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“I lost 30 kg with the help of congress60’s method”

“I lost 30 kg with the help of congress60’s method”

Congress60 is a table full of blessings from which everyone can have a share based on their will and effort.

We have arranged an interview with traveler Hossein from the Aboureihaan branch, who has succeeded to lose 30 kg of his weight with Congress60’s method. In this conversation, He walks us through the journey he has made.

  • Please explain your conditions before losing weight with Congress60’s method.

I started to put on weight right after I was liberated from addiction. I got to 110 kg from almost 80 kg and it was only because of lack of knowledge and not paying attention to the importance of nutrition. Not only did I use to eat too much, but I did not use to work out proportional to the amount of food I used to eat. I did not use to be able to do the regular chores under those circumstances and I am pretty sure that I would not have been able to make it through. I would have died long ago from a heart attack If I had not decided to lose weight.



What method did you use to lose weight? how did it work for you?

I believe I succeeded with the help of Mr. Dezhakam’s CDs especially the Cds “Body structure” and “Overweight”.

If I want to talk about the circumstances, I would have to refer to three Prominent ones:

1: regulating sleep at night

I never used to have a regular and pleasant sleeping order. But I came to an understanding with the help of Congress60’s instructions that night sleep is vital for both physical and spiritual health. So I regulated my sleep so that I could sleep from 9 p.m. to almost 4 a.m.

2: working out

I started to work out. As I mentioned before I had never had any regular physical activities and it was one of the main reasons for my overweight. As opposed to now that I do aerobics from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. every day and I feel so blessed. I have more energy and I am in a better spiritual condition.

3: paying attention to nutrition

I arranged the meals based on the time of dining and their nutrition value. To the point where I look at the nutritional value and calories of the food prior to eating it. If it is not proper, I will prefer not to eat it at all. We should all pay special attention to what nutrients our bodies require and fulfill the need. Otherwise, we will harm our bodies with the wrong food.

  • Please tell us about the way you used to feel before your weight loss and how you feel now.

I was unable to do my regular chores when I had gotten to the point where I weighed 110 kg. I live on the second floor of an apartment, I used to have serious problems walking up the stairs. I now easily work out for two hours straight, Although I used to be unable to even hike. No one was safe from the horrible sound of my snoring at nights. Eating used to take up most of my time yet brought me no joy. But now I eat an appropriate amount of food and I do enjoy it. I start my day with D.SAP and I also put it in my salad. I never let a day go by without having seasonal fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh milk, and cow butter as well. Generally, I cut off every food with any sort of preservative from my diet.

  • Last word:

I owe My today’s well-being to congress 60 and Mr. Dezhakam.

I used to consider wrong methods like suction for losing weight and I could have ended up being dead if I had gone that way. Now with the help of congress60’s knowledge, I know those methods are wrong. Instead, I had the chance to get to know the gradual and substantial method of Congress60’s. I consider all these, blessings from Congress60, and I know I should be so grateful for them.


Translated by: Companion Meena



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