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Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill- Nov 18, 2019)

 Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill- Nov 18, 2019)

Nov 18,2019

Dear Bill,

I hope you are fine I am well.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed visiting your friends at the conference.

I was delighted with your answers. If you allow me I would like to look into the definition of psyche, addiction, and drug abuser with great doubt. As I mentioned before to reach the truth we must pass doubts.

Let’s begin with psyche. Now I would like to find a proper meaning for psyche, after this goal is met I can focus on addiction and drug abuser.

The interesting point is that when I ask my psychologists or psychiatrists friends to define psyche; they are amazed with my question. Then they would say psyche has different meaning from variety of perspectives.

Then I would be surprised with their answer! Why different meanings? Why not a single definition? If we don’t know why psyche really is, then how are we going to cure its related illnesses?

The medical science has made a great progress during recent years, however, psychology did not!

Today, most patients are being control with psychoactive pills rather than being treated. After a while when the pills are cut our patient is back to step one or even he is worse than before. This is the story of failure in this field.

“Being real is totally different than trying to be real”

Let’s go back to your answer about psyche; “Psyche embraces perceiving, thinking, feeling, and valuing”     

I am so delighted with your idea which is completely correct since our perceiving, feelings, values, and dis-values manifests in our thinking, talking, and acting which I call them all together “mood”!

Someone has a calm mood, other one is aggressive, isolated, inhumane, hallucinating, moody, happy, suicidal, depressed, obsessive or etc.

If we contemplate we would see that the above mentioned or mood in people drives from their perception and feelings.

As you mentioned, these two words (perception and feeling) has a prime role in defining psyche.

Therefore, it can be said:

 Psyche: mood

Human psyche: human mood

And this mood can be good or evil, ugly or beautiful, sick or healthy.


Psyche: summary of perceptions and feelings which manifests within thinking, acting and talking.

Dear Bill,

 Is this definition suits you? Is it acceptable according to you?

If you have any insights do express. This is how we can be eye to eye. Or in other words, in this way we can find a mutual definition for psyche.

Now if this definition is acceptable our second phase may begin:

Question: what makes the psyche?

What I am trying to assess is what makes our feelings and perceptions in the first place?

Dear Bill, 

I hope that this is not making you bored, this is like solving a puzzle. A puzzle which was unclear for thousands of years. I thank you for aiding me in solving this mystery.

Perhaps, after solving this puzzle we may find out how “hijacked brain” is happening? Or who or what is hijacking brains?

Or how this evil force or the dragon or the monster is taking control of one’s life?

Or according to you how are we going to slay this dragon?

Tehran’s weather is getting cold and we are having showers and snow.


Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


Your Comments


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