Celebrating Dideban's [Watcher] Week
1/13/2021 12:00:00 AM

Celebrating Dideban's [Watcher] Week

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Mr. Dekhakam devoted his life to addicts so that they do not think that they have no one to care for them, to support them, so that they do not think addiction is incurable. Mr. Dezhkam was so eagle-sighted that he decided to establish a university for addiction treatment.

The 10th  session of the 51st  Congress60 virtual workshops in Parastar branch of Congress60 was administered on January  6th , 2021 by Mrs. Ani - Mr.  Dezhakam’s Wife - as the guest speaker, Mr. Amin Hamledari as the master of ceremony and traveler Amir-Masoud, as the secretary. The agenda was “Dideban’s (Watcher) week”.

Mrs. Ani Dezhakam: Today is the last day of Dideban’s week. Annually a week is devoted to Didebans so that we do not forget their efforts and attempts. Dideban means a person who sees everything meticulously from the above. Their job is not so easy, a person must do a great job and attempts so that they can reach the status of being a Dideban. Everything carried out by the Didebans  must be done carefully, the status of being a watcher is a valuable stance. In Congress 60’s meetings, we are surprised; because human beings think that some issues cannot be corrected, they think addiction is not curable and they cannot be liberated from addiction. From the very first day, we were thinking who the Didebans would be and how many people they were. Gradually each of us found our own place, firstly we were six people and then we got eight and (now they are 14 individuals).

Addiction is a stage of human life, we observed that addicts get ill too [they have got lots of diseases]. When I came to Congress 60, I realized that an addict is very alone, no one cares for them, addicts think they are coming from Mars. The worst thing is that their relatives, friends and families look down on them as if they had committed a murder. However, they have no one to support them, they have no one to help them, but they desired to be liberated from addiction and cured.

Mr. Dekhakam devoted his life to addicts so that they do not think that they have no one to care for them, to support them, so that they do not think that addiction is incurable. Mr. Dezhkam was so eagle-sighted that he decided to establish a university where addicts learn how to treat their addiction. Hopefully, the university is being built and in few years, an international academy for addiction will start to work and addicts from all over the world can come and cure their addiction. The addiction treatment will be free for the drug-abusers. He has made his best endeavors [to discover addiction treatment] which we thought it was impossible. He discovered the addiction treatment method and many people are using it, they have no problem and are all happy that a person (Mr. Dezhakam) opened the way despite all the difficulties and hardships. This method has opened the way for those who want to be liberated from addiction.

I myself had been tired in the last days before Mr. Dekhakam’s treatment. I though addiction had no treatment. Some people say: “we wanted to commit suicide” because they could not treat their addiction. They had right to say so but suicide was not the solution. Any pain has got a treatment, and the same holds true for addiction, but we did not know its treatment. Many wives came to me and say if our husband does not get well this time, I will divorce; and I answered: “if you think it works, go and do it”.

God helped and addiction treatment was discovered. The same holds true for coronavirus. Its treatment (using D-sap) was found by Mr. Dezhakam. Many did not believe that coronavirus could be treated, many thought that it was spurious; however, we know if we want God to help us and if we pursue our aim, and try for it, God will help us. God has not left us alone without care. If a person wants God’s help, He will help them and the way will open, if they do not want, nothing happens. You can see this in Congress 60 addiction treatment and coronavirus cure were found but many countries were not successful.

Mr. Dezhakam and I tried to reach the end simultaneously, of course, the hardship of this discovery was on Mr. Dezhakam’s shoulder, and I sometimes posed a theory and consequently, God helped us find the solution to addiction. Many people came and were well and genuinely treated using this method. When God observes our attempts and endeavor, He sees a person even avoids eating anything for the sake of treatment; that is why He helps. God is Compassionate and Merciful, we think if we are addicted we should die, but God does not let his servants be hopeless, He makes them hopeful so that they continue and reach their goal.

Congress 60 has 80 branches in Iran where human beings come and participate in meetings, they receive instructions, and actually, they are treated and are led towards the Right Path. The real treatment is not to come and get liberated from addiction, the real treatment is to continue the path like studying at a university, it is continuous [the real treatment is to get liberated from addiction and stay in Congress 60 and learn more and more]. Help yourself, your wives, your children, and families and move on the Right Path.

You see what efforts you are making, you come (and allocate your time for your own education), you write CDs and you read the books (of Congress 60); they are all sent to us so that we read them and act upon them (put the instructions into practice) and be liberated.

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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