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Mr. Dezhakam has written several books on treatment of drug addiction and human’s psyche. Some of the titles are:

These books have been translated into English and have recieved a warm reception internationally, specially in the United States where they have been posted on williamwhitepapers.com The great news is they will soon become available to worldwide audiences in the international section of Faces & Voices of Recovery, a prestigious web-site and a frontrunner in the field of recovery.
The X Theory and DST Method: A Brief Interview with Mr. Hossein Dezhakam
Mr. Dezhakam and I first met at a conference in London nearly a decade ago and have since communicated regularly and collaborated on research studies on Congress 60’s approach to addiction treatment.
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Mr. Dekhakam devoted his life to addicts so that they do not think that they have no one to care for them, to support them, so that they do not think addiction is incurable. Mr. Dezhkam was so eagle-sighted that he decided to establish a university for addiction treatment.
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I had not consumed any drugs for three days and I had a hangover, but on the other hand, I had a guilty conscience that God helped me and I didn’t have to use it, but unfortunately, it happened.
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We have learned in Congress60 that we either win or learn, and we do not consider losing as a symbol of failure or hopelessness.
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Baffling and nagging give us a sense of comparison, judgment, hate, and jealousy. Then we blame others for our faults and always try to find a culprit for our mistakes.
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It is stated in Congress 60 that a heroin user who is treated and released in Congress 60 can sleep a whole night in a heroin depot, without even the slightest thought of using heroin.
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If I am supposed to achieve comfort and tranquillity, I have to separate my line from this group and go back to the values.
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23 years have passed from the fifth of December, 1997, when it was revealed what addiction was and how it could be treated. Even today, (after 23 years of treating addiction in Congress 60), the world believes that addiction is an incurable, mysterious and progressive disease
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No one can help Congress 60 unless people who have felt the pain of addiction. Because people who are out of Congress 60 have no idea about addiction miseries.
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