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The First Valley

 The First Valley

“All structures begin with contemplation; without contemplation, all that exist will decline.”

In this valley, we should know how all beings come into existence or how they are created. The first step in creation is a thought or an idea; and this idea is the beginning of creation.


Therefore in order for all human beings to find themselves they need to ponder deeply and forces of inspiration, revival and motion also exist. In other words everything is like a blank sheet of drawing paper, and then little by little the image begins to appear and from its meaning appear the beautiful, ugly, good and bad.

“Therefore, one must first contemplate.”
Now we come back to the main topic:
For years we have been straggling with Narcotics and alcohol addiction, knowingly or unknowingly makes no difference. The important thing is that we want to get rid of this monster that has destroyed our lives. Maybe our looks have been affected, or there is anarchy and chaos, in our lives.
At this stage we need to think where we are and where we want to go from here. In this valley we don’t plan to quit addiction right away, since we have done that many times and have been unsuccessful, even Doctors and psychiatrists couldn’t help us.
At this stage we contemplate:
Do we want to think? What subject should we think about? How should we plan and what thoughts should we avoid?
Maybe we imagine that we have always been contemplating, but drug addiction and its progress shows that we haven’t been thinking right and have continued our life without the right attitude; and have lost or are losing all material and spiritual assets that we have.
We have to devise a careful plan to defeat addiction; a precise, calculated plan, with no turning backwards.
We don’t want a sophisticated plan, just a do-able plan to solve our problem. We have to be realistic about our approach towards curing drug addiction.
We know that our will power alone cannot be enough to fight off our substance abuse since this issue is much stronger than our will. For example in order for us to climb to a high summit(Mount Everest), our will alone is not sufficient, we should have the necessary skills, tools, and an expert guide in order to reach the summit.
If we can’t think properly at this stage, we can consult with others, but we must make the final decision ourselves. This would give us the optimum confidence we need on this path to redemption.
However, let’s not forget the supreme power that observes the creation at all times. Our universe is a very sophisticated creation and a supreme power controls all the details, at every step of the way. This force automatically guides all beings towards their own intentions and desires. If an individual wants to move towards darkness and vice, the beyond force guides him, and if he wants to head for purity and goodness, it will be directed respectively.
Maybe some of us don’t have faith in this force, but if we look deep within our hearts, we can feel its presence; seek and we shall find.
This could play an important role in our redemption and good health.
It depends on us if we demand it or not; not our color, religion or nationality.
“The most virtuous humans are the closest to this force. “
Written by: Hossein Dezhakam
Translated by: Saeed Moeini