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The Eleventh Valley

The Eleventh Valley

All the roaring rivers and gushing springs will ultimately reach the sea and ocean.

At the time when light was pregnant with darkness, Satan disobeyed the divine command, and it was as if a dark, black spot was born from the lights. It slowly began marching towards the bright universe in order to expand darkness and obscurity and prove its domination over humans to the Supreme Power.
The fallen angel gathered its disciples in the placeless and said “the human being has been given an attribute that we lack and in order for us to prove our supremacy and competence over him, we must deviate him from his ascendant journey using inspiration and infusion. We can only propel him towards vices and immoral behaviors using inspiration and infusion or in other words we can only invite him since his free will must be respected.”
“You can be sure that many humans will join our colony because human being is a creature with two attributes, virtue and vice. They are beings who are greedy, ungrateful, obnoxious, and infidel except for a few of them who do the righteous act and spread the message of love and peace and those who invite others to patience”

Since humans have been given a material domain or an earthly body, the most important subject in this material world is matter and note that a warning has also been issued to humanity about this:
“If you dominate matter and control it, then you have almost defeated the dark forces however, if matter dominates you and fully conquers you, then you will definitely be defeated. Getting down from a horse is as important as getting on the horse.”
The commander of the dark forces continued “humans are learning and living
by the tenacious laws that have been announced from the supreme power.
Annihilation of these laws is impossible, but twisting and distorting them is doable. Moderation is the law but wastage and overindulgence is our wish.”

The assault started; outflow of lies, hatred, jealousy, betrayal, fear and anxiety begun thriving. Gluttony, immorality, reproduction, accumulation of wealth, invasion of properties and lands, oppressions, wars and bloodshed by humans heightened. It was as if heavenly doors of divine inspirations had been closed due to humanity’s rebellion and disobedience and also infiltration of the dark forces. The power of destructive forces in the physique became the ruler and in order to lead human being towards their mentality, they prepared instruments of pleasure, fleeting joys and various temporary gratifications. In these circumstances, descending of virtues and positive inspirations were much less and all creatures especially humans were immensely suffering. Only those who were rich or very wise could survive and without these two qualities one would have lost the game of life. The conflict was over how to acquire things and not how to use or keep them; it was as if dark forces had rebelled in the domain of God.
At that time, Satan aimed for the most dangerous subject and shot its poisonous arrow which was related to magic, and this seven color magic was none other than “Khamr”! Khamr means veil and cover, a substance that veils the intellect therefore vices from virtues are no longer discernible. For instance: opium, hash, coke, Alcoholic beverages, mushroom, and even the poisoned thoughts and eventually substances that will be created by humans in future which will play a role in unbalancing people. These substances will be provided under legal and illegal names and brands.
Satan introduced a magical, intoxicating substance which was a wild and beautiful flower named poppy that was the most useful and healing medicinal plant, and he said:
“If this plant is in the hands of a skillful physician then it would be healing and life-giving but if it falls into the hands of ordinary people, it would be a seemingly tasty, sweet poison. Distribute it among men, women, the elderly and strong, healthy youths as a quick way to achieve their desires and also as an excuse to be merry, invite them to use this magical substance so that the strongest, wisest and the most
beautiful humans turn into the ugliest, weakest and the most coward.”
Satan’s command was carried out and during thousands of years all kinds of intoxicants (Khamr) were developed and became popular and they took many people to the deepest points of darkness. The fallen angle smiled and said: “carry out the second phase of intoxicants.” Suddenly, out of a group of scientists, an ignorant expert said: “I’ve discovered a substance from the distillate of opium which is useful for curing opium addiction.” and other ignorant experts believed this and heroin was invented which was ten times more destructive than opium or any other kind of known drug addiction. Once again the commander of dark forces smiled and said: “initiate the third stage.”
This time start the production and distribution of all kinds of pills and chemical substances such as crack and crystal meth which are hundred times more harmful than opium and heroin to gain a lots of money for yourself and to bring misery and madness for mankind. Common start! Anyways my dears, even if we take this matter to be an undisputed fact, still the truth is somewhere else and something else and has another purpose. Because God is omniscient and almighty and takes the necessary measures, he has created the destructive forces and wicked humans in order to complement the creation so that humans can attain a sound intellect along with a perfect understanding and know what is the right or wrong action and have the ability to carry out the righteous deed.
Therefore, to exit the darkness we have only one way and that is holding onto the divine thread, and the essence of this divine thread is respecting and carrying out God’s laws and commands and these laws and commands are in a way that, from the most primitive to the very modern people, atheists and very religious, all accept and agree upon as these commandments are very reasonable and logical.
What do these commandments say?
Do not lie, do not steal, do not be selfish, do not take or give bribes, do not judge others, do not find fault with others, do not be grumpy, do not do vices, do not do drugs and alcohol, do not break a promise, do not betray, believe in justice, be kind to others, help those in need and always contemplate.
Now, if every individual in any religion carry out all their religious ceremonies and worships completely but do not respect and carry out these universal commandments, then they are irreligious and followers of Satan. Thus, carrying out these commandments brings about a certain condition for a human being to live an ideal life. We have put behind us ten valleys which are adopted from these universal commandments and they enable us to come out of darkness and move towards light.
From the first valley “structures begin with contemplation, without contemplation all that exist will decline” to the tenth valley “human being’s past attributes do not remain the same because he is constantly changing” and in the tenth valley we have learned that there’s only one way to change and that is through self-purification and refinement. To carry out this mission we need a sound mind, a strong faith, a decent deed, a healthy sense, a sane intellect and an unconditional love together with training and useful
experiences in due time.
The eleventh valley: all roaring rivers and gushing springs will reach the sea and ocean.
If we have carried out the instructions given to us from the previous valleys or are implementing them currently, then we will certainly turn into roaring rivers and gushing springs, and even if our glass is still empty or half full in the beginning
of the valley, with our efforts, determination and necessary purification, it will become full.
Now, in order to clarify the reason and conditions of a human becoming a gushing spring, we will examine the nature’s gushing springs as a sample. Once a natural spring’s geographical position is unlimbered, it must have two characteristics:
1- Water reservoir
2- Difference of height or potential to provide the essential pressure for water to gush out.
Therefore, a human being like water needs two characteristics in order to turn into a gushing spring:
1- Authentic information resources on the path to wisdom
2- Difference of internal and external potential to obtain energy
We have discussed enough about the first characteristic specifically in the first and second volume of the worldview booklet, but the second characteristics need a little explanation. Potential energy is related to the difference of height, if we lift up a stone from the surface of earth, energy gets stored up in it, if we release the stone it will crash onto the earth and its energy gets discharged. That’s why water storages are placed high above the ground because potential energy is gathered and water goes out of the pipes with pressure. Potential energy could also be explained for human being because he extremely needs it. If human being ascends and transforms his position towards virtues internally and externally, it creates energy in him like someone who gets accepted in university or winning a competition or a kid who receives a bicycle or a sick person who is cured after so many years. This issue is one of the masterpieces of obtaining energy for a person who receives his reward immediately after doing a good deed. For example, an individual weights 100 kilograms he starts losing weight if he is able to loose for instance 3 kilograms at the first month this action will generates potential energy
within him which creates self-confidence. After a while, if the above mentioned person stops losing weight, the reserved potential energy is over, therefore the
losing weight must be continued until the proper weight is obtained. The losing weight must be done in a proper period of time and eventually certainly. If the above mentioned person relapses for lack of efforts, then the potential energy is lost and depression and sadness returns.
Another situation could be when someone has not been given any responsibilities, so he is an ordinary person. As soon as he is given a small responsibility, his position changes from inaction, which causes a difference in potential internally and externally and this condition causes joy or pleasure for him. This is the reason for the saying in Congress 60 that anyone who serves voluntarily feels really good afterwards. Volunteer work or service means transforming the position, even if the work is sweeping or mopping the floor because others respect him as the work is done voluntarily.
Therefore, in order to be a gushing spring, one must constantly create a potential difference with righteous deeds so that the needed energy can be obtained. As we mentioned before, potential energy is gained when there is a change in the position or scientifically speaking, when there is a change in height. If this change of position is towards virtues, then it is ascending, and it creates positive energy which in turn brings joy and bliss. However, if it is towards vices like using drugs, stealing, hurting others, etc. then it is descending and negative energy is gained and it creates a temporary joy together with stress, anxiety and depression. It is true that we call this energy negative, but energy is energy and because this energy eventually destroys the individual we call it negative energy just like a hand grenade which at first shatters its own layer before destroying others around him. The conclusion is that negative energy ultimately leads the humans astray. Negative energy is usually gained through harming ourselves or others or in other words through stealing. For example, someone who steals the properties of other people or abuses the rights of others or gains his energy through abusing drugs or through whimpering and etc.
Therefore, anybody whether with a plan or without a plan, with intellect or without intellect, with love or without love, with faith or without faith, with contemplation or without contemplation and with inner sense or outer sense, however small, acts like a well spring, and this subject is related to the standings and desires of the self of the individual. Someone is like a dried up spring and another is like a spring with fresh, clean water and someone else is like a spring with dirty, poisonous water.
Therefore, creation has deemed it necessary for the dark forces to exist as a complementary factor in order to create potential energy and every person or every self has complete free will to choose ugliness or beauty, good or evil, truth or illusion, humiliation or honor, fear or braveness, love or hatred, and finally hell or heaven. Therefore, it is as if the fundamental law of creation is simply stating:
Those who are constantly giving to charities or at least pay their alms from what they gain materially or spiritually, are like a clean, fresh spring full of energy and joy, and those who pay nothing from their income to charities and want everything for themselves or their families are like a sand desert that has no plant in it and always fear the desert storm because they have not planted anything to protect them from the storm. Humans have different level of wisdom just like springs have
different level of water sources and we must continuously increase our internal resources of conserved energy through gaining knowledge, awareness and following the commandments, and by being active and doing spurts, we can create the necessary energy in order to be transformed into a gushing spring.
Now we return to roaring rivers:
Unlike the spring which is stationary, its water resources must be flowing and after traversing long distances and crossing over impassable regions like mountains, valleys and deserts and piercing through them, it reaches the sea and ocean. If the spring doesn’t have enough force and the required kinetic energy, then it will turn into a swamp along its path. Human being is exactly the same. He must constantly receive and update information and should never cease learning and education. Through proper implementations, energy must be gained so that he can continue on the right path and a better life can be achieved. Human’s body is stationary like the spring but his intellect, psyche, spirit and the impressions left by him are constantly in motion and flight. A roaring river knows that there are many huge obstacles and difficulties on its path, but it is not afraid at all and with great effort and determination, it passes through high mountains and deep valleys and pushes aside stones or circles around them to continue on its path. Human being should also know that the path is not smooth at all and two factors are very important, desire and a reasonable contemplation. Having these factors in mind, one should remember that with a determined move, sane intellect, healthy sense and love, one can fill up an empty or half full spring of his existence and continue on the path and respect living. People who lead a monotonous life and their days are like one another, make no effort to change them, do not make any contribution to the world, and do not learn new things subsequently, do not obtain the required energy indeed. In other words, these progresses and contributions are vital
sources of energy for all people.

translate by: ehsan ranjbar
Written by: Hossein Dezhakam