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Wednesdays' Workshops: The Base of Congress 60

Wednesdays' Workshops: The Base of Congress 60

The Base of Congress 60
Then, several important research projects are being done. And also there are some other projects which I hope we start as soon as possible. This project includes a blood test in which the samples are so important. And we are working on the project at the cellular and molecular levels. 25 years have passed since we started Congress 60 with the help of each other. Lasting for 25 years is a very significant issue. If somebody disagrees with Congress 60, all its efforts will be focused on clarifying,
and specifying the issue so as not to cause any offense. At the beginning of our work, most people, it is also the same in the system of nature or in countries, whether in the country or abroad when someone says a word, a new word sometimes it is not welcomed at all. But after some time, they start to ridicule. And then when they see it is becoming serious, they start to object. Afterward, they notice it is going very well.
What do they do then? They start to advocate. They have ridiculed us during these 25 years. There were many ups and downs, but with the help of each other, and with peace and effort, we went ahead and reached this place and status. This week is called “The Base of Congress 60”. I am indeed the Base of Congress 60 and you are going to talk about me, but you should talk about the entire Congress 60. I mean the whole Congress 60. How was the entire Congress 60 formed? How did Congress 60 reach this place? What ups and downs did it experience? We should talk about these topics this week. Even you should talk about those who are not in Congress 60 anymore. But they did some services in Congress 60. Some members did a lot of services in Congress 60. They came and did some work up to a point. There is no problem. We should commemorate them in order for the new generations to know how Congress 60 was formed, how it passed, how it came to this point, how those old members tolerated it, how much they resisted, and how many ups and downs they had. Now we are in a situation in which everybody behaves positively and respectfully toward Congress 60.  Officials respect you wherever you say you are the Congress 60’s members. They behave respectfully toward you. Many members are studying psychology. They have enrolled and are studying. They should continue to the Ph.D. degree to be able to represent a new psychology. What psychologists are working with refers to 80-90 years ago. Sometimes today’s psychology is not responsive (to the problems), too. I swear it is not responsive. There are a large number of psychologists in Congress 60, a lot of psychologists with MA degrees. There are not a few of them. Even they are clinical psychologists. Can they help an addict? Not an addict, can they help a normal person? Can they help their wives with mental problems? Can they help their children? Can they help their sisters or friends if they have any problems? No, they can’t. But because it is a cliché from the West lands, all individuals read it with their eyes closed. And when the members study it, they find out how much some of the issues miss the boat. If people are not ahead of speeches and writings, they cannot realize their authenticity. When the members study at university, they understand what to do since they are ahead of the subjects. A university professor has asked one of our members who is a freshman or sophomore in psychology to give a lecture for MA students and to speak to them. Because the reputation of science is in practice. Well, all these have appeared in the light of Congress 60 and in the light of the Base of Congress 60. This week, we talk about the Base of Congress 60, its formation, and about the personality of Congress 60’s Base. We don’t need to exaggerate and the individuals should talk about our 25-year report card. During these 25 years, I haven’t seen even one person fired from Congress 60. And we have tried to behave patiently toward anyone who has had any conflicts with Congress 60. They don’t know, they are not at fault. If they are opposing Congress 60, they won’t be at fault.
Because they don’t know Congress 60 and we convince them to recognize it. This happens here. Those who should have come, they came during these years. Today we have reached a point where the members come to me to become a “Pahlevan” by paying about 10 thousand dollars to Congress 60.  I accept 4 of 10. I don’t accept 6 suggestions.  I talk with them.
I congratulate you all on the Base’s Week. And it’s necessary for me to appreciate my companions in this week, my wife, Mrs. Annie, Amin, Annie, Shani who were my companions. I thank them, I appreciate them.
If they were not in harmony with me, I could not have reached here. Your family members need to be in harmony with you in Congress 60. They should stand up for the work. They stood up for the work and they totally accompanied me. And also my masters whom I appreciate symbolically, General, Silver, and Ra’ad. Because in Base’s Week, we should appreciate our masters. I thank them according to the same custom. If they were not there, I couldn’t get to this point. Anyway, God has loved us a lot. No matter how much we give thanks, it is still not enough. No matter how grateful we are to God, it is still little. We were, but there was no way How do many people suffer from addiction now? How much do they suffer? How do they tolerate tough situations? Is there any way? Is there anyone to show them the way? There is no one, there is no way. Thus, God showed us the way. We could get out of addiction, and rebuild our cracked personality, rebuild our broken personality. We could get to the awareness. We could sacrifice our lives and properties. You have to be in love to sacrifice your own life and properties. We could get to this point
We could progress a lot and could help others whether we were Marzban, Agent, or Guide. God allowed us to help others. He doesn’t allow all individuals. This is much invaluable.


Translated by: Marjan

May 10, 2023

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