Addiction engineering (part one)
2/4/2021 12:00:00 AM

Addiction engineering (part one)

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Maybe we could put an end to the wandering of addicts which has been going on from the ancient times up to now, if we let geometry or engineering enter the addiction treatment science.

Addiction engineering

Mr. Hossein Dezhakam


Integrating calculation and scales into addiction treatment in order to regulate the drug dosage and to find the most suitable usage hours. Introduction: As a result of relatively long cooperation with addiction treatment specialists and witnessing the people who are being treated (Methadone and OT treatment); I have observed that there is no scientific, logical or computational relation between using amount of an addict and the prescribed drug dosage for treatment. (Whether as maintenance or to achieve certain treatment) Eventually I have come to this conclusion that using simple calculations in addiction treatment field; to measure the amount of drug will be pretty effective. I have mentioned a few determinative and important points in this brief article.


Research method:

My research method drives from impression of 35 years experience. 20 years of my life which I lived as an addict and the other 15 years is my experience in addiction treatment field (Human revivification society of Congress 60). After publishing “Crossing the 60 degrees below zero zone” which is in 18th edition now, I have designed and field tested the D.S.T method with opium or OT (Opium Tincture). Fortunately more than 6,000 narcotics addicts have been treated with above-mentioned method and they have reached the certain cure of addiction. At this time with collaboration of this field’s specialists (physicians, Psychiatrists, psychologists and etc) more than 7,000 drug addicts are being treated with the D.S.T method and this number is increasing every day.


Research findings:

It was written above the door of stamping ground of a philosopher (Plato) that: “Let no one ignorant of geometry enter” I have come to this inescapable conclusion that geometry has a fundamental role in all the aspects of our lives. My perception of geometry is this: Reckon, scheduling, income and expenditure, prevision, implementing a scientific task, sensible talking. Whoever knows geometry and works with geometry rules is called an engineer. No one can cast a shadow of doubt on the fact that engineering has integrated into variety of science fields such as: industrial engineering, construction, chemistry, medical, genetics, agriculture and many others. It is like geometry has shed light on the science and technology field and brightened them. Maybe we could put an end to the wandering of addicts which has been going on from the ancient times up to now, if we let geometry or engineering enter the addiction treatment science.

Maybe the public belief is that we are not wandering in addiction treatment field and everything is enlightened for us scientifically. But I do believe we are at the inception of understanding and treatment of addiction. My point will be proved if we take a brief look at the addiction treatment statistics and if we let the geometry merge into this field. For instance we have a sack of sugar but we have no weighing device. In this situation one might say the weight is 20 Kilo other might say 25 or someone else might assume 30 Kilos. Which one is correct?! Obviously we can’t be sure.

Maybe in order to repel a quarrel among them it is better to say they are all right! All the methods for addiction treatment are good! This happens for lack of a scientific criterion. But when the measurement or geometry is integrated into this field; science and truth will emerge. The sack of sugar is on the weighing device now and everyone will accept the true weight without argument. For measurement and treatment of addiction we must pay attention to below mentioned:

1. Satiation 2. Compatibility 3. Nutrition


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