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How D-Sap was Discovered, an Interview with Mr. Hossein Dezhakam

 How D-Sap was Discovered, an Interview with Mr. Hossein Dezhakam

An interview with Mr.  Hossein Dezhakam about D.SAP
Congress 60 Human Revitalization Society believes addiction treatment is based on three factors: the body, psyche, and worldview.
Therefore, every year in the workshops and educational sessions, 52 agendas on the worldview topic are given weekly. This year, the D.SAP agenda has been included in the weekly agendas of Congress 60.m Hence, we interviewed Mr. Dezhakam for more information on this subject. You are invited to read this interview:
Interviewer: Hello! Thanks for coming to the interview. Can you tell me how you came up with the idea for D.SAP and explain it to us?
Mr. Dezhakam: Hi friends, I'm Hossein, a traveler. The tasks constantly outpaced me. Normally, researchers lead and their works follow, but it was the contrary for me; the works led and I followed them. Producing D.SAP happened by chance. We had gone to Hidaj by accident. We had a small field with some apple trees. Some apples fell from them. Amin said that he wanted to make vinegar from the apples. I agreed and said that I would give him the money for the containers. and we bought them to make apple cider vinegar. Actually, it wasn't that bad but we gave most of it to others. In fact, Amin laid the groundwork for the project. After some time, we bought a larger orchard with more apples. I wanted to sell the apples but I realized that they were bought at a low price. For example, I had to sell the apples for 800 or 1000 tomans per kilo, while brokers were selling them for 12,000 tomans. Farming is tough. Some years, you deal with freezing temps, while other years, pests invade. Moreover, one tree can bear fruit, while another cannot.
Hence, I made a decision to use the best and highest quality apples to make vinegar. It is not a common practice since typically only the rotten and decayed apples that have fallen off trees are utilized for this purpose. Additionally, the peel of cantaloupes and melons is also added, which is believed to be delicious! The essence of my words is that since I didn't understand how to make vinegar, what I created ended up being a mixture that was both vinegar and not vinegar at the same time. It was strange and not normal. We have two kinds of liquid - vinegar, and wine - that are not the same. If you put apples in the containers, they could become vinegar or wine. Specifically, I altered the apples into D.SAP, which has a production process that significantly varies from vinegar. Apple is a nutritious fruit full of minerals. Currently, many restaurants in Europe have a basket of apples available. In addition, guests staying in hotels can enjoy complimentary apples.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eating an apple every day prevents diseases throughout your life. D.SAP is full of helpful minerals. Due to poor nutrition, many people have unhealthy bodies and require minerals. Using D.SAP can treat many illnesses. One unusual issue caused by addiction, whether through taking methadone or opium tincture, is constipation. Drinking D.SAP properly relieves this problem. Also D.SAP solved the problem of fatty liver, varicose veins and many other illnesses. D.SAP became a miraculous medicine. I shared it with congress 60 members and they began using it with their families, and now, it is widely used by everyone.
Interviewer: When did you first discover that D.SAP has therapeutic benefits? Did you discover this gradually over time, like with the DST method, or was it something you knew beforehand?
Mr. Dezhakam: I didn't have prior knowledge of this. It all occurred naturally over time. Initially, I wasn't aware of its features, and I didn't produce it with any particular purpose in mind. Most people learn before they take action, but I investigate after I have acted. Through this approach, I often discover that my actions were correct. I act first and learn later, and I see that it is right incidentally.
Please explain the compounds and alkaloids found in D.SAP and how they impact different diseases.
Mr. Dezhakam: This reminds me of the story of opium tincture. Our bodies require two types of substances.  One type is naturally produced by the body, similar to a refinery creating various chemical materials and oil. This deals with the X system. We utilize opium tincture to repair and revamp the X system, which acts like a refinery. The X system receives opium tincture, generates the essential substance, and provides it to the body. However, the body requires additional substances and different minerals, including sodium, calcium, potassium, and various acids. These components are present in D.SAP. It contains citric acid which performs miraculously. It acts as an antibacterial agent, functioning like antibiotics. It eradicates bacteria when confronting infectious diseases. D.SAP removes fat from blood vessels. Have you noticed the white buildup in a kettle over time? That's similar to what happens in our bodies, and those deposits can lead to stroke or heart attack. Citric acid gradually cleans away existing fat in vessels, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. D.SAP has additional minerals that are still unknown to us. We conducted experiments on it, but I cannot name the complicated compounds with different terminologies at this time.
Interviewer: Which diseases has D.SAP cured?
Mr. Dezhakam: I named this week's agenda D.SAP so members can share their experience of D.SAP consumption and achieved outcomes, allowing us to gather this information. But there have been some reported cases of treating fatty liver for 3 to 4 months, varicose veins for 10 to 12 months, severe constipation, and regulating blood pressure, blood sugar and skin fungi D.SAP can cure fungal or women's infections. Here's how: dilute D.SAP with water, pour the mixture into a large container, and sit on it for a while.
It can disinfect effectively. For instance, if your eye becomes infected, wash it with the diluted solution. Additionally, it has a beneficial impact on infections and canker sores. Those who had prostate issues said they no longer need to urinate as often. Using D.SAP for 5 to 6 months improved symptoms related to gallbladder problems. D.SAP prevents skin sagging, wrinkles on the face, and droopy eyelids. Potassium is the factor that makes the skin stick to the muscles. When there is not enough potassium present, the skin on the face and neck becomes loose and droops, and the eyelids droop as well. Ladies can use D.SAP instead of creams or expensive powders. To do this, dilute D.SAP with water at a ratio of 1:10 and use the liquid to wash your face. Doing so will exfoliate and cleanse your face while removing pimples and acne. One member said that using D.SAP helped with his low sperm count, and the number of sperm increased. However, I'm not certain if this was coincidental.  That's why I want all members to share their experiences with using D.SAP.
Interviewer: Is D.SAP contraindicated for any individual or for specific disease?
Mr Dezhakam: No reports of this type have been found. If you have stomach issues, add more water to dilute it, or take it with a full stomach or during the day. D.SAP is an apple extract that is completely safe. Despite the acidity of vinegars on the market, which can damage the digestive system, D.SAP is a safe and mild alternative. To boost the mineral intake of children, simply add a few drops of D.SAP to water once a week.
Interviewer: Are you willing to share this amazing and God-given formula with others in the future?
Mr Dezhakam: Sure, why not.
Interviewer: Please explain the way and best time of D.SAP consumption.

Mr. Dezhakam: The optimal time to take D.SAP is in the morning before having breakfast. Mix one spoonful of D.SAP in a glass of water and drink it. Wait for 30 minutes before eating your breakfast. This approach produces a positive and favorable outcome.Those who have lower blood pressure can use less, for instance a tea spoon. Some people may use it during the day with honey. D.SAP can be used with grape syrup or date syrup which is very nutritious and energetic, considered as an elixir. If you feel cold in terms of temperament, you can drink tea and sugar candy or eat two dates (to feel warm).

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your precious time. Thank you for your significant contributions to production and expansion of science and helping the needy.

Mr Dezhakam: In the safety of God's shelter, may you be healthy, triumphant, and have steady steps.
Translated by: Sadjad
Revised by: Marjan

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