allow such a divergence to take place and permit the deterrent and destructive forces to operate?
Successor: He himself knows better, but I imagine that deterrent and destructive forces act as a complementary force in the universe. In existence, everything is recognized by its opposite, in other words if there is no death, life can have no meaning and without darkness, what kind of a meaning can light have? If we look at this issue from high point of view, we can observe that deterrent and destructive forces as a complementary factor, can promote humans. Of course, we mentioned that there is a battle going on between the forces of light and darkness and a battle is meaningless without bloodshed and casualties and many humans will definitely be destroyed or injured or will go through immense sufferings in this battle; because this hidden and evident battle is much more serious than we imagine. For this reason, human being has been given full authority to choose his own front. To join each front, whether light or darkness, a price must be paid and each group has its own price; but behind all these latent games, lies an important point which I believe in strongly and that is, whatever the outcome, eventually it will be for the better, that’s why the command says: “ultimately, the first command is carried out” and the supreme power said: “I know what you don’t know” and I have no doubt in the supreme power’s mercy and generosity ; because his promise is not false and he loves his own creation and he teaches them all that they must know.
Residents: you mentioned the three forces of infusion, revival and motion. Could you explain more about them?
Successor:  here, infusion means transferring of knowledge and awareness, whether it is negative or positive, whether direct or indirect. Infusion is constantly active in the creation, every component in creation is interested to infuse or impart his knowledge onto his own kind or gender and a clear example is the training that animals and humans give to their own kind which could be positive or negative.  Infusion even plays a role in solids. For example, when electricity passes through a wire and there is another wire close to it without being connected, the electricity is infused in that wire and this is one of the main principals in generating electricity and electrical devices. Also cellular phones can infuse or create noise or disruption in some electronic systems and standing close to high voltage electrical towers is not recommended as it is the center of an electromagnetic field or when clay is placed next to a flower, the scent of the flower is infused in the clay and also a negative person can infuse his negative thoughts onto others. Therefore, whenever two behavioral phenomena, either positive or negative, are situated next to each other, the stronger one will influence the other one. Thus, the force of infusion is extremely active in the transformations and alterations of the creation. Through this characteristic and infusion of positive awareness, mankind can come out of the darkness. It must be mentioned that whenever an individual decides to come out of the darkness, infusion forces from the heaven and earth immediately come to his rescue and this is a universal law. 
The term revival means to give life: The greatest reviver is the Supreme Power who revives the death. However, in our existential dimension those who are in the dark and are suffering and those who are abusing drugs or alcohol and have completely destroyed themselves or as a result of poverty are homeless, are not any different from the deceased.  Individuals or forces that assist the above mentioned people and cause their alteration and transformation in the heaven or on the earth are called the revival forces which act as catalyst to carry out this magnificent process. 
Motion is the foundation of existence, alteration and transformation. If there was no motion in the creation all the stars would crumble down in a moment and that’s why it is said “stagnancy is not permitted for any being, a human being who lacks action and progress will crumble down like a muddy cliff. The path is revealed with progress, without progress there would be no alteration and transformation.” When someone is in the depths of darkness and his face is towards the dark, he can face the light providing he contemplates a little and turns his face away from the darkness.  In the beginning, he may observe only a sparkle of light, but should he follow in the direction of that sparkle, he can arrive at the source of light. With this move, divine forces from the heaven and earth, immediately come to his rescue. He must begin to march towards alteration and this alteration must be done in thoughts, speech and behavior. The more alteration that is implemented the more assistance he will receive, until eventually in due time, when these changes reach the necessary stage, transformation is done, thereafter that individual himself will be transformed into the divine or positive forces and will be ready to serve humanity.  It must be mentioned that throughout all the stages, various forces will be available for assistance, but the responsibility lies on the individual himself, heavenly hands only infuse ideas and thoughts and implementation is the responsibility of the mankind. 
Residents: do you think we would commit vices or injustices if we travel to the earth?
Successor: human being is a kind of creature that fools himself as well. Some people commit the worst vices, corruptions, injustices and mistakes but they justify and beautify their deeds in order to comfort their own conscience. In other words, vices and immoralities are not committed unless they are disguised beautifully as moral or virtues. Therefore, in the beginning, darkness appears very attractive, beautiful and reasonable, however in the end; it eventually leads to destruction, corruption and ruin. That’s right, there are no exemptions even for you and if you are dispatched onto the earth and wear the garment of physical body, the possibility of committing all kinds of vices, immoralities and mistakes is definitely there, because the lure of the dark forces is very powerful and attractive. If you do travel to the earth, perhaps one day, you will realize the meaning of “in the end, the first command is carried out” not in theory but in action. 
Residents: how can we travel to the earth?
Successor: in order to travel to the earth, two factors are necessary, one is the desire and the other is the command or admission’s permit. 
Residents: are there punishments for us if we commit wrongdoings during our stay on the earth?
Successor: (with a smile) it is a very simple matter; you must learn not to cross the red lines on earth, because crossing the red lines in life naturally brings about such immense sufferings that only God knows!   For example, if you pass the red light while driving, the traffic fine is nothing compared to the damages of a terrifying accident that will eventually happen someday (you still do not know what traffic lights, red light, driving and traffic fine mean).
Residents: do you have any advice for us if we do wish to travel to the earth? 
Successor: on earth, live and let others live, do as you would have done unto you, do not cause harm to the plants, animals, other creatures and your fellow human beings, do not pollute the earth and waters, your predecessors cultivated and you consumed, now you must cultivate for posterity to consume, and my last advice for the development of a safe, clean environment for yourselves is; every year plant a tree of any kind, anywhere you go so that you can see a small part of “in the end, the first command is carried out” with the growth of the trees that you have planted.  Dears, my time is up. Farewell
At that time, while residents of heavens happily thanked the successor and bid him farewell, there were some whispers which had begun in a close distant.  Conditions of performing the twelfth valley: In order to perform the twelfth valley, we must be in our second journey and a year after our rehabilitation date and also carried out the pact of the eighth valley. On June 5th or any other date which is designated for tree planting in other countries, we can individually or in a group with other travelers (1) or companions (2), plant a tree anywhere. An important point is that we must be able to identify the tree that we have planted in order to take care of it and be able to witness its growth. Therefore, we must record the location, kind and date of the planting so that if our tree has withered or been destroyed, we have to plant two trees instead in the next year’s tree day, and we have to do this planting every year. Hopefully, you will be able to plant 120 trees.

(1) Traveler: an individual who has begun his or her treatment or has successfully ended the treatment.
(2) Companion: family members or relatives of the traveler





Adopted from the book " Love, 14 Valleys to Know Thyself"
Translated by: Ehsan Ranjbar
Written by: Hossein Dezhakam