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The play "A window to the Heaven" is a necessity for society

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A live play makes a connection with the audience and creates the possibility of visual imagination.

Theatre is a necessity for society.  It has always been a necessity and will be and it can never be denied. A necessity that everyone acknowledges its amazing influence on society in different periods of time. Teather is something that happens at the moment such as a spring morning that has been forgotten by the changes of the seasons.  One of the performers who plays a role at the play "A Window to the Heaven" is Bahram Ebrahimy. He is one of the most experienced actors in the country on television, cinema and theatre.
He is very famous among people because of his valuable works. His brilliant work experience shows his knowledge and mastery of the art he has done so far. To get more familiar with this actor, playing at the play "A Window to the Heaven", we have prepared an interview as you read.


  •  Please tell us about your personal experience in this play and why you accepted this role.

This is not my first work with Mr. Amir Dezhakam and I’m not unfamiliar with Mr. Hossein Dezhakam texts, and it is one of our countless experiences. Naturally, when Mr. Dezhakam invites me for a work, he knows my capability and potential. I liked the main structure of the text, and the practice process also showed me that my previous experience could quite help me get the right understanding of my role as well as the text.


  • You are working in all cool and hot media such as radio, television, cinema, and theatre; and each has a special position for you.  In your idea, which media is more convenient to express the hidden philosophical point of view in this play?

If it was broadcast on the radio, it would have to be a 10 or 14-episode of 30 minutes. It is just possible at theatre and that is because of its warm atmosphere that makes it possible to speak about all the issues and could be finished in a 70-minute file. Although it will be possible to predict 2,3 or 4 other parts for "A Window to the Heaven" in future.

 A live play makes a connection with the audience and creates the possibility of visual imagination. In my opinion, as a director and an actor, the radio is more imaginative than all kinds of communication; however, for this special story, the play is more convenient.
  I think many works that have been done in this issue are not very deep in the fields of the theatre, the radio and the television and they moved on to the surface except few. In fact, I can say that this show goes deeper than any other show in this case. It has something to share with a particular audience.


  • Is this style of play close to your style and method in the previous works?

I had played social theatre a couple of years ago. I played roles in "The sleep of the sea" and "Shams" in cooperation with Mr. Amir Dezhakam. In general, Mr.Amir Dezhakam doesn’t work on any simple play and this makes it possible for me to think about his suggestions. He offered me some works, and I could not accept because of the contract I had made earlier. But whenever I could, I did. Amir Dezhakam’s field of work includes interaction and making direct connection with the audience.

  • Do you think it is possible to transfer a particular philosophy and expression to the audience in 70 minutes?

It is possible, but this frame belongs to this play. This play, especially with this particular team and specific form, has been included in this frame. Maybe it would be possible to make different frames of this play with other teams and other stories.

  • You were once interested in reading philosophy books, but you moved toward novels, and you read novels more now. Did your studies have an influence on the selection of this play and your role?

I read an average of 200 pages a day. Can it affect your mind? Reading books allows you to expand and improve your imagination. At first, my reading was disorganized, but gradually I learned a systematic study, and then, when I came to university, my systematic study got more purposeful. I have read basic books on mythology and all religions such as Mahavarta، Upanishads, Avesta، Torah, Bible and Quran which are very close to our culture. This is the basis of the study of all the world, and you have to read these to make comments about the literature of the world. Through novels, you can be located in the process of life faster. When you are always studying, you can learn different things from different cultures.  In fact, watching movie is not ineffective; I can say I watch 3 or 4 movies a week.

  • You said that you like to dive into your roles. How much did this play help you?

This is my method of acting. I don´t sit down and analyse the role outside myself, the role is analysed within me. I usually think about my role before going to sleep and maybe it continues during my sleep as well.

  • You have had successful cooperation with famous directors like Hamid Samandarian, Mohammad Rahmanian, Amir Dezhakam, Mohammad Bagher Khosravi and Majid Jafari. How many works have you done with Mr. Amir Dezhakam?

Maybe it is the thirteenth or fifteenth. We share many experiences as playmate, director, actor, and co-worker.

  • What is the difference between this play with other works of Amir Dezhakam as a director or an actor?

Nothing. All over my training, he is all eyes on me. I say it from the bottom of my heart. He is a conservative director. He supports me, and apart from the interest we have in each other; I know he really cares about me. I play roles in his works peacefully. We have worked together in the acting group for a couple of years.

  • Is there anything special you want to say about this play?

Amir Dezhakam is sensitive to all his work but in this work, Amir´s sensitivity is multiplied because of the name of Mr.Hossein Dezhakam.
I don´t know why. About this play, people need to see the play.  It is not good for me to analyse the play. Most of the time you watch a play and then when you ask, for example, about the purpose of putting an eraser on the board, they answer: “We wanted to show human is alone in the infinite world; while they are only a board and an eraser, and that is all I have seen. Our play is not of this kind. We say whatever we want to say. You need to know that we have been working in this country for many years and we know how to communicate with our audience.

Translated by: Companion Azam

Edited by: Companion Marjan



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Topic : Interviews
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