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Mr. Dezhakam has written several books on treatment of drug addiction and human’s psyche. Some of the titles are:

These books have been translated into English and have recieved a warm reception internationally, specially in the United States where they have been posted on williamwhitepapers.com The great news is they will soon become available to worldwide audiences in the international section of Faces & Voices of Recovery, a prestigious web-site and a frontrunner in the field of recovery.
Mr. Hossein Dezhakam in an interview with IRNA: Humor has an attractive and magnificent language
“Plays must be written in the public interest. Sometimes, we write plays for our colleagues. I think everyone who wants to write a play and bring it on the stage, at first thinks of the reviewers and their points of view to see if it keeps up with world standards and particular styles.”
Recovery Community Organization Leadership
For more than a decade, I have regularly corresponded with Mr. Hossein Dezhakam (HD), founder of the Congress 60 recovery community within the Islamic Republic of Iran ...
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In fact, it is as if the Great Architect has placed this amazing system in all of us so that we can see, in this very world, the reward for our good deeds, and the result of our wrong choices.
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When you serve people unconditionally or without having expectations, when you see solace on the face of the one whom you have served, you receive the REAL JOY. As Mr. Amin asserts: “The real joy is not shining like stars, but to help people shine like the stars”.
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According to the congress60s' educational resources, when an individual exits the darkness and does not omit the bounds, he will return to the darkness again.
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Most of the problems relating to addiction in our society have been unknown especially to families, psychologists, and specialists.
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No one was safe from the horrible sound of my snoring at nights. Eating used to take up most of my time yet brought me no joy.
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The best way to kill coronavirus is to use D-sap or apple vinegar inhalation. Apple vinegar can be effective in eliminating this virus due to its acetic acid content.
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All articles highlight the importance of legions and worldview. People must indeed have a strong desire and motivation for treatment in the first step, but today we see that desire alone is not enough.
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