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The Eighth Image of the Book "Crossing the Zone of Minus 60 Degress "

The Eighth Image of the Book

The path is still dangerous and the body is struggling to reconstruct itself


This is the 8th picture of the book. Now the traveler has gained self-confidence. Now s/he sees the whole world under a very bright and colorful filter.

This picture and message are perfect reminders of the traveler and his companion to know they should preserve with the new blossoms of health and peace. The path is still full of danger and we are still rehabilitating from so many years of self-destruction.

This period of time which is considered one year in Congress 60 is actually a convalescence.

Imagine you are a soccer player. You once injure your knee. You lose control over your body. You can no more play soccer. You might get depressed. But is it correct to say you do not play soccer because you have a mental problem and depression? Of course not. But People tend to look this way at substance abuse. If anything, the first thing to label addiction with is a physical malfunction. Of course, it affects your mental health. But, it is originally a physical illness.

Now, if you find a good doctor who is able to do surgery on your knee, you do not expect yourself to get back in the field right away! Do you?

So what is different in case of addiction? You have bombarded your body for years. You had not left any part of your physical or mental figures undamaged. You have ruined your health and inner peace. Therefore, consider the process of the first journey (the 11 months’ journey form depending on the substance until being healed) some kind of surgery. Do you see yourself ready to go back to normal right after? You should give yourself some time. It is absolutely necessary.

          Having said all that, we should know it is not just a matter of time passing. A year could go by pretty easily without progressing on any level at all. What matters is how we are going to use that year and of course the years after that (convalescence) to keep reconstructing our body and mind.

One thing amongst many miracles Congress 60 has blessed us with is its legit instructions in the forms of books and essays and audios. Help is always there for those who search for it. These instructions are like a walking stick we can use to walk with when we are still so weak to stand on our feet.

          The same process applies to companions (a traveler’s wife or mother or anyone who helps him within their addiction travel). Because they have also destroyed their bodies and minds with negative and destructive thoughts which are considered as strong as any kind of substance in terms of ruining one’s body and inner peace. They should rebuild their worldview accompanied by their travelers with the help of their guide assistants and the instructions.


Written by companion Mina

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