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My friends, I consider “D.SAP” the same as gold. Don’t call it D.SAP, call it the golden medicine for all diseases. It means “D.SAP” is as much important as OT for us in different issues. If we didn’t have "D.SAP", Congress 60 would have been destroyed in your own testimony. Congress 60 would have been hurt, it would have been badly hurt. But we were all relaxed during the coronavirus pandemic. We were not stressed out at all while the world was struggling with it.

Everyone was dealing with stress, hardship, wearing masks, hand washing, alcohol, disinfection, and hospital. But ninety-five percent of Congress 60’s members had no stress and had complete faith in it. We sent humidifiers and D.SAP for those members who were infected by the coronavirus. We sent them over and over again by courier or whatever, wherever they were, and they were cured perfectly.

We have tested the effect of D.SAP on the coronavirus in rats. Not everyone is allowed to research this virus. We made contact with the centers that had permission to do it. First, we cultured the coronavirus on the surface, afterward, we used D.SAP in three different concentrations, 50 percent, 25 percent, and 12.5 percent of concentration by distilled water as a solvent, and then all the viruses on the surface disappeared.

In the next step, we took the rats into some rooms and infected them with coronavirus.  They were divided into five or 6 groups of six rats. Afterward, we exposed the groups to the D.SAP smoke in the smoking rooms. In research activities, there is a place called a smoke room. The research into smoking is done in the smoke rooms, but instead of smoke, we used "D.SAP" smoke in 50 percent, 25 percent, and 12.5 percent of concentration, and the results were absolutely wonderful.

Two experiments were done, one on infection and the other one on inflammation. Inflammation occurs when a virus enters the body and the cells immediately unite and the body starts to fight against it. The only drug against inflammation is Corticosteroid, which causes really weird problems. Therefore, we saw that in the research done, it was anti-infection, even the solution of 12.5% was anti-infection. It was anti-inflammation as well. The effect of D.SAP on both of them was amazing.

And we sent the research data to America. We presented two articles at “The Eighth ESWI Influenza Conference” which is the largest lung association related to influenza and Covid-19. Both articles got permission for speech. Sometimes they don't accept articles at all while both of our articles were accepted and were allowed to be presented. They asked us eagerly to cooperate with them. All these led to an article that we sent to a foreign journal and may be published soon.

So we chose "D.SAP" as an anti-inflammation and an anti-infection substance. Now, what kind of infections could you use it for? To disinfect an infected ear, put a drop of "D.SAP" in it and the infection will be eliminated. For sore throat, throat infection, and cold, you should gargle, and it will disappear.

We have six types of acid. It is completely different from vinegar since its manufacturing process is different. It takes a year; the vinegar fly should work on this solution for more than two or three months using their particular enzymes. Therefore, it is an excellent disinfectant. A person with an infection can pour it into the basin, sit in it with dilute "D.SAP" and water, and destroy any candida. If you get a fungal skin infection that usually begins between the toes, in the swimming pool, you can wash them with a "D.SAP" solution to eliminate any infection. It completely cures liver fat, varicose veins, and many other things. That would be better if I stop self-praising since every cook praises his own broth.

Afterward, “D.SAP” cream came out which has its own miracles as well. I tried to keep the prices as low as possible. Its anti-stain, anti-wrinkle, and anti-infection effects, all have been tested. Recently hives break out too much. Amir Qadiri breaks out in hives from head to toe. It's prevalent. The only thing that saved it was "D.SAP" cream. It also removed the itch and other stuff immediately. I don't want to advertise it too much.

Therefore, everybody can share their experience since they have used it and have their own experience. Because we have two issues, one of which is OT. OT is useful for inner issues. What does it do? It fixes the inside, it fixes the invisible attributes meaning it fixes the X system and makes the quasi-opioid system actuate. "D.SAP" is for visible attributes, it cures issues belonging to external things. For example, infection, inflammation, hives, virus, and infection in the eyes and ears.

Translated by: Traveler Amin
Revised by:  Marjan

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