Baffling and Staging Spectacles
12/20/2019 12:00:00 AM

Baffling and Staging Spectacles

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At first, I could not talk at all and I was scared but then I decided to get myself ready to speak and write about the agenda because he selected me every session to share my idea and experience. After 14-15 sessions, I could easily talk about the agenda

The third session of the 37th round of Congress60 educational workshops for the male companions was held by Mr. Mahmood as the guest speaker, Mr. Abolfazl as the master of ceremony and Mr. Ali as the temporary secretary on Thursday, on November 7th, 2019, at 13:30. The weekly agenda was: "The relationship between learning and staging spectacles (anything done to distract others from the main topic)"

آموزش گرفتن مانع معرکه‌ گیری و موجب ارتقاء می شود

A summary of the lecturer 's speech:

Today's agenda is about "The relationship between learning and staging spectacles". At first, I explain a summary of its educational CD and then I speak about a relevant experience. In the CD, Mr. Dezhakam (the designer and the Base of Congress60) says: "If a building is cultivated but its inhabitants are bad, that building will be destroyed but if the building is destroyed but its inhabitants are good ones, the building will be revived and greened."

This building can be our body structure or any other structures. Human’s creation is based on learning. Learning is not just carried out at college and university and it exists in all cases and we are always learning. When a baby is born, they are learning from the first day and as their learning increases over time, their abilities also increase.


If I want to explain "learning" in Congress60, I have to flash back to the beginning of Congress60. In the early days of Congress60, there were meetings but no Legions (a group of members gather up to receive trainings) and at the end of the sessions, all the members joined different groups and each group began to speak or in other words, started baffling and staging spectacles and had their own problems. Mr. Dezhakam established the Legions to solve this problem fundamentally. The base of the legion work is education. We each have our own education and personality and we have general knowledge in some fields but in the legion, only educational materials of Congress60 should be taught and we can not speak about anything except them.


If I attend the legion and do not speak about educational CDs, the book "Crossing the zone 60 degrees below zero" and Congress60 educational materials, what am I going to speak about? And at this point, staging spectacles begins and one person complains of their physical pains, one member starts complaining of their child and these are useless.


One of the important points that should be paid attention to is what our role models (in Congress60) have told us and I experienced it. That is, we have to pay more attention to the first travellers, it means that they should have priority in talking about the agenda in workshops and serving, of course, it does not mean disregarding another person's right. Since I came to Congress60 till 6-month later, I was wandering and I could not figure out what I had to do. After the 6 months, as one of my friends was selected as the master of ceremony, he chose me every session to talk about the agenda. At first, I could not talk at all and I was scared but then I decided to get myself ready to speak and write about the agenda because he selected me every session to share my idea and experience. After 14-15 sessions, I could easily talk about the agenda. Mr. Dezhakam says:" Human can be promoted by training, regardless of their ethnicity, circumstances and the place where they are". That is, since I entered the Legion till now, 50-60 individuals have entered it but how many of them have been able to be a guide? This is the point where a human being can be promoted. Many people become doctors or athletes but how many are a specialist surgeon, a world champion or a member of national team player? It indicates that we should seize the opportunities to promote ourselves.


Some people staged a public spectacle in the past and tore a chain or a rope (to draw people's attention) and they gathered a group around themselves to earn some money. Maybe the basket turned (to collect money in each session from members for daily expenses) is something like the staging spectacles. We all follow the same law to stage a spectacle, at first, we begin to talk about it with ourselves then whisper it to others and eventually try to indicate that we are innocent (being away from staging a spectacle). So, if I am not aware, I will become the same as that baffler by speaking to him. It means that, in order to avoid staging a spectacle, it is imperative to stay away from a baffler.


Translated by Companion Marzie Bisjerdi, Shadabad branch of Congress60


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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