Hypothesis of Narcotics Addiction


"Knowledge is not sophisticated, every door has a key. It is appropriate that substance abusers be treated based on the Hypothesis of Drug Addiction."

- Summary of the article
- Physiological aspects
- Physical reactions as a result of sudden withdrawal
- Visible symptoms or Detoxification phase
- Treating visible symptoms in Detoxification phase
- Invisible or hidden symptoms of the body
- Treatment for invisible symptoms of the body
- The overall procedures on treating substance abusers
- Perfect treatment
- Executing phase of the procedures for all organizations
- Categorizing substance abusers
          -Candidates for drug addiction 
          -Substance abusers who want to quit their addiction
          -Street junkies
Summary of the Article
Name of the article: Hypothesis of Narcotic Addiction and categorizing Substance Abusers
Objective: This article presents the view point that treating or quitting Narcotic Addiction (opiate family) is impossible within one or two weeks and that all popular methods practiced by doctors are not correct, since then treatment has not been completed the negative result from the test (urine test) makes no difference.
I was a substance abuser myself for 17 years. Aside from smoking opium, I also ate 5 to 7 grams of opium daily. I attempted to quit my addiction several times using different methods but was unsuccessful. Because I am an engineer and a researcher, I conducted a research on my own substance abuse problem. The result is that quitting Narcotics in a short time is impossible as the damage done on the opiate like producing system of the body is extensive.
Research procedures:
Since 12 years had passed from the first time I attempted to quit my opium addiction, and after many failures and studies on different procedures, assuming that opiate producing system of my body had to be regenerated, I started tapering my opium consumption according to a time-table and within 11 months I completely stopped using opium. My body’s opiate like system gradually recovered and on October 1996 I finally achieved my goal. This day is in fact my new birthday. Afterworld, this method was tried on other substance abusers, successfully. Due to my extensive research on Narcotics Addiction, I became a drug counselor in Aftab NGO and continued my work in this field.
Research findings:
In this article the hypothesis of quitting Narcotic Addiction (opiate family) concerning the physique of human being is discussed. It is divided into two sections, visible symptoms and invisible symptoms. The first section or detoxification the problems are straight forward, but in the hidden symptoms (dysfunction of 12 opioid like substances produced in the body) the situation is different and they usually go unnoticed. The duration of this phase is approximately 9 to 10 months which has been verified 50 EX-Addicts. After this period has passed, symptoms like sleeping patterns, muscle spam, increased sexual desires and sexual dysfunctions, crying, indifference towards living and etc improves.
Full details are available in the book crossing the zone 60 degrees below zero written by myself.
Addiction is dependency on medication:
Some have this view that addiction is drug dependency. If this is true, then again it must be determined why the person must use this medication and which part of the body benefits from this drug. The scientific method of eliminating this addiction and its treatment protocol must be discovered.
In my view, there are 3 main factors involved in a successful Treatment method:
          a) Body
          b) Psyche (mind)
          c) Worldview (all that we perceive, feel, understand and receive from the whole universe)
When a person uses any kind of Narcotics or medications on a daily basis for more than 3 years, he or she has damaged the bio-chemical opiate production system which produces Narcotic like substances naturally in the body. External narcotics have replaced internal narcotics of the body; as a result of this, when the external usage is discontinued or suddenly stopped, there would be reactions or symptoms which could be divided into two categories:
          a) Visible symptoms
          b) Invisible symptoms
A) Visible symptoms:
In the case of lack of Narcotics in the body (opiate family) sudden withdrawal, certain physical reactions appear in the body depending on the kind of Narcotics, frequency of usage and the amount used in each intake. These symptoms are:
          1) Frequent sneezing
          2) Insomnia
          3) Runny nose
          4) Bone ache, wrist, and muscle ache
          5) Excessive sweating
          6) Frequent yawning
          7) Diarrhea
If no medication is used to treat these symptoms, the immune system of the body naturally heals itself and move towards balance within two weeks, but some of them still continue.
Treatment for visible symptoms:
There are many methods of treating the visible reactions of withdrawal that are, in fact harmful to the body as they impact a shock on the narcotic producing system in the body and this damage could be permanent. In other words external narcotics that have replaced the internal ones, act as a pillar in the balance of the addict. Sudden withdrawal means, the pillar support is taken away, and the collapse of the system follows. We should repair the system slowly and gradually so that an internal pillar is ready to replace the external one.
A few methods are as follows:
          1) Using medication under a doctor’s supervision for a period of one or two weeks
          2) Using acupuncture along with medication
          3) Decreasing the Narcotics consumption in one or two weeks
          4) Violent method like confinement by force, physical punishment or chaining one to a bed
          5) Detoxification which is very harmful
          6) Cold turkey or sudden withdrawal
          7) Sports treatment, Music therapy, Magic therapy, Spirit therapy…
Apparently all the above mentioned methods are effective to treat the physical symptoms, because if a urine test is conducted, the result would be negative. This means no trace of Narcotics can be found in the addict’s urine, leading to a false assumption that the physical treatment or healing process has been accomplished, and the addict’s other major issues such as psychological, mental and behavioral problems must be tackled. For example since the person doesn’t have diarrhea any more, it mean he has been cured and he no longer has any other physical problems!!? I’m surprised by this much misunderstanding and misconception of the experts in this field.
B) Invisible symptoms:
This phase or stage is the most sensitive and crucial part of the healing process and has been constantly ignored by the specialists and experts. They have not been paying attention to this important factor and don’t know how long this process takes. Of course the reactions or symptoms in this phase also existed in the first stage but less attention was given to them. For example someone who is having diarrhea and stomach pain, and is constantly going to the bathroom, doesn’t notice his depression.
These invisible symptoms include:
          1) Depression
          2) Hopelessness
          3) Isolation
          4) Indifference or lack of motivation in life
          5) Impatience or lack of tolerance
          6) Excessive Exhaustion
          7) Insomnia
          8) Laziness
          9) Forgetfulness
          10) Abnormal crying
          11) Awaking of sexual desires
          12) Premature ejaculation
An important point:
The above mention symptoms do not have psychological roots in the early stages: where as the majority of the specialists diagnose these problems as psychological and attempt to treat them by talk therapy or using group therapy. However these disorders are caused by the deterioration of the body’s anti-pain system and Opiate like production system’s lack of producing the vital substances needed for proper functioning of the body. The treatment should be done in a way that all these systems gradually restart their production and all those sleeping, anti-depressant’s pills that are supposed to help the patient, only damage these Morphine like system deeper and deeper. In other words by pouring water into a dry spring, you can’t get the spring to start flowing again, and a prop solution must be found. These days we come across many Narcotic addicts that are consuming all kinds of pills along with their own drugs because they had attempted to quit their addiction by these drugs and relapsed back into addiction with more substance abuse. Some of them consume up to 400 pills a day which is very hard to imagine.
According to our experience to repair and rebuild this opiate like system of the body and to achieve 90% of a successful recovery we must follow a proper guideline in a period of 11 months. Having a balanced physiology, a balanced mentality is achieved also and only leaves the spiritual outlook on life which must be revived by attending group therapy classes every week. It needs to be mentioned that if this spiritual view is not recreated, then re-laps back into addiction is almost certain.
Treatment or curing the invisible symptoms:
Treatment at this stage is using one method but with two kinds of substitution:
          a) Substitution using a standard medication
          b) Using the Narcotic itself
Using the Narcotics itself:
For this method, first the daily dosage and number of daily intakes must be determined within a week. There is no need to reduce the initial amount in the beginning because it will imbalance the person and causes more problems at the start of the journey. This gradual tapering will do the reduction very quickly anyways. Tapering stages must be every 21days or every 3 weeks .In the first week a little discomfort is felt, in the second week conditions become normal, and in the third week once again intoxication happens, and the person is ready for the next tapering. In the duration of the journey, problems like lack of sleep, agitation and depression can appear, but we must remember that these are very minor problems and patience is needed. The body can make up for the Narcotic reduction very quickly and even some health condition such as Hepatitis, indigestion, chronic depression and irregular heart beat of some patients are cured after 11 months journey. The use of medications such as sleeping pills, anti depressants and relaxants can prevent a successful recovery.
Reduction amount:
Overall the reduction or tapering at each stage must be 20% of the total amount used at that stage, and if the number of daily intakes is more than one, then it’s recommended that within 51/2 months only one intake per day be consumed.
Attention: outside of legal issues, I have experienced this knowledge that there isn’t any Drug or Narcotic as powerful, beneficial, complete, safe and healing as opium in the world. Since it is a compound of 25 useful Alkaloids, it is the best replacement for Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Cocaine, Crystal Meth and other pills. Outside of legal and moral discussions I believe there is no drug better than Opium and if there is, I am not aware of it.
The overall procedures on treating substance abusers:
It is advised that in this program of prevention, cure and curbing addiction, we behave like a car’s battery. In other words with our primary force, we generate a power plant and then just stand aside, just like the car’s battery. It starts up the engine and then moves aside. Of course the engine recharges the battery after it’s turned on; so that it is ready for next time.
We can never take on the roles of the engine and battery. Even if we use all the doctors in the country, it would take centuries to treat all the substance abusers which of course would relapse back into addiction with the current treatment methods.
In reality, we create networks of group therapy made up of substance abusers themselves, whom are given the necessary information to manage themselves. This method has the highest rate success with the least amount of input.
Perfect Treatment:
Quitting substance abuse is easy. It is so easy that every addict has done it a few times and has enough experiences about it. But in this project, our purpose is full recovery and a perfect cure. Therefore we are introducing a practical method.
To treat a substance abuser three factors must be taken into consideration and these three must progress equally and at a same pace. If any one of these three factors is incomplete or dysfunctional, a successful recovery will not be achieved. These factors are:
          a) Worldview (of substance abuser)
          b) Physique (of substance abuser)  
          c) Psyche (of substance abuser)
For example if someone reaches a deadened in the meaning of life and living, even if his psychological and physical problems are solved, he would once again go back to narcotic addiction.
The timetable for attaining 90% of health:
In this plan more focus is given to physical issues and a long side of it, to improve psychological problems and our way of thinking, classes, counseling and lectures must be attended. In addition, when physique is improved, psyche would also improve and in due time, the optimum balance is achieved.
Steps to execute the project in any organization:
a) Introduction session for management on how to educate and treat substance abusers who are willing to give up their habits, plus educating the managers about the nature of substance abuse and its prevention.
b) Organizing seminars for all the employers on prevention, cure and curbing substance abuse, including question and answer segment.
c) Give the employers who are substance abusers about a year to treat their illness. Of course this should be done with the support of the management so that individuals who have this problem come forward comfortably.
d) Creating a centre in each organization for counseling, education, prevention and curbing substance abuse: Conducting daily classes run by the Ex-addicts, group therapy and other services.
e) Availability of educational materials such as: tapes, CDs, brochures, DVDs and etc; on substance abuse.
f) In these centers, training is provided for substance abusers to play a role in their own treatment and also assisting others.
It is necessary to mention that under no circumstances can we benefit from a sudden withdrawal especially in the working environment. Because that person will not be able to work for a month and has to stay at home, the performance is affected for about a year and imbalances might happen which can disturb the peace in the working environment.
Categorizing substance abusers
a) Candidate for substance abuse
These are people that use Narcotics leisurely, and are confident that they will not get addicted to it. These groups are substance abuser of the future.
Prevention method: it is necessary to explore all the true attractions and disadvantages of substance abuse for this group of abusers, since they are a priority and have special importance.
Practical solution: conducting lectures in factories and organizations, televised round-tables media coverage and educating public school’s teachers. The lecturers must be individuals who are accepted by people whole heartedly and their words are supportive and encouraging not the type that attack drug users verbally and treat fear in people.
b) Group of substance abusers who are satisfied with their addiction
This group of abusers assumes that they have discovered a magical substance, and are enjoying their addiction, and even think that other people are missing out on this amazing discovery. This group is on the beginning of the path and is drowned in their addiction and is like a womanizer who sees an old as a beautiful young woman.
First solution: For now, we can’t treat this group unless we change their way of thinking gradually.
Second solution (curbing substance abuse): curbing substance abuser is a new discussion which we are integrating into the culture of addiction, along with cure and prevention. It is a practical step to treat this group of substance abusers.
Let’s assume we can apply harm reduction here, for example a person injecting 17 times a day or taking 200 pills a day, coming down to 3 times a day (injecting) or 20 pills a day; and remain on that dosage. This is damage control and in choosing between bad and worse, we have chosen the bad. This reduction causes a better overall balance (mentally, physically) and prepares the user for further tapering. Distributing syringes can also reduce the chances of contracting aids, Hepatitis in the society.
c) Substance abusers who want to quit:
This group of substance abusers constantly suffers from their addiction, and no matter how much they have tried, they haven’t been able to quit their habit. This group is seeking our assistance and we can implement a treatment plan for them.
Before discussing the solution, we should mention the types of narcotics relevant in our plan:
Heroin methods of usage:
1- Injection in vein (usually on the hands)
2- Smoking
3- Snorting in the nose (sniff)
Opium methods of usage:
1- Injection in vein rarely used in Iran
2- Smoking using different tools
3- Eating raw opium (very popular among young people)
Shireh (produced from boiling opium) methods of usage:
The methods of usage are similar to opium, but it is 2 or 3 times stronger.
Pills, medications, ampoules (sleeping, relaxants, anti-pains pills):
Sometimes quitting these medications is much harder than quitting Opium and Heroin and cause extensive damage and after sudden withdrawal; the person might faint or get convulsions a few times daily. There are some people who consume more than 300 pills daily. In fact they consume whatever they can get their hands on, the four main acts (THC, Opium, Heroin and Pills).
Comparing the effects of narcotics on the Human Body:
Injecting 0.1 gram of Opium = eating 1 gram of Opium = smoking 10 grams of Opium.
Group of substance abusers who want to quit their addiction consists of the following three categories:
          1- Employed addicts
          2- Unemployed addicts
          3- Street junkies
1- Employed abusers: These are addicts who are working full time like workers, students, professionals and etc.
The gradual tapering method is recommended to treat this group’s addiction. Because sudden withdrawal unable them to fulfill their career responsibilities. The duration of treatment is 11 months.
2- Unemployed abusers: They can be treated with medications gradually, depending on the conditions of the addict.
Note: they should not be given major responsibilities for about 10 months.
3- End of the line abusers (street junkies): These are individuals who have lost everything in life e.g. family, work, friends and wealth. They don’t even have a place to sleep and rest.
Suggestion: They must be referred to special rehabilitation centers and be supported financially for up to a year. They must not heavy responsibilities. They should attend group therapy sessions given by rehabilitated individuals.
An important point: outside of legal and logistical issues, I have experienced this crucial knowledge, that no drug is as strong, complete, inexpensive, useful and safe as Opium is, for curing an addict’s addiction.
Written by: Hossein Dezhakam

Translated by: Saeed Moeini 


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