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Addiction story

Addiction story

When I was drowned in addiction I never thought that someday I will write about it, someday that I have successfully passed through it, here goes my story since the first day I used narcotics until I revived from addiction.

I always loved muscle arts, and hated cigarette and even the people who smokes it, I remember when I went to university in order to continue my education in another city, and it was the beginning of addiction for me, although I did not know how addiction begins.

First time I smoked joint it made me feel happy and I was doing everything with a joy, it was a great feeling, watching movies and listening to music became my hobby. After some time my friends suggested to take Teramadol pills in order to study more sufficiently, the result was amazing, my scores went high, I could learn in a better way, and I could do load of studying in a short period.

When I came back to Tehran I was addicted to these pills, there I felt addiction for the first time, I couldn’t sleep, or do my things, I couldn’t even speak properly. So I waited and I waited for about 3 months but these symptoms didn’t go away, so I started taking pills again.

After a while one of my friends introduced crack to me, it is better than pills with a better feeling, he said.

For lack of my knowledge I started taking crack, and after a while I was using crack and pills.

I don’t remember when I started using meth but I remember it became serious when I went abroad in order to continue my education (Malaysia).
There was no crack in Malaysia but they had Heroin and Meth, so I combined these two and started taking both together, after a while symptoms appeared, it was messy.

I was in middle of darkness without even knowing it, I was losing my authority over my body, I couldn’t sleep without drugs says so, I couldn’t attend my classes without drugs says so, I couldn’t do anything without drugs says so.

I came back to Iran with a heavy usage of narcotics (5 grams of heroin and 1 gram of crystal meth), I was helpless, eventually I became disappointed of living and I was waiting to die, what is the point of living when I can’t even speak, I said.

Days passed pointless, I felt like dying, and then in middle of darkness I saw a sparkle of light, Congress 60.

They explained their method (DST), sounded logical to me, I started my journey and I was called a traveler, it was amazing nobody was calling me addicted, even my family was using this term, I felt alive once a more.

My treatment took about 13 months, but at last I was out of addiction’s darkness and I was walking in the righteous path. Today sometimes I even forget that I was addicted once, and believe it or not a life without narcotics is possible and full of joy.

Written by traveler :Ehsan Ranjbar
source :congress 60

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