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The 17th Congress 60 educational-private workshop for male companions at the Parastar branch had its third session on June 08, 2023, at 2 p.m. The guest speaker was Mr. Amin Dezhakam, a Dideban of Congress 60, with Mr. Pouya as the master of ceremony and Mr. Danial as the secretary. The topic of the session was "D. SAP".

Mr. Amin's speech:
Hi everyone, I'm Amin, a traveler. I'm glad to see new people at the Parastar office. I am hopeful that the branch will grow more and more every day. Today, we're celebrating an agent introduction ceremony, and we want to congratulate Mr. Mahmoud Noorani. We congratulate Ali on his hard work and say "Well done". Diligent individuals who can improve and achieve success are Congress 60’s wealth.
Regarding the agenda, When D. SAP was created, I didn't take it too seriously. Although we helped Mr. Hossein Dezhakam to produce it, I did not personally use it much. In 2019, I faced a physical issue and experienced troubles with my digestion and kidneys. I followed Mr. Dezhakam's guidance and used D. SAP. Since then, D. SAP has become a part of my life and I feel like a connection has been made. Before that, it was like the connection didn't exist. Sometimes I drank D. SAP because Mr. Dezhakam suggested it as helpful. He prepared a glass of D.SAP and we drank it, but if it was up to me, I wouldn't drink it.
In October of 2020, in Qeshm Island, there was a ceremony for the inauguration of the Congress 60 University. We were invited to a place and Kebab was prepared for us. When we sat down to eat, I realized that I could not smell anything. Then I went near the trash bin and started smelling the trash, but I didn't feel anything (I couldn’t smell anything). Then, I realized that I couldn't smell and I had caught COVID-19.
My friends told me, “Mr. Amin, you look sick, maybe you have caught the Coronavirus." But I said, "No, my sinus infection came back, don’t worry”. But when my nose stopped working, I realized it wasn't a sinus infection because I couldn't feel anything and had completely lost my sense of smell. I found out that I had Coronavirus. I used D.SAP in the form of incense and food. By the time we got back to Tehran, I had run out of energy. That is, when we came back from the airport, I fell in the car and then I rested in bed for a week. But I used this incense and food (D.SAP) 3 or 4 times a day. Thank God, there was no lung problem at all for me and after a week, my appetite and sense of smell returned. At that time, my feelings and beliefs about D.SAP changed.
When I was accepted to Shiraz University, I had to choose between renting a house or living in the university dormitory. I chose the dormitory with all its limitations. When I saw my roommate for the first time, I opened the D.SAP door and said to him, "Do you drink D.SAP?" He stared at me for a moment, as though he was out of touch with the world and a new item had just arrived, like Pepsi or something. But he didn't know what it was! He keeps saying, "You mentioned 'D. SAP' like it's a worldwide brand, but I'm not familiar with it." Besides I drink D.SAP myself, I’ve made my friends drink D.SAP too. Now, when I go to the dormitory, many of them ask me, "Did you bring us some D.SAP?”  Thank God, everyone in the dormitory uses D. SAP and it has solved problems like insomnia and stomach aches. Whenever I experienced bloating, illness, or a cold, I would increase my D.SAP intake. For instance, if I normally consumed 2 servings, I would raise it to 3 or censed with it.
When someone becomes ill, they usually notice it themselves. If I feel sick or notice my condition getting worse, I take more D.SAP and my symptoms go away. Previously, I believed this illness would remain in my body indefinitely with no cure. D.SAP can eliminate diseases in the body and promote healing. Tests conducted on various illnesses have yielded positive results.
I sometimes tell Mr. Dezhakam that it appears D.SAP was meant to be a part of people's lives from the start, but instead, wine or other alcoholic beverages have become a part of their lives! In the book "Crossing the Zone 60 degrees below Zero," the master states that we do not cultivate Hanzal, a bitter plant. Its bitterness indicates its medicinal properties. If you taste bitterness when eating something, it is likely medicine and not intended for regular consumption as food. Similar to alcohol or opium, which are classified as drugs, these items should be used sparingly and appropriately. Now we should not grow Hanzal because it has medicinal purposes and is seldom used.  But we cultivate date because it is useful for human health. Dates are a type of food that can serve as fruit, medicine, or sustenance. They contain essential nutrients like vitamin C, sugar, protein, and more and they are wonderful. While Hanzal cannot sustain you as a replacement for food, dates can be consumed as a source of nourishment.
The story of the discovery of D.SAP is the same. D.SAP has come and turned exactly two paths, one leading to wine and the other to vinegar, into three different paths. A novel path, culminating in D.SAP, has been discovered.
The nature of D.SAP is similar to Congress 60 members; Because D.SAP comes from the source that has been corrupted. First, something decays. For example, an apple spoils and begins to emit a foul smell.  It undergoes the process of decay, much like members of Congress who enter a world of addiction and darkness before eventually emerging from it. Rotten apples transform into D.SAP through 14 stages. This process is comparable to the 14 valleys experienced by Congress 60’s members, which result in a transformation of the individual. After these changes, the product is already ruined and cannot be ruined further. This is similar to the Congress 60’s members who are unlikely to be corrupted or led astray because they have already experienced impurity and come out of it. Similar steps have been taken for D.SAP, making it a potent medication.
Even companions go through dark times, not just travelers. Sometimes their darkness is intense and takes them to realms of mourning, sorrow, and obsession. They can even travel to other dark worlds, such as anger and bitterness, and carry hatred within themselves. All of this is also darkness.
Now it should be replaced. Hanzal is similar to alcohol and has limited usefulness. It appears that D.SAP should have been produced more as it provides vital minerals and substances for the human body and has a delightful taste. Those who use D.SAP enjoy its taste. It's a blessing from God that has brought us peace and safety, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak. If D.SAP hadn't been there, we would have had 300 or 400 casualties, and there wouldn't have been any more meetings. Congress 60 would have regressed for around 10 or 15 years. This was a mercy from God that helped us.
The medical world may find this fact difficult to believe. It is similar to the story about “the cow of Israelites” where God instructed Prophet Moses to tell his people to sacrifice a cow. They asked for further information such as the cow's gender.  Moses relayed that God said the cow is male. They inquired, "Is this cow large or small?" Moses replied, "According to God, the cow is neither large nor small!" They inquired again, "Is this cow useful for plowing the land or for milking?"
In brief, they asked Moses 10 or more questions, and ultimately determined that the cow in question was medium-sized, yellow in color, etc. If they had asked any additional questions, they would have been unable to locate the cow in question. In fact, there was only one cow on the entire planet with these specific features.  It means that the command was no longer executed. When they found the special cow, they said, "Wow! You were right. Now we are sure you speak for God.
This story teaches us that people don't believe unless there are a hundred different prerequisites, conditions, and complexities. Only then do they believe. If we claim that D.SAP is a treatment for Corona, we'll be told, "No, that's incorrect." To qualify as medicine, it must originate from a specific laboratory under specific conditions and go to a designated location. After roughly 100 steps are completed, then we consider it medicine.
For now, nothing can be done about this problem. People tend to overcomplicate things nowadays, even though life can be very straightforward.  We need to start seeing things more simply. Simply viewing things and simplifying is the art of great men, those who speak plainly and simplify things. Most of the time, the truth is in simplicity, but we have forgotten this because our thinking has become like that of the Israelites and We've become accustomed to everything being so complex and difficult that we struggle to believe or act upon it. For example, we desire to purchase a dress that is elegant enough for us to exclaim, "This is the dress I want!" However, when we try it on, it doesn't fit us properly. Mr. Dezhakam’s words in his CDs mostly convey significant content. He explains important concepts using easy-to-understand language and examples, maybe he unties a scientific knot that thousands of articles have been proposed about and failed to do so. Yet, everyone can understand and comprehend his words.
Anyway, the event was beneficial. D.SAP offers nutrients vital to the human body. Mr. Dezhakam explains that illnesses result from a damaged worldview, X-system, and inadequate nutrition. D.SAP has provided materials for the body and cured unusual illnesses. Further exploration and research should be conducted to advance this treatment.
I don’t talk more, of course, I talked at length since I was granted permission, but as a guest speaker, you should not exceed your allotted time. Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by: Sepideh
Revised by: Marjan M

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