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Humans' Needs

Humans' Needs

Humans' needs


A human being lives on the basis of his needs.Our needs are the origins of our  mobility. When we face a shortage (in our life), we seek a solution to it.


When I found  the Congress60 ,I realized that temptation for using drugs is meaningless. My body's deficiencies led me to such rage and abnormal behaviors.I blamed myself for not having a goal (in my life). It hurt me even during my drug consumption era.In fact, instead of enjoying the drugs, I  blamed myself for what I had been doing. I was looking for a solution, but I did not have knowledge to find a way to treat (my addiction).Believe me, I even couldn't attend to a place on time. And it took me 3 months to enter  Congress 60.
I would like to discuss it based on my world view. Need is the first thing which drives you to move.When an infant is born he cries,and I believe the peace is his first need which he experiences it in his mother’s arms.
Based on human visible and (invisible) hidden attributes, our needs can be categorized into two groups:
1-Needs which are related to our visible attributes: for example,eating,breathing,survival tendency. In this category, what our bodies need is a start of awakening  awareness like when we are hungry then we feel a need for food and when we were addicts after the amount of drugs decreased in our body, we felt the need to use it again.
2-Needs which are related to our hidden attribute such as willingness to completion,self-confidence, worshipping, love, etc. In this category, our hidden attribute is the start of announcement for a need and due to the person's position, their needs are different.
In both attributes, to feel a need is the first step, and in my opinion the next step would be an attempt to satisfy this need. As soon as a need is satisfied (met) another feeling or another need starts. According to  the 10th valley “the beginning of a point is the start of a new line”.
For example one day I felt the need that I should be cured, I looked for it, and found Congress60, I started the treatment, I was motivated and the power of my will increased. I remind you to increase the power of will your which is one of the congress’ credits which is related to the  participants’ energy and positive feelings. Human being is an educable creature and can complete himself with training. This feature exists in both attributes, thus we can change our needs with training, and this is the reason why we are gathering in Congress 60's sessions. ……
In fact, with DST method, we train our visible attribute to be independent of drugs like an ascetic who educates himself to consume less food. In world view classes, we begin to know our hidden attributes and find our strong and weak points.Then, we try to change our essence which leads to changing our needs and willingness. We now know that a person can be good or bad, and he chooses his own essence. And an essence announces the type of your needs, for example, an honest person likes honesty and a lier likes lies or some one likes sports while another one likes drugs. Another issue is our soul, which has a direct relationship with our behaviors.
For example, when a person uses drugs, his behaviors are imbalanced and again what caused such imbalances is his need. This theory runs in the hidden attributes. For instance, an honest person does everything with honesty, his personality is truthful and the source of such behavior is his need to honesty.
In conclusion, I should mention that human’s need is the origin of his mobility and when a person feels the need, he will search for it and with the permision  of the the Lord, we will gain it.


Author. Traveller Mojtaba
Translator: cotraveller Parvin
Date: 11 April  2016


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