Congress60, Humane Revivification Society


In a brief look: Humane revivification society (Congress60) is a publicly supported, non-governmental organization, active in the field of drug addiction. It was founded in 1998 based on the principal of a revived addict helping the fellow addicts (currently using Narcotics). It has been established with the motto “let’s curb this devastating fire”. It has a license from the Ministry of Interior to reduce harmful results of substance abuse.

Congress60’s axis of activities consists of education, prevention, curbing and guidance in curing addiction. The main objective of Congress60 is scientific research and practical solution to better recognize Human psyche and illicit drugs; and to provide useful method and guidance to drug addicts and their families in order to be freed from their dilemma. Because drug addiction is formed by combination of Human and drug, therefore both of them have to be studied carefully.

After 10 years of active participation in this field, Congrss60 is a strong, active NGO that provides its services free of charge to public. it has more than 10 branches in Tehran and other cities and organizes more than 800 educational workshops (2000 hours, with 150 participants) each year. Each workshop consists of three groups:  1.Male drug addicts 2.Female drug addicts and the third one, their families. Drug addict is referred to as traveler (Mosafer) and their companion as Hamsafar in congress60’s vocabulary.

The results of Congress60’s activity so far has been the redemption of hundreds of addicts from their harmful habit with the lowest rate of return to addiction and also raising and producing more than150 expert guides on addiction treatment for helping other fellow addicts to overcome their problems. Congress60 has produced for first time the protocol for curing this disease and it has been recognized and accepted by many professionals, scientific research centers, and Medical personnel and other prestigious centers active in this field.

Congress60 believes that addiction is an illness and it is definitely curable(able to be treated successfully) in a way that after the treatment process, not a sign of addiction will be visible in the addict.

The book”passing trough -60.c zone” written by Mr. Hossein Dezhakam, who is the founder of Congress60, is a practical, documented research on the issue of substance abuse, self guide on how to cure addiction which has been re-printed seven times. It is one of the powerful books in this field and has been written in a simple yet scientific language. Other articles and educational CDs, tapes and DVDs are available at all Congress60’s branches.

The members of Congress60 have presented their ideas, researches and finding in universities, conventions, exhibitions, media and other such places. It’s website is providing the latest on Drug addiction in both English and Farsi languages.

The sport association of congress60 conducts an all day sports Olympic for the revived drug users who are now competing athletes. This takes place on the world’s fight against drug day in all different competitions such as Archery, Volleyball, Rugby, Soccer and others. It should be mentioned that Conress60’s Archery and Rugby teams have made it up to the National Levels. It has 23 Soccer teams, 10 Volleyball teams, 4 Archery teams and many other athletes. Congress60 is a scientific research centre and is ready to co-operate in any practical, scientific, researches in the field of addiction.

It is willing to exchange information with other professionals, universities and academic centers and other NGO’s, and is constantly open to new ideas.

Translated by: saeed moini

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