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Part 6 of Worldview Pamphlets by Mr. Amin Dezhakam

Part 6 of Worldview Pamphlets by Mr. Amin Dezhakam

An important law (the law of particles)
The particles which form the ego each have a wish and constantly try to achieve it one way or another. These efforts are continuous and sometimes the means to do so could be inappropriate. It must be mentioned that although the ego determines the form of existence and has desires and wishes in addition to being the source of our movement and motion, it is not in charge of their implementations. In fact, the executing orders come from somewhere else.

The model for mental capacity (Reason)
I shall present the second model for the invisible attributes in regards to the entity called reason or mind. There might be an assumption that the location of mind or reason is the brain, the 1.5 kg mass located in our skull. To clear up any confusion I must say that the brain belongs to our visible attributes, a member of the physical body. It is simply a sophisticated operator in charge of transmitting and receiving signals throughout our body.
It is a medium that transfers our awareness and perceptions from somewhere else to our physical body. It does this through chemical reactions and nerve signals by issuing commands.
If the residence of intellect or reason was the physical brain, then everything would disappear with death and be terminated. For instance, all the great scientists and scholars who are dead currently, live through their ideas and theories and have yet to vanish. Thus, the material that makes up thought or reason must be of another quality still unknown to mankind.
Let’s get back to our model; imagine our city of existence or the country within. Somewhere nice in this city, on a hilltop with a great climate, there is a solid castle.
There is a ruler in this castle wiser and smarter than everybody else in the city; he rules with justice and integrity. Every desire or wish must go through him for authorization prior to implementation. In other words, he issues the order for any command to be carried out. Its name is mind or the power of reason. All the wants and needs of the ego require his approval stamp; he has a special place and respect among the residents of the castle, it is as if he has a divine splendor.
He listens intently and patiently to the concerns or the complaints of the residents and then, issues the necessary commands based on justice, wisdom and integrity. The orders are then carried out by the forces under his leadership.
Since the safety of the castle is of utmost importance there needs to be a special security force to safeguard the castle; highly alert and trained guards who are responsible for affairs of the visitors and commuters coming to the castle.
Their duty becomes even more sensitive when there are individuals who intend to deceive them so as to achieve their unreasonable wishes. They know that they have no other choice but deception and this is the key point we had talked about earlier.
These individuals or particles constantly try to deceive the mind (reason) to issue a false command so that they get what they want. They must first trick the guards in order to gain entry into the castle; once inside, they would determine how to infiltrate the system. The  guards however, do not grant entry to anyone without the proper permits. They question the identity of all visitors and inquire the nature of their visit. These special security forces must have an important characteristics and that is, recognizing the nature of all desires in spite of their appearances or forms.
The stronger their ability the easier and safer their task becomes and this in turn, enhances the security of the castle. In worldview, we call this ability wisdom and we think it is the most important issue of concern to us.
You have probably understood the significance of this position in the model of mind castle. We believe that unless knowledge and wisdom are upgraded constantly no real change can take place within the individual. Until we gain a real understanding of these concepts memorizing them would be useless. For instance some corrupted residents of the city disguise themselves as merchants or artists so as to gain entry into the castle and deceive the wisdom guards. Their main goal is to infiltrate the castle and overthrow the rule of reason. Their path of deception is mainly through the invisible attributes of mind which we shall elaborate more on later. The wisdom of the great ruler is limited though constantly changing and improving for the better. In other words, the intellect does not know everything despite having the knowledge to recognize the truth or falseness of issues on hand and not endorse the wrong ones.
This means that only when it is sure of the nature of the act, it will give the orders. Thus, particles belonging to the demanding ego have no choice but to disrupt the justice and logic of the ruler in order to achieve their unreasonable demands. They present the false by dressing it as the truth and in this manner they cause the ruler to make costly mistakes.

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