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Education Is an Obstacle to Staging Spectacle

Education Is an Obstacle to Staging Spectacle

Hello friends I am  Afsaneh a companion.

This week's agenda is of great significance.  In the past, some individuals used their physical power to entertain people by doing strange things while they exaggerated to some extent. At the end of the show, they expected people to applaud them to get energy. People supported them by giving money, cheering, and clapping.

On the other hand, some people studied science to achieve their high-level goals and develop their knowledge. In fact, both above-mentioned activities needed time and energy but the result was totally different.

It is the fact that the more we try staging spectacle and to baffle, the more it prevents us from learning and education.  If we seek learning, we will develop our knowledge and awareness. Then we will try to solve our problems to achieve balance and calmness, instead of getting involved in marginal and insignificant issues in life.

Baffling and nagging give us a sense of comparison, judgment, hate, and jealousy. Then we blame others for our faults and always try to find a culprit for our mistakes.

If we apply what we have learned in congress60, we will stop baffling and will not expect others to solve our problems.

Ultimately, we will improve our energy in life and will not want to win other's approvals. We will just develop our knowledge and awareness by learning and applying the lessons which are given by respectable and sympathetic guide-assistants of congress60,  so we will put what we have learned into practice.


Written by: Companion Afsaneh Academy Branch

Translated by: Companion Zahra


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