The Base of Congress 60
12/9/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Base of Congress 60

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23 years have passed from the fifth of December, 1997, when it was revealed what addiction was and how it could be treated. Even today, (after 23 years of treating addiction in Congress 60), the world believes that addiction is an incurable, mysterious and progressive disease

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Hope you are keeping well and I am fine too. Today is December, the second, 2020. Todays’ agenda is “The Base of Congress 60”. On December, the fourth, Mr. Ali Khodami will establish Qeshm’s legion and in Kish Island, Mr. Hamed Shams has established a legion with 13 members.

The agenda is “The Base of Congress 60”. This agenda is held so that we never forget how Congress 60 was formed and who has served and which organizations have helped so that this place was established 23 years ago. It started from a dark point and evolved into a rainbow. 23 years have passed from the fifth of December, 1997, when it was revealed what addiction was and how it could be treated. Even today, (after 23 years of treating addiction in Congress 60), the world believes that addiction is an incurable, mysterious and progressive disease. Many famous people have died of addiction, Maradona died of addiction recently, and even in the most developed countries, they are not able to treat addiction; however, fortunately, we are honored that in our country, Iran, we have treated addiction (23 years ago) and we have to have more self-confidence.

We have defined addiction treatment in this way: “when addiction treatment occurs, the person must be able to sleep in a store of heroin or opium without any craving or when he sees heroin, he thinks he has seen yogurt [it means the person feels no craving and nothing happens inside him].  Congress 60 members are now working in clinics where OT (Opium Tincture) is prescribed for the addicts, they were once opium-consumers once, but now they are liberated from addiction and they help the clinic staff in measuring OT without feeling any craving for it.

The most important issue in Addiction Treatment NGOs around the world is how to deal with craving, but this is not our problem in Congress 60. Other NGOs could not identify the reason why a person suffers from craving. However, the Base of  Congress 60 (Mr. Dezhakam), identified the reason and cured his own addiction 23 years ago. As I treated my addiction 23 years ago, I went to the Anti-Narcotics-Headquarters and declared that “I have treated my addiction and this is my book (Crossing the Zone of 60 Degrees Minus Zero) and I want to do a research on addiction.” They introduced N.A (Narcotics Anonymous) and I was there as a guest for seven or eight months. I learned many things from them including how to run the meetings, cooperation, the Eleventh Law (where a money basket goes one by one and each person donates some money for the sake of Congress 60’s aims and goals). However, there was a strong bias in their manuscripts, books and their 12 steps in N.A., that is why I could not stay there any longer, that is why I decided to establish a new system. N.A’s members suffer lots of efforts and hardship, but Congress 60 members undergo much less effort. Congress 60 members treat their addiction very easily and the path of treating addiction is like a highway (where you can easily drive your car). In N.A., they become a guide easily; however, in Congress 60, it is a very difficult and disciplined to become a guide.

A guide must be knowledgeable and have the science (of treating addiction), they must be in an appropriate status regarding their worldview. It is not enough not to consume drugs, [they must know why they do not consume and how to live a good life]. It is very significant that never have we had a person experiencing OT  overdose in Congress 60. More than 30000 individuals have now been liberated from addiction in Congress 60. Congress 60 even supports families, it teaches people to be tidy and disciplined. It is forbidden in Congress 60 to use inappropriate words, to deal in anything, to give or receive telephone numbers (to communicate with each other).

Fourteen valleys were written and many organizations helped us. Mr. Fallah was the boss of Anti-Narcotics-Headquarters. He built the current building we are in. we have been nominated as the best NGO in treating addiction for years. Many people have helped Congress 60 from whom Mr. Hossein Karimi and Mr. Ali Lashkari have died.

Then, Congress 60’s Didebans (Watchers) were selected one by one, each of whom is assigned for a job and they are doing their best. In Congress 60, it is not important who serves, but it is important to serve people in need, it is important to help treat addiction. Congress 60’s license is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On Fridays, over 3000 individulas gather together in Taleqani Park and they do sports without having any struggles or problems because we all respect the laws.

Then, the structure of border-guards was formed [border guards are those people in Congress 60 who protect the sanctity of Congress 60 in each branch]. Every week an educational CD is released [by Mr. Dezhakam] and we teach you the necessary points of life. Congress 60 now has 70 branches in Iran and it is developing in all cities. When a new branch is built, the process of building is broadcast on Instagram. Everything is obvious and clarified in Congress 60.

I am very pleased to have good companions like you, Didebans (Watchers), border-guards, and guides constructed a very beautiful system. We are always grateful to all those who helped us.

Our very interesting job is that we only follow our own aims and goals and we have not any ideas about anything else. We have not anything to do with economic and political issues, because if we enter these matters, we will stray from our own path. Regarding financial issues, we are an independent NGO that does not depend on government or other monetary sources. We always help the Congress of Addiction Knowledge (which is annually held by the government).

Fortunately, we have established the University of Addiction Treatment in Qeshm. I am very grateful to my family members and also the Didebans (Watchers) because they have nothing in mind except for the progress of Congress 60.

The donors (who have donated 2500 $ for buying land for Congress 60) and Pahlevans (who have donated 25000 $ for buying land for Congress 60) are free to go to the financial section and see where their money has been spent.

Thank you for listening to me.

Then, Mr. Dezhakam handed the presents to the Pahlevans of Congress 60.


After Mr. Dezhakam’s speech, the border-guards of the Academy branch of Congress 60, celebrated the 23rd  year of Mr. Dezhakam’s liberation from addiction. You can see the exciting pictures of this great celebration below.

Translated by Elahe



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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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