نسخه فارسی
نسخه فارسی

I am crystal meth!

I am crystal meth!

What disasters I bring, you must see for yourself.

If you need me notice this, you may find me easily, I live around you, in the school, in the city….

I live with the rich, with the poor.

I live in your alley, maybe the next door.

They make me in laboratory but not the way you imagine, I can be made in the kitchen or in a tub.

Do you fear death, notice that it will happen.

I have different names, but you know one of them for sure, I am sure that you have heard something about me.

My name is crystal meth.

My power is frightening, use me and you will see, but if you use me I don’t think you would be able to escape me.

Try me once, you may escape, but if you use me twice, I will capture your soul.

When I synthesis with you, you will become a thief and a liar, you will do what you need to do to become high.

The crimes you will make are the consequences of the joy you experienced with me.

You will lie to your mother; you will steal from your father.

You will feel sad for seeing their tears, forget your morality, and forget how you have been raised,

 I will become your conscience, and I will teach you my ways.

I take children from their parents; I take parents from their children, I separate friends from each other, I separate mankind from God, I will take everything from you, I will take your pride.

I will always be with you, step by step, you will surrender everything to me, your family, your house, your fortune, your real friends, and then you will be alone.

I will take from you until you won’t have anything else to lose, and when I am finished with you, you would be lucky to still be alive.

This is no game, if you give me shot I will drive you crazy, I will conquer your body, I will control your mind, I will own you completely.

When you lay down in your bed,

I will give you nightmares and you will hear voices in your head, you will sweat and you will shake,

And the illusions you will see, I want you to know that I will give you these gifts, but it will be too late and deep inside, you know that you are mine, and we can’t be apart, you will regret using me (everybody says so), but remember you came for me I didn’t come for you!!!.

You knew this would happen, you said so many times.

You declared war against me, you wanted to be insolent.

You could say no to me and walk away.

If you could return to those days what would you say? My power is frightening, I told you.

As I told you before I can take your life away and make it gloomy and painful, I will be the master and you will be my slave.

What will you do now if you see me some day, will you use me or not? That depends on you.

I can show you misery in the way it can’t be said in words.

Come take my hand and let me lead you to the hell itself.

Above essay is the writhing of a young girl who died using crystal meth.


Translated by: Ehsan Ranjbar


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