D-sap, the Miraculous Substance Which Cures Coronavirus Very Effectively.
9/30/2020 12:00:00 AM

D-sap, the Miraculous Substance Which Cures Coronavirus Very Effectively.

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The best way to kill coronavirus is to use D-sap or apple vinegar inhalation. Apple vinegar can be effective in eliminating this virus due to its acetic acid content.


Coronavirus and its treatment by D-SAP

traveler Akbar, Iman branch’s border-guard has presented an article about Coronavirus and its treatment by D-sap syrup using Mr. Dezhakam’s research.


What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that can infect animals and humans and cause respiratory problems. These discomforts may be as mild as a cold or as severe as pneumonia. In rare cases, the animal coronavirus infects humans and then spreads between them. You may remember the SARS (Acute Respiratory Symptoms) virus from 2002 to 2003. The virus was a sample of coronavirus that was transmitted from animals to humans. Another important and newest breed of the coronavirus is the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Symptoms), which was discovered in the Middle East in 2012 and, according to scientists, this virus was first transmitted from camels to humans.

How does the coronavirus spread?
In humans, the virus is transmitted mainly through direct contact with a sick person. The virus can also be transmitted by touching an infected surface and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes, although some scientists believe this is not the primary transmission method.

Corona’s problem from Mr. Dezhakam’s point of view:

We should understand its description for solving each problem first, this is how he evaluates this disease. Coronavirus is made up of several types of fatty proteins. This virus is static and incomplete before it enters our physiology (body); for example: If the virus is on your clothes or desk, it cannot start moving and can only be transmitted by hand through the mouth, nose, or eyes. This virus stays in the throat for four days and during this time, it evolves and begins to move. It settles in the sinuses and, bit by bit starts to destroy the lung tissue. Therefore, when the virus enters the nasopharynx through the respiratory tract, it must be eliminated as soon as possible before entering the lungs. When the virus is in the throat, using fluids and gargling water and apple vinegar or brine can kill the virus. As the virus slows down, it is transmitted from the throat to the stomach, where stomach acids destroy it.

Very important point:

What if the virus enters the lungs?

The best way to kill the virus is to use D-sap inhalation or apple vinegar. Apple vinegar can be effective in eliminating this virus due to its acetic acid content.

How to use apple cider vinegar incense?

We do inhalation in two ways; One is dry inhalation [dry vaporizing], and the other is wet inhalation. In moist vaporizing, we pour about two glasses of water into the pot to boil; when it boils, we pour half a cup of apple vinegar and let it boil for two minutes. Then we put the pot on a surface, put a blanket on our head, and open the pot's lid very carefully. Do not open the lid completely. Steam will hit your face. Take a deep breath and hold it, then exhale and close the lid of the pot. We also take these deep breaths under the blanket bit by bit for about two to three minutes, which completely rotates in the nose and sinuses and returns from the mouth. This cycle can disinfect the nasopharynx (nose and throat) through steam. Anyone who is struggling with coronavirus should do this process once or twice a day. Dry inhalation is thicker and has a higher percentage of acetic acid. In this kind of inhalation, we use stone to evaporate apple vinegar. We have to put some clean stone or gravel and put it in a hot bowl; when it gets hot, we pour the liquid, which is made of 50% water and 50% apple vinegar. Then, we pull the blanket over ourselves for two or three minutes and pour the liquid on the heated pebbles with a tablespoon and take a deep breath. During this process, acetic acid enters the nose as well as sinuses and goes out of the throat, which can eliminate the virus. We use these two types of inhalation. This means that someone struggling with coronavirus and whose lungs are paralyzed, and the accumulation of virus in his lungs is very high should do so at least twice a day with dry fumigation. Moreover, he should drink the liquid [D-sap], which is made up of one spoon apple vinegar and one water glass every 6 hours. I hope you and those around you are successful to keep healthy by following the health protocols.

Written by traveler Ali-Akbar, border-guard of Iman branch of Congress 60

Translated by Ehsan Abolhasani



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