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Light of hope within darkness

Light of hope within darkness


Light of hope within darkness  

I got married at 1979 and after 2 months I realized that my husband is an addict; from that point my life became complicated. I loved my marriage so I continued living with him for about 10 years, then my son was born and we named him Omid. In these 10 years my husband got caught 3 times because of smoking Heroin and he was locked up at jail, I always went on visiting him with my little son and I hoped that one day we would have the life that I always dreamed of.


Alas anytime that he was out of jail he was using heroin again. I tried to make him quit, gradually I became disappointed. My marriage was gone so I went to my father house with Omid with a broken heart. I tried to be mother and a father to Omid and God helped me. I raised him until he became 22 years old. I was so happy but my destiny was twisted with addiction and this monster wouldn’t let go of me.


After some time I realized changes in Omid, these changes reminded me of the dark past which I had with my husband. He was using meth and opium.


I was so disappointed and was crying day and night. I insisted that he must visit a clinic or a NGO to quit addiction but soon I found out that I can’t force him to do so and he continued using narcotics.


One day one of my friends introduced congress 60 to me so I attended there and I spoke with Mr. Dezhakam. After attending a few sessions I found it hopeful and I saw a sparkle of light in my life. After a few months Omid attended Congress 60’s group therapy sessions and hopefully he will become revived from addiction soon. (Addiction treatment takes at least 11 months)


My dear friends now when I review my past and I think if congress 60 were established at those days maybe my husband could cure his addiction as well.


I wanted to thank our guides for their help in this treatment period.


 Written by: Malihe – companion of traveler

Translated by: traveler Ehsan Ranjbar



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