“Celebration of Companion’s week”
3/3/2021 12:00:00 AM

“Celebration of Companion’s week”

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We should know that the travelers (drug abusers) get liberated from addiction with love, when they are accompanied with love and get knowledge and instructions, they can be cured.

The second session of the 72nd Congress60 workshops in Academy branch of Congress60 was administered on March 2nd, 2021 by Mrs.  Ani Dezhakam as the master of ceremony, companion Mozhgan and companion Roozbeh, as the secretary. The agenda was “Celebration of Companion’s week”.

Mrs.  Ani Dezhakam: Today we are here to celebrate Companion’s week and we have done it from some years ago to respect and value the travelers and companions [those who come to Congress 60 to get liberated from addiction are called travelers and those mothers or wives who come to act like nurses and help these travelers are called companions]. Firstly, [23 years ago], no one knew the companions’ role and the companions’ section was not formed; however, gradually the aim of companions was clarified, they tried to drew the attention of travelers towards Congress 60, so that travelers came and became liberated from addiction.

From very beginning I did not pay attention to this issue, but I saw the travelers’ mothers or sisters were very worried for their travelers. They accompanied their travelers in Congress 60 and we realized that  these mothers and sisters needed education so that they could help their travelers.

Since these companions did not have any knowledge about addiction and addiction treatment, they could make many problems and arguments at home and many problems could remain unsolved. Therefore, a small group of women was formed and once a week, they received some instructions on how to behave with their travelers and what to say at home. They were trained not to blame their travelers and they were taught how to behave with love so that their travelers’ attention would be drawn. When the number of companions increased, we realized that our job was right and we tried to prepare appropriate food [instructions] for them. I think valuing the companions was very important so that they came and helped their travelers. At times, the companions complained that the problem of addiction was not theirs, they believed that  the drug abusers have done something wrong and made the problem of addiction; therefore, they themselves have to compensate for it.  Sometimes companions had defensive views towards addiction and their travelers. However, drug abusers (addicts) in Congress 60 are known as patients; therefore, you do not act like a nurse (because you do not believe in the fact that the drug abusers are patients) but you are not allowed to fight them and say: “it is your own problem”.

We should know that the travelers (drug abusers) get liberated from addiction with love, when they are accompanied with love and get knowledge and instructions, they can be cured. Criticizing and blaming [the drug-abusers] is not something hard [it is easy], but we understood that companions must be instructed and this had a great effect. Those mothers or wives who once thought they would lose their face if they accompanied their travelers changed their mind and became companions. They realized that in Congress 60 we teach both travelers and their companions as well

That is why our method of addiction treatment became fruitful and we maintained our work with great perseverance, seriousness and care. That is why after 23 years of establishing Congress 60, lots of people have been liberated from addiction all over Iran and they help other people to get liberated from addiction. They were encouraged to continue their study and education [at universities] and change their behavior with their families and friends.

We are very happy that these people got liberated from addiction and one of these people is Mr. Ahmad Hakimi (a Watcher) who moves thousands of kilometers around Iran to help the travelers and companions get liberated from addiction. He resides in cities and towns for one or two nights to observe the branches of Congress 60. I think those who want to be liberated from addiction can be liberated in near future.

Everyday is the first day (of Congress 60) to me, and it is new to me and newer for you because you have been just liberated from addiction (in contrast to me who has been liberated from addiction 23 years ago). If you do not value your liberation, you will soon forget what endeavors you have made to get out of the dark well of addiction and get liberated from addiction. You have to value what you attain. Congress 60 is your home which your liberation from addiction was prepared in; therefore, you have to value it as much as required. Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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