From Obedience to Commanding
7/28/2021 12:00:00 AM

From Obedience to Commanding

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We are not financially supported by government, nor by any other foreign organizations; we have not any police officers in Congress 60. If we did not act upon this commanding and being obedient, no one was liberated from addiction.

The fourth session of the 73rd  round of  Congress 60 workshops in the Academy branch of Congress 60 was administered on July 21st, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. by Mr.   Dezhakam as the guest speaker and Mr. Ali as the secretary. The agenda was “From Obedience to Commanding.”

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I hope you are all fine and I am keeping well. The fifth session of Dideban’s meetings in the year 1400 was administered on July 19th, 2021 by Mr.   Dezhakam as the guest speaker and Mr. Ali Khodami as the secretary in the building 20. The legislative laws are as below:

In Congress 60, when a person’s relative dies we must give them an envelope in which we put some money, and we do not send flowers or banners.

The weak branches of Congress 60 are those which do not use the educational CDs. And if they continue this status, these branches will be abolished.


By the acceptance of the Didebans’ Council and the proposition of  Mr. Torabkhani, the Guides’ Didebans; Mr. Mehdi Sabeti from Mashhad, and Mr. Amir Izadan from Isfahan are selected.

The next point is that the couples who divorce cannot attend Congress 60 for six months. After six months, a council should make decision about whether the man and woman can attend meetings or not.

Agents are not the operative arms of Congress 60, they only act as an elder who guide the guides and each agent can take this position for 14 months.

My friends, we have successfully tested D-sap on the rats and the results showed that D-sap absolutely cures Coronavirus. Please let your guides know if you are infected by the virus and the guides will tell you how to get rid of the virus using D-sap. Those old members of Congress 60 who did not know and use D-sap died of coronavirus. The next point is that D-sap decreases the blood sugar up to 20 degrees; furthermore, I made a cream of D-sap which contains potassium which prevents skin from sagging and sticks the skin to muscles. We have to thank Mr. Amir Ghadiri who helped us in the pandemic and provide the D-sap vaporizers.

Fortunately, the articles on the blood cancer were accepted by the conferences. There are four articles which have been accepted in Zurich, Switzerland, one in Paris, France, one in Dubai and one in Turkey. Two other articles on coronavirus are under revision.

The agenda today is “From Obedience to Commanding”. It has been mentioned in the history they asked Amir Teimour, a great Iranian commander, “How did you become a commander from being a soldier?” A good obedient can be a powerful commander. Everywhere we are, we should have someone above us, meaning that when a commander exists in any systems, they must be obedient too. A good obedient person can be a good commander. In the obedience triangle, we have three sides of the commander, the obedient and the topic. If we did not act upon this triangle, we would not be able to have more than 110 thousand members in Congress 60. Each month at least two thousand people are added to our population and if the process of commanding and being obedient was not applied, we encountered lots of problems.

We are not financially supported by government, nor by any other foreign organizations; we have not any police officers in Congress 60. If we did not act upon this commanding and being obedient, no one was liberated from addiction. In a society, if people are not obedient, that society will not progress.  When we select a Dideban, all the Didebans mention their comments about them and they mention their good and bad points whether they are obedient or not. Anyone selected is chosen based on their action not their friendship relations or nepotism.

The commander must be fair and justice must be taken into account. And a commander must decide on their own realm, they are not allowed to make decision outside their realm [duty]. A guide in Congress 60 can make decisions about addiction treatment, and they are not allowed to say anything about the personal, marital or monetary status of their pupils.

The commander themselves must act appropriately and the first person who has to observe the laws are the guides themselves.

I am the commander of Congress 60 and I have the right to make the decisions, but I never decide in person, everything is proposed in the Didebans’ council and we vote on it. I do not even vote. We have to observe all the commands and that is why we have reached this status. Even in the Coronavirus pandemic we had not any death toll because we planned for it and everyone observed the rules. Till morning at least 400 people came here and no one has died of coronavirus during 1.6 months in Congress 60, because all people act upon the rules and obey the laws of Congress 60.    

We all act upon the common points not the distinguishing ones, we observe the rules wherever we are. When a person becomes sick, we ask about their conditions and try and provide them some facilities so that they become fine. That is why the friendship ties among us are very strong and we have to respect these rules.

No one in Congress 60 receives money or salary for their services, we have no police or janitors and cleaners in Congress 60. Because all Congress 60 members weekly clean the buildings and floors, even toilets. The legions’ members are responsible for the sanitary status of each branch. They all have seen me cleaning the hall and sweeping floors, as a result, they learned that they must do the same.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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