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Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Bill -January 12, 2023)

Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Bill -January 12, 2023)

January ۱۲, ۲۰۲3

Dear Bill,

I hope you are fine, I am well.

I have read all the quotes and it made me happy how masterfully you have given life to the words on paper. I am so delighted and thank you for that.

We are in co-traveler celebration week. During this week each traveler must show appreciation to his co-traveler and he must express this gratitude by giving them money or gold! The quantity of the gift is not important but a simple flower or perfume would not suffice! They must learn to appreciate co-travelers in their thoughts, words, and behavior.

Our fourth article was on the DST method and is published in research square. Since in our blood cancer article, there was a short section mentioning the DST method we were asked to write a full article on the DST method and we were eligible for a ۵۰% discount. Creditable American journals are asking us to present articles and it is interesting they are interested in our work. Now we are getting ready to present an article about how to cure methamphetamine with the DST method.

During the last ۲۵ years, we have cured more than ۵۰,۰۰۰ individuals who were suffering from addiction to a variety of narcotics and all the documents are in our archive. The documents consist of three follow-ups ۲۱ days, ۶ months, and one year after treatment completion. The follow-up examines all the drugs and narcotics even methadone, benzodiazepines, and B۲.

Do you think it would be beneficial if we conduct this research with other scientific centers internationally? This research or any other research that you have in mind. I am very interested in exploring addiction in molecules and gene expression levels of addicted mice and then carefully monitoring the curing process with the DST method and OT.

I believe the problem lies in gene expression or the X system, cure it and any heroin user can even work in heroin-making factories after treatment without any temptation to use.

You know well if we conduct this sort of research with developed countries its credibility will increase dramatically. You can decide about this as you are the international didehban of Congress ۶۰. Guide us and we will do as you instruct.

During ۲۰۲۲ we had ۶۳۲۲ redemptions which is equal to ۱۲۱ individuals per week! I don’t recall the number for William White legions now and I will write it in our next communication.

You are organizing the book masterfully. I am so delighted that you are so familiar with my philosophy and Congress ۶۰’s layers. Your suggestions about the size of this book are all great and I am agreed with all of them.

۴ Articles are presented:

  • The effect of DST treatment on gene expression of memory and decision-making.
  • Curing four types of blood cancer with the DST method and OT
  • A new tapper off with the DST method
  • The effect of D. Sap on infection and inflammation.

Do you need me to send these articles? Are these useful to be in the book or not?

We had good snowing the past few days and this is delightful since our country lacks water resources. Our country four-season, sunny and beautiful. We thank God for this snow.

I am so eager to see the book. I am excited a bit!

Be firm as the mountains

Friends and brothers in heaven and earth forever


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