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One of the most difficult passageways is addiction

One of the most difficult passageways is addiction

The 11th session of the 29th round of Congress 60 educational-public workshops in Amin branch of Congress 60 in Qom was administered by Mr. Ahmad Hakimi, a Dideban of Congress 60 as the guest speaker, Mr. Ahmad as the master the ceremony, and Mr. Jalal as the secretary on April 27, 2023 at 5 p.m. The agenda was “The Second Valley and its Effect on Me”.


Mr. Hakimi’s quotes:
Hello friends, I am Ahmad a traveler. I am thankful to God for granting me the opportunity to be with you dear ones. I thank Mr. Dezhakam and his respectable family, and may God give strength to the servants of this branch. I hope that the dear servants will get the necessary benefit from the service they are doing, and I congratulate all the dear ones in advance on the guide’s week and I hope that we will implement what is worthy of us.
These celebrations are placed in Congress 60 for education. Nothing happens in Congress 60 unless there is education hidden in it, and these four celebrations that take place throughout the year, certainly have education in themselves.


One of the tricks of the ego that is played on humans, through demonic forces is the trick of forgetting. We should always remember the good deeds of others and when we feel we are doing good things to others, we should forget it. What we should remember, is the love and kindness of others. If we don't forget the love and kindness we give to others, we will become creditors to those people over time.
This week, each traveler will appreciate and thank their guide individually, and the guide will not look at the amount [of money] inside the envelope. This week, each traveler will appreciate and thank their guide individually, and the guide will not look at the amount of money inside the envelope. The important thing is the sensation of the note inside the envelope, because every person who makes a guidance pact and receives a guidance shawl (scarf) also has a compass [the guide’s sensation acts like a compass to evaluate their pupil’s status and progress], and when a traveler enters a legion, that compass immediately starts working. Otherwise, we can't communicate with each other. Therefore, the people who accept they should do the right thing are successful in Congress 60.
One day Mr. Dezhakam said, if we combine all the ways in the world, they won’t be as wide as the word “honesty”, because honesty, truthfulness, and rectitude are so great. Therefore, celebrate this week in a beautiful way and take the matter of gratitude seriously. Thanking is a very bold thing because most people don't know how to thank. The egoism of many people does not allow them to say thank you. This egoism does not allow me to apologize if I did something wrong. We have to learn these things.


Earlier in Congress 60, Mr. Dezhakam was asked these questions: “why should we learn these things [worldview]? We are here to cure our addiction (drug abuse)”. They didn't pay attention to this issue that where the addiction comes from. It comes from human cogitation and their ignorance, like a child that is placed in an open area and is near a precipice, you will see he’s moving towards the precipice but he doesn’t pay attention to you, no matter how much you call him. Because he doesn’t know what precipice is and what danger awaits him.
Many people think because they are older, they know a lot of things, but that is not true and it’s related to the growth of Self (ego). If we move towards improving ourselves, we will understand the concepts better, and when we understand these concepts, we will see that the origin of human destruction is from the lack of awareness. We must ask ourselves, why addiction was created. Couldn't God have stopped it? We should have an answer to this question, but we should also be in the position of the questioner. If humans don't get an answer for this, it is because they are not in the position of asking questions. You see, we don't have a feedback or suggestion box anywhere in Congress 60, because none of us have that position, and the Congress 60 contents are not in any book. Look at what was mentioned in “Yunus” and “Joseph’s Wisdom” CDs indicating two parables. Couldn’t God prevent these things? All of these are structures, especially the human being who has to go through difficult passages and one of the hard and difficult passages is addiction and addiction has two sides.


As Mr. Amin says, a person should be crippled by a disease so that a group of people can live more peacefully. But there are some others who are selected for promotion, like the CD of Yusuf's Wisdom, God knows that he will be a prophet and sends him into darkness in order for him to be promoted. We should be happy that this permission has been issued so that we are coming out of this darkness and woe betide anyone who destroys his journey and doesn’t do his work well and is still working based on his own knowledge.
As said in the Second Valley, futility in existence has no meaning at all, the same holds true for a creature called human. God says in his book that each ego has experienced countless deaths and we practice the concept of this issue every night (in our sleep). When will this group of people who are here now find out at what time, minute and second they fell asleep last night? We’re placed in a state of rest (sleep), but its time is not in our control. God says that if you want to understand this, look at your sleep and see how easily you sleep.
The transition [to the Hereafter] is also this much easy, as if you get out of a car and get into another car, you continue on your way and the first car will stay there and will be destroyed. You should know we have some symbols to remember [the deceased], when a person dies, [we visit their grave], while there is no trace of their body after a while. And their body has dissolved in the soil and is no longer there and they are living somewhere else. But this is a symbol to say that “I remember you and your symbol is here”.
When these matters are known to us, we must know that we do not know when addiction came up. According to the book “Crossing the Zone 60 Degrees Below Zero”, it’s said that addiction does not disappear through death. It's true in the Hereafter, we don't remember how much we suffered in our earthy life, but we can think about it.
If we think about this issue, we can’t make excuses for not going to William's Legion after two months of our entrance [to treat our nicotine dependence], we can’t allow ourselves to consume Opium Tincture too little or too much, we can’t allow ourselves not to come to receive Opium Tincture letter and say “I didn’t have time”. This is a sign of negligence that a command has been issued for someone to lay down this suffering and reach relief and if we pay attention to this point, we will see that God's mercy embraces us.
God has provided a way for us to come out of the darkness. People who forget this mercy in Congress 60, their education fades away, they digress and start entering into things that have nothing to do with them, they give opinions and disturb other people's minds. Now why do they do this? Because they don’t understand and have forgotten [the mercy of Congress 60].
We should thank God that a way was discovered and we put an end to this suffering. A person in the first journey is released from this suffering slowly and their figure will be res.
What would happen if Congress 60 was not established? Where were we now? Were we even alive? We should always keep these questions in our minds.
In “The Temple” CD, it is clearly stated that the command for  acquiring knowledge is not given for all the people [only some people can acquire knowledge.] . Those who read the Second Valley should not be disappointed in life. Despair is not permissible for humans. In order to overcome despair, we must value the victories we achieve, although the victory is small.
When someone in the first journey takes one step in the right direction, the next step will not be painful, because he is one step closer to the victory. When one fifth of the medicine is reduced, the body system is activated. When you spend five hours writing a CD, it is a victory and you should appreciate it.
In Congress 60, the further we go, the more we realize the importance of the worldview, that the basis of every human's act is their worldview.
I hope all of us appreciate Congress 60 and know that when we are in a group, the deterrent forces are not idle and they want to create a feeling among us and put distance between us, on the other hand, the divine forces are trying to bring us together and to live in comfort and peace. A person who does not know the rules of being in a group, is the one who gives an opinion without being asked.
We’ve learned in Congress 60 that if we attend in a group and we are not asked a question, we should not answer without permission and should remain silent. My guide didn’t disgrace me for not knowing these things and he taught me indirectly [with his behavior].
Most people know how to talk, but do they also know how to stay silent? We must learn where to speak, where to be silent, where to opine, and where not to opine. In the legion, a learner doesn’t opine and we must learn these points.
Dears! Know that we’re educated in Congress 60 to implement whatever we have learned at home and in society and to live in peace. I hope we appreciate this education. The most valuable gem that a person can have is health, and I hope we all are healthy and strong in this way.

Translated by Sepideh, Sheikhbahaee branch of Congress 60
Revised and edited by Elahe

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