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The Transcription of the Seventh Valley CD

 The Transcription of the Seventh Valley CD

The Seventh Valley

In the Name of God

September 3rd, 2022

We start the session seeking strength from The Supreme Power, Allah. Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler, the guardian of the session.

Hello Hossein.

To free ourselves from the most powerful enemy of ours, which is our ignorance and unawareness, let us be silent for 14 seconds and take refuge in Almighty God.

Thank you, friends.

I kindly ask Secretary Ms. Neda to share a summary of our performance in the previous session and to outline today's agenda, focusing on The Seventh Valley.

Hello friends, I am Neda, a traveler.

Hello Neda.

Today marks the 7th session of the 20th series, held on November 13, 2012, at 9 a.m. The master of the ceremony and the guest speaker of the session is Mr. Dezhakam and I, Neda, am serving as the secretary. Thank you.

Hello friends I am Hossein, a traveler.

Hello Hossein.

Today's agenda is focused on The Seventh Valley. Before delving into the teachings, in my role as the master of ceremony, I request the secretary to bring her secretary notebook next week. This will allow me to review and ensure that the reports are well-organized.

Ok. The mystery and secret in discovering the Truth lies in two factors: finding the right path and what we derive from it. The Seventh Valley can be used both in the most complicated philosophical issues and in the simplest daily issues. This is like a rule that applies to the simplest issues and to the most complicated ones. It is quite natural. As I mentioned earlier these valleys operate like rules. Certain divine rules are constant and remain unchanged. They are similar to mathematical formulae. For example, the rule that 2 multiplied by 2 equals 4. When we apply this rule to other scenarios, it works in a similar way. For instance, two black money multiplied by two black money equals four black money (Black money means a very small amount of money). The same principle holds true for gold bars. Two gold bars multiplied by two gold bars equals four gold bars. This applies similarly to two bags of gold, jewelry, or silver. Therefore, this rule can be applied both to black money and to important issues of life.

It is also applicable to issues like "look before your leap" or in Farsi "Do not cut the cloth without measuring it first". In the past, when someone wished to purchase fabric from a draper, perhaps two and a half or three meters for crafting a chador or a suit, the draper would cut the fabric and measure it. They would then cut the fabric again, specifying that this portion is intended for making a suit. If the draper cuts the cloth without initially measuring it and instead weighs a substantial amount, claiming it's suitable for a suit, there's a risk of either falling short or having excess fabric. This situation follows a certain rule. There's a Persian proverb saying: "First dig out the well, then steal the minaret". You have seen that minarets are tall structures, and if you attempt to steal one, you can't conceal it easily because of its height, making it visible from everywhere. So, you should first dig a well to put the stolen minaret in the well, so that no one could see it. These are all related to The Seventh Valley.

I will read from the book and continue. The text is newly written, and I've just completed the writing process, just like a piece of hot Sangak bread! Throughout the First to the Fourth Valleys, we focused on contemplation. In the Fifth Valley, we learned that we must put our thoughts from a potential state into action. We must translate our ideas and thoughts into tangible actions. In The Sixth Valley, we recognized the intellect as the commander. We understood who should be the ruler. The intellect should hold the position of the main ruler and we recognized that. Now we are in a stage where intellect with its forces should discover the unknown in order to show us the right path. When the intellect aims to guide us along the right path, what should it do? It needs to explore the unknown, uncover the unfamiliar, and identify the undiscovered elements to effectively lead us. This process has been so natural so far and you successfully realized this issue.

In this valley, our discussion persists on discovering the right path, underscoring its significance and crucial nature. While it's true that the intellect is the ultimate commander, it also needs to engage in contemplation. This implies that the intellect should engage in positive thinking to discern the path and guide us accordingly. There exists a standard for everything, and that's why humans have established units of measurement For instance, meters are used to measure length, kilograms for weight, and also units like grams and milligrams, etc. These units were established to enable communication with an intellectual language. For instance, stating five tons of wheat, ten tons of wheat, one liter of water, etc. all involve criteria that have been examined by the intellect, translating them into a language that is understandable to everyone. Certainly, the intellect is utilized in the process of thinking. For example, the intellect might contemplate how much water is required to irrigate the lawn. Or tasks like planning a 24-hour stay in the desert involve calculations and considerations that are carried out by the intellect.

Now we are in a stage that intellect with its forces should discover the unknown in order to show us the right path. In this valley we continue the discussion on finding the right path so that we realize its importance, because it is a very significant and important issue. Many individuals have gone astray or their lives completely destroyed only because they weren’t able to find the right path. Many people, including our friends, have become victims due to not finding the right path or going the wrong path.

Therefore, finding the path is a very important and effective issue. One path may lead you to the slaughterhouse, another path to the meadow. You might encounter a friend whose influence leads your life towards destruction, annihilation, and darkness. Conversely, you might find another friend whose impact results in victory, purity, goodness, and happiness.

Choosing the right path plays a crucial and constructive role in our lives, as illustrated by various plans and encounters. For instance, someone desired to become thin, and it actually happened. My daughter, Shani, recounted about two individuals who wanted to lose weight. The doctor suggested removing a part of their intestine to reduce food intake and facilitate weight loss. However, both individuals ended up losing their lives due to this drastic measure.

This represents a method for achieving weight loss. What did the doctor suggest? He proposed removing part of the intestine. Naturally, this shortens the intestine, reduces food intake, and leads to weight loss. Another individual expressed a desire to increase height. It's unclear where these individuals acquire such information! In response, they were told that they could undergo a procedure to lengthen the shin bone—though, of course, it's not explicitly stated as "breaking" the bone. Instead, an operation is performed to insert a prosthesis between the shin bones, resulting in potential height increase of, for instance, 20 cm, 10 cm, or 15 cm.

Where does this path lead? The fellow's healthy shin bones are broken and replaced with a prosthesis, so what?! He might become taller. However, his unclothed physique is so awkward and repulsive that only God knows. From his sole to the knee, it's awkwardly long, and from the knee to the torso, it's short—quite weird and ridiculous. The key is that when someone is naturally tall, all their organs are proportionally arranged, maintaining consistent distances between the sole and knee, the knee and torso, and the torso and neck.

All of these aspects are determined and described. I've heard that if you open your hands to the left and right, there is a distance between them. How tall you are can be measured by this distance. I'm not sure about the accuracy of this method, but let's assume it's true and that all these measurements match together. Consider the size of a skull, for instance, being as big as seven eyes. The size of the face and other elements often have specific definitions in art. Therefore, people may offer these solutions, but these solutions may not lead to any meaningful outcome.

That was in the context of losing weight. There are various methods, such as using amphetamines, but they can lead to addiction, madness, and insanity. There may be thousands of ways to lose weight, but the key is to identify the right one. One path can lead to health, while another can lead to misery. In various aspects of life, many people struggle to find the right path, and unfortunately, some may perish due to choosing the wrong one.

We don't delve into political discussions, but many individuals have joined different political groups with names that sounded appealing, strategic, and harmonious, seeking liberation from issues well-known to you. However, what was their fate? Where did they end up? How many of them were there? Numerous people, aspiring to reach a metaphorical meadow, found themselves led to a metaphorical slaughterhouse. They became pawns manipulated by a system or group, facing the risk of annihilation and destruction.

So the path was wrong. Despite the strategies being touted as important, nice, and beautiful, the outcome was disastrous. Take, for instance, the time in Tabriz during the riots when, in an attempt to save people, there was a proposal to separate Iran and give Azerbaijan to the Soviet Union. The idea of separation seemed inevitable at the time. However, looking at the situation now, it's evident that the people are in a miserable state. We haven't seen Russia for many years, but in films, when we see glimpses of Caucasia and Russia, it appears as though the people in the villages are still living as they did 200 or 100 years ago.

Therefore, selecting a field of study, choosing a group, friends, and a path is an immensely important and crucial decision. Whether it's the choice of a career path, a life partner, friends, a philosophical standpoint, or a school of thought, the decision holds great significance. Some individuals opted for paths related to energy therapy and group therapy, but they ended up facing health issues and mental instability. Others aimed to follow the path of Sufism, which is generally considered good and excellent, but for some, it resulted in unexpected and adverse outcomes. Thus, determining the right path and course of action is of utmost importance.

Many people, including our friends, have suffered due to not finding the right path or choosing the wrong one. Going astray is not limited to politics; it extends to selecting friends and companions. This principle is applicable in various contexts and can be observed in different aspects of life.Many people were victims and their lives were destroyed, just because they did not find the path. Some of them made a lot of effort and were very determined, but because of choosing the wrong path, they destroyed themselves and others

Sometimes individuals not only ruin their own lives but also adversely affect the lives of others. In one scenario, a person might drive alone in their personal car, leading to self-destruction, and one might say, "to hell with it, it's over." However, in another situation, the same person could be behind the wheel of a bus carrying 40 passengers, including relatives such as parents, siblings, and friends, essentially leading them all into the valley.

A person can bring trouble not only upon himself but also upon others. Consider an amphetamine seller caught with 300 or 500 kilos of drugs who faces arrest and execution. Despite the consequences for himself, we can observe that his brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, and everyone associated with him become bereaved. They loved and cared for him, but his destructive choices ultimately led to their devastation. The core issue lies in the fact that he chose the wrong path.

These individuals are often described as hardworking and diligent when it comes to choosing a friend, spouse, path, job, or profession. It's not accurate to say they lack determination; rather, the problem lies in choosing the wrong path. Despite their significant efforts and determination, some have ended up destroying not only themselves but also others due to misguided choices.

The crucial aspect is determining which side you align with—the winning side or the losing side. There are instances where individuals, unable to find a definitive solution to their problems, resorted to suicide. Despite their determination, they chose the wrong path, leading to the tragic outcome of being unable to overcome their problems.

Suicide can take various forms. One type involves individuals who may be affected by mental illness or drug use, leading to impaired judgment and emotional numbness. Another type of suicide involves individuals who are fully sane but, faced with a crisis and perceiving no other viable option, choose to end their lives. Historical examples, such as the practice of harakiri among samurais in Japan, illustrate instances where individuals intentionally took their own lives for cultural or personal reasons.

It's important to recognize that individuals who resort to suicide often possess determination, but their choices and circumstances may lead to an imbalance in their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The decision to choose the wrong path can disrupt the natural balance within their body, mind, and psyche, contributing to the tragic outcome of suicide.

Absolutely, the choice of the fast and right path is indeed crucial in our lives, especially when it comes to problem-solving. The effectiveness of the path we choose significantly influences the outcomes we achieve. In the case of attending the congress, it yielded positive results. However, considering alternative paths is essential, as different choices may lead to varying outcomes. Selecting the right path is key to obtaining the desired results and navigating through life's challenges successfully.


To be continued ....

Translated by: Sadjad
Edited by: Marjan

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