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I Am Responsible for My Body

I Am Responsible for My Body

I am responsible for my body.

The Agenda: Capacity, responsibility, missing the qiblah(direction)

The guest speaker's words:

During the period of smoking, humans lose their sense of duty little by little. The body is a trust donated to human beings. The body is the machine of self, meaning for the self to move and achieve its desires in the physical universe formed from soil, it needs a tool. In other words, the body has been given to us to get the same frequency.

Thus, I am responsible for my body. Have I been able to take care of my body? Does one who is constantly eating unhealthy food and has become overweight handle the situation?

Using cigarettes, hookah, alcohol, and drugs, we have destroyed our body. Why? Because we hadn’t had the necessary capacity. What is the capacity? It is knowledge and cognizance. Now in Congress 60, we are trying to know our body, to respect it, and be a good responsible person. As we have a lot to do in this world, we must enhance our knowledge and come closer to the wisdom command. Because the parameter of “time” has been given to us just in this world. It has been said for a long time that a healthy mind is in a healthy body.

Now it is time for us to take the responsibility of our treatment by “nicotine traveling” (a process during which using nicotine will stop). Thank God He gave us a chance to return from the wrong path and locate the right one. We take the responsibility of our body one more time with awareness to accomplish our tasks perfectly.

When we accept our responsibilities and are liberated, we can take other responsibilities and help others. Without responsibilities, one cannot realize themselves. We are constantly tested through these positions. Our worldview wouldn’t develop unless we served in Congress 60, because pride and arrogance will rise if we change our position by serving. That is the point where I can increase my capacity and get to higher positions if I ignore arrogance. Otherwise, I am overcome by bad feelings and make others experience bad feelings, too. Barren trees have no blight. Trees produce blossoms and fruits first, and afterward, blight attacks them.

Some of us had lost some parts of our properties when we attended Congress 60 and we had become less self-confident. The dark forces had stolen our inner forces cunningly and we had lost many of our abilities. We are currently getting them back and starting to grow. This is the point where arrogance, pride, jealousy, judging, and many other negative issues appear and it is just me that can recognize them and try to solve them.


If human beings don’t work and move, the essence of their existence will be destroyed. They cannot experience peace and balance even if they have considerable potential. Usually, members of Congress 60 cannot hold positions of responsibility, but if this happens one percent, it may be a lesson to them or others. The tree which grows more than any other trees rises from the wall of the garden and everybody can see its growth. It is not necessary to announce its growth, because it is seen automatically and all the changes will be seen.

An important point raised here is that we don’t find rage, hatred, resentment, and disease but they come to us. For example, negative forces come to us when the right field is ready for them to grow. The same goes for positive feelings and deeds such as kindness and serving. When we are in the righteous path, love people and serving them, and the necessary capacity is created, they (positive feelings) come to us. Serving or taking responsibilities makes people strong, self-confident, and disciplined. They are vital for living. One who doesn’t take any responsibilities is not placed in their right position.

here we need to pay attention to a subtle point. As Master Amin Dezhakam says, everything has both a destructive and constructive form, this is the same for responsibility. For instance, consider love; since love is constructive and motivative for human beings, it leads to family formation and has many advantages. But if it doesn’t appear in its real form, it changes into anti-love that is a complex. Master Amin in the CD “love complex” states that love can lead to destruction, for example, the death of a lover or a beloved. Many people may experience love complex and turn to smoke, drugs, and alcohol or even suffer from mental illnesses in continuation.

It is the same for responsibilities. If it exceeds beyond its limits, it will lead to destruction instead of construction. We must raise our cognizance and faith and take responsibilities according to the amount of our capacity whether we are in the family, at work, in society, or Congress 60. According to Master Amin, maybe you like to have a 200-hundred-kilo gold crown on your head, but it may break your neck. Therefore, we must not suppose that the more, the better, sometimes the less, the better. We should be in our place and we need to raise our capacity if we want to change our position.

Ms. Nages’s words:

We understood in Congress 60 that everything that veils humans’ thoughts acts as a veil including cigarettes and different types of tobacco. When there is a veil on my thoughts, anti-values are considered as values. The wrong information is given to me when I am drowned in anti-values and consequently, I misconstrue my real position. This makes me accept the responsibilities not appropriate for me and I will stray.

As you know, using drugs and smoking hide humans’ pains. For example, a smoker’s body may be infected or they may have illnesses which have been hidden; these all will be revealed through the treatment process.

We will achieve cure and balance by treatment of using drugs and smoking. When we smoke, we continuously suffered from headaches, fluttering, nightmares, nausea, and bad feelings. But we didn’t pay any attention to them. As Master Dezhakam mentions in the book “Crossing the Zone 60 Degrees Below Zero” our body cells are drunk with the wine given to them by butlers. Maybe the residents of this city (body) don’t care about the destruction, but now they are waking up and becoming sober. Thus, we don’t have to be worried, the previous destructions have gradually been rebuilt and the body completely is cured and become balanced.

When human beings are deceived by negative forces, it is as if they make a deal with the demon. To interest people, negative forces have to use a seductive way. Human beings wouldn’t be deceived if drugs didn't have the primary attraction and intoxication. If we lost everything by the first-time smoking and became ugly, we would never experience smoking.

Satan enters humans’ thoughts and minds by resorting trickery most beautifully. Thus, he must have something to attract people, which is intoxication. Maybe it doesn’t request anything in the beginning, but the deal gets to the point where they lose their lives and properties without the previous intoxication.


Prepared by: Companion Nastaran

Translated by: Companion Marjan

May 13, 2020

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